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16 happy minutes. Youtube link included.
johnjohnson6851017 November 2009
What a happy little film! The daughter wants a guitar, the mom says no. Then she remembers when she was a teenage girl and wanted a shiny red Oldsmobile Cutlass. She thinks of how her Dad reacted, how well he handled it for her.

Kurt Russell plays her dad, and when he first comes on the camera he has a throw away line I could bronze his sideburns for: "I think I've lost my edge." I laughed out loud. I don't know why I like Kurt so much; I don't think he could play Hamlet if you begged him, but he is a great Everyman, and he smooths through this little gem surrounded by all around fine performances.

If you have a sense of family ties, I think you will enjoy this movie. It was kind of the nudge for me to get my girls a dog, for which they have been "begging" me for a couple of years. They _need_ a dog. Life imitates art, or at least is influenced by it.

Currently this movie is on Youtube at It will cost you sixteen minutes, and there a lot worse ways you could spend that time.
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Down Memory Lane
statuskuo20 November 2014
An absolutely beautiful short film. Simple in execution but expertly done by all involved. What I loved about this movie, is the tone of it is perfect. Perfect nostalgia of a kid loving something so much with the earnest conviction that the world would end if they didn't get it. So they bargain with their parents. It's sweet and seems universal that we all want to give our kids something but they have to earn it. To teach them the value of what they earn.

What transcends it all is the value they want to raise their kids with, despite underpinnings of failure of their own. The cynicism of life creeps in, the older you get which is often tempered by the exuberance of youth. They are excited about things you long since forgot. In "Cutlas" you share the joy. I love this short. Looks great, sounds great. Well made.
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nanccakes19 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was a cute little film.

I love Kristen Stewart and have always been a fan of Dakota! It's nice and short and too the point.

I thought Robin's dad (and sister) was a little odd, but maybe that's just me lol.

I was hoping that the guy from the store would accept Lacy's offer and you really think he's going to give in before they walk out the door, but he doesn't. A nice surprise, I suppose.

I'm glad Robin got the guitar for her daughter. ^-^ Sorry I suck at writing reviews, especially when you have to have a min. of ten lines lol.

Watch it. It's cute.

Search for it on Youtube.
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Kate Hudson steps into the unknown
Horst_In_Translation28 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
And the 14-minute-result of this Academy-Award nominated actress' first directorial and writing effort is a good one and she gets a lot of help from a prominent cast. The film stars Virginia Madsen (who looks a lot like Kaley Cuoco here) and a blonde Kristen Stewart, shortly before the first Twilight film, playing the same character during different stages in their life. The two are supported by Dakota Fanning, Kurt Russell and Chevy Chase.

We see a young girl thrilled by the prospect of possessing a special guitar. However, her mother refuses to give her the money, but starts reconsidering her decision shortly afterward. That's when the flashbacks to her youth start and we see how the character is thrilled with possessing the car from the title back in the late 1970s. Her dad basically reacted just like she did decades later, but finally agrees under certain conditions and she takes her memory as a lesson for her own parenting style. It's a decent short film, which is funny and has a message as well. The negotiation scenes with Stewart's character were very well done, in front of the mirror and finally at the car sale and put quite a smile on my lips. Her joy just felt so from the heart. The negotiation scene with the adult Robin was fine as well. I'd expected any minute for the salesman to stop her from going out and accept the offer, but good to see Hudson went for a more realistic (and sweeter) ending. She really seems to have a talent in dealing with female characters and everybody in here seemed quite authentic. Hopefully this was not her last directorial work.
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