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A very sad, but very moving movie
wishihadanangel13918 June 2008
I watched this movie on lifetime movie network, and I cried through the end. These girls who were fictional , represented the women who went missing and were never found. I did some research on The Green River Killer and I was sickened this man was not already taken into custody before he could kill . I think that this is a great movie as it's really much like the real existing case, despite a few fictional characters. I really liked the acting in this movie, it was very emotional and moving. I don't think I'd ever want to think if I was a victim, or my friend was a victim to these heinous crimes! Watching the movie was enough to make me think hard about my own life and what I do to put myself at risk, in other words, a wake-up call.

One day all of the women will be matched to their families, as the movie says, there's always hope! Hope is what these families have to keep.
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Examines the tragic victims, a tribute to the anonymous...
MarieGabrielle6 November 2009
This film is not like most serial killer stories, in that it examines the lives of the young girls, tragic victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, born into the wrong social class with little choices Amy Davidson as victim Helen "Hel" Remus is particularly tragic and notable; a discarded child really, her mother Opal (Sharon Lawrence) is an impoverished waitress living in a trailer park, drinking, and attaching to any man who will be her meal ticket for a day.

Tom Cavanagh is good as local Detective Reichert, who persists on the Green River Killer case despite the foibles and arrogance of the FBI.

The actor portraying Gary Ridgeway is effectively sleazy and odious, he looks like any gas station attendant a young girl may hitch a ride from: that's the truly frightening aspect. Most serial killers blend in the scenery, hold steady jobs, and many are never caught.

Indeed the Green River Killer was free for over a decade and his tally of victims has never been clearly established.

Overall the film is not perfect in that some of the deeper psychological issues leading to these tragedies could have been explored, for instance what leads young girls to a transient life in the first place, and why is society failing here?.

Worth watching as it is respectful of the young and tragic victims of these senseless and random homicides. 8/10.
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Tom is Brilliant - Movie is chilling 10 of out 10
Kimberlyjeana8 June 2008
I followed the story of the Green River Killer as the country did. After watching "The Capture of the Green River Killer" I have to say I too am in awe of Tom Cavanaugh's performance. I have loved him as the adorable Ed and in his romantic comedy's like "Grey Matters" and "Snow", but I too have to say that his role as Dave Reichert was just spell binding. This is a mind blowing TV movie. Better than most at the movie theater - very much like "The Lovely Bones", as the victims talk through out the movie. I was riveted by his and the whole cast's performances.

Just a fantastic movie.
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"Thank You Dave Reichert"
evon-wynn16 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched this movie almost every time it has aired on LMN! I was so touched by "Dave", that there were moments in the movie when he made me feel what he was feeling. I consider him my hero! I thank God for him and the people that protect us, he is to be forever commended for the years he devoted to his quest, I think every woman I know would give anything to have a husband exactly like him, a fine Christian, a man that had this ingenious insight; years before anyone knew his gift.I just absolutely adored this man, and the movie inspired me to read the book in two days time,I couldn't put it down. It just made me really be more aware and more careful when I met new men. I owe "Dave" for making me see things through his eyes, I pray God blesses him, and; I know he has really changed the way women think about dating!You are my hero and I love you "Dave".
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Average True-Crime Story of Serial Murderer.
rmax30482310 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The so-called Green River killer was responsible for more than three dozen deaths of women, mostly prostitutes, in the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington state. This lengthy, slow, dark film isn't really his story. It follows the career of Dave Reichert (Thomas Cavanaugh), the head of the Green River task force at the King's County Sheriff's Office, with some additional time given over to the trials and tribulations of one of the killer's victims, Helen Remus (Amy Davidson).

It's not much more than a routine rendering of what has by now become a familiar narrative -- the mounting toll of bodies, the frustrated police, the dead ends, the pressure from the press, and finally the cathartic payoff.

"The Deliberate Stranger", the TV movie about Ted Bundy, for all its flaws, was a more tightly wound and better scripted tale, focusing as it did on the ensemble of cops, on the one hand, and Bundy's peregrinations on the other. The insertion of Bundy's affair with one or another woman was an informative diversion. Here, Helen Remus provides the narration, speaking from beyond the grave, in a warehouse filled with the GRK's other victims standing in a silent tableau. Her maunderings cover a lot of philosophy, with God dragged in by the heels, mostly centering around free will versus fate. (She quotes from William Henley's "Invictus" -- "I am the captain of my fate./ I am the master of my soul.") It all sounds like so much padding, although everyone is entitled to his or her philosophy about life, whether elegant or folksy. Heck, it's REQUIRED that we have one, even if we have to bootleg it in by the back door. It does get tiresome, though, and predictable. She was basically a good-hearted girl who came from a dysfunctional family and all the rest of it. If she weren't a hooker, she might have been a nun. That kind of portrayal of the victim as abused but still brave and generous, cheapens the narrative. She was murdered and her body dumped. Would it have been less a crime if she'd been shown as the cynical, self-indulgent hooker she might well have been? But that's just part of the problem with this film. There is no wit in the meandering script, no sparkle. And what passion it tries to evoke is undercut by the weak acting. Thomas Cavanaugh looks the part of the chief detective, but he has only a tentative hold on his instrument. His explosion of anger at the end of his interrogation of the captive killer looks like that of an actor trying to act out an explosion of anger, and his tender scenes aren't much better. I don't mean this as a slur on Thomas Cavanaugh the man. He probably has a loving family and a nice dog. It's just that, as a performer, he has a way to go.

There are a couple of nice shots of rivers flowing through dismal gray rocks, stirring and foaming, suggestive of peace and nature and submerged corpses. Now THAT makes one wax philosophical. It would have been nice, finally, if it had had a faster pace and if it had had a few more scenes that were brightly lighted. Even the sheriff's offices are filmed with only a few scattered lights. The lighting isn't stylish or dramatic. It's just too low. Where did this noirish nonsense come from -- "The X Files"?
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SnoopyStyle15 December 2015
It's 1982 Seattle. Police detective Dave Reichert (Tom Cavanagh) is investigating bodies being dumped in the Green River which is affecting his family life with wife Julie (Michelle Harrison). Helen 'Hel' Remus (Amy Davidson) makes a new friend with wild girl Nat Webley (Jessica Harmon). She rebels after getting raped by her mother (Sharon Lawrence)'s boyfriend. She runs away at 16 after a fight with her mother. Her boyfriend gets her into prostitution and she becomes convinced that the Green River Killer drives a pick-up truck.

This is a sincere but over-extended telling of the investigation plus a fictionalized story of one of his victims. This is better than most Lifetime movies. In the end, it tries so hard and falls short of greatness. There is a really compelling true story to be told. I like Cavanagh and he has some poignant scenes with his daughter. The up and downs of the investigation are great material. It's a bit extended and some of it feels repetitive. The last act is really stretched out.

The other half of the movie with Hel is fine. Davidson is good but I don't like spirit Hel. It's too lyrical. I would have prefer a true story for Hel. I also wish the movie takes a chance with the structure. The first part of the movie could be all Hel leading up to her death. Then the second part of the series could be Reichert doing the investigation. Generally, this is over-extended with some very compelling moments.
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Too long and boring
mikelcat15 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This '' chronicle'' of the capture of the green river killer is a story of Dave Reichart the cop who couldn't catch him . Given all the latest tools police technology had to offer and a lot of manpower he was unable to find the perpetrator .Hey , it happens . It tore Reichart apart for sure he was and apparently is tormented by this incident but it was hardly his fault . The person who caught Gary Ridgeway was the unknown DNA perfector and the crime scene tech .Ridgeway was interviewed several times some by Reichart personally , the searched his house twice and his work area and nothing . Reichart's obsession with this case is in my opinion his inability to accept the fact that he couldn't catch Ridgeway straight up .A post arrest interview between Reichart and Ridgeway spoke volumes /Reichart tried to intimidate and bully Ridgeway , his hostility and feelings of ineptitude were very evident as well as his guilt . Reichart it wasn't your responsibility even though you see it that way , its your job to do your best , thats it .Part of being a man is accepting when your best effort didn't produce a desired result .I believe his motives were genuine , but his ego doesn't allow him to move on .If you have difficulty think of all the innocent men you hounded on this case and were proved wrong , how you invaded their lives and privacy , feel bad about them instead of yourself.You must reconcile that with the fact you did your best , put extra-ordinary time and effort into this , sacrificed time with your family as well So don't waste any more time on the sicko . Your just a man who came up short on this occasion, move on .This film didn't effectively document this story in my opinion .
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Sad tale of a prolific serial killer
nicholls_les19 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The content of this movie is why I give it 8 out of 10. It is incredible that one man can kill so many women over a couple of decades, despite a massive Police task force set up to catch him. One of the failings was listening to the FBI profiler who got it completely wrong but was so arrogant to accept any other evidence. Also reliance on Polygraphs which are notoriously unreliable. The killer had been arrested before but let go due to lack of evidence and because he passed the lie detector and didn't fit the profile at all. So many women and very young girls were raped and killed and it was only the advent of DNA evidence that got him caught. Even then a plea bargain means he is still alive, although in prison. Some of the acting in this movie was good, but it was over long and could have been tighter. The scenes with the dead girl talking was silly and detracted from the story.
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Not Accurate
qlzxnq15 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The capture of Gary Ridgeway was due to science not police work .They tried police work for 20 years unsuccessfully , although the collection and storing of evidence is considered police work it is not done by police . The truth is Ridgeway was better at what he did then the cops were, he went out against a 150 man task force and remained prolific , in virtually the same location , I don't know of any other case like it . He killed at least 90 women , that is amazing in a city setting , over a 20 year period . If it wasn't for DNA and the advancements in science he'd still be free .This is really what got to Reichart , he was bested by a really sick person .Also they tried to make him look like Saint Dave , which is demeaning to him , a good man I think . How do you not take it personally ? You can't seeing innocent , sad , young runaways and the like discarded obviously took a heavy toll on Dave . A show about how a person deals with that would be fascinating .
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Just. Awful.
shebaoftheeast29 May 2018
Did they actually do any research? Like, AT ALL? The Sea Tac Strip has NEVER been like that...they played it like Sunset Strip. It's NEVER been that busy, and shops DEFINITELY do not display merch out on the sidewalk like that. IT RAINS HERE! The body with the fish displayed? Wrong kind of fish. The pregnant woman's body found with the Space Needle in the background? You can't see the Space Needle from ANY of the body locations. Even from the Aurora end of the Strip, the Needle would look TINY. SO much bad I can't even get through it!
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