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A fine hour though not as exciting as the previous one's have been this season.
Darwinskid19 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
12:00 p.m.-1:00 p.m. Jack, Tony and Emmerson have Matoba and his wife trapped in their panic room and try to force them out even making the threat of killing off one of his security guards. Jack suggest some home made gas, and one that can be made and used before the FBI shows up. They use the gas and in the end Matoba has no choice but open the door and let himself be taken. The FBI shows, well Renee actually. Renee is having issues with Malice after he finds out that she used torturing tactics to get Tanner to speak, he wants her to report back to headquarters now but she disagrees and stays on track with her objectives. She is taken by Jack and Tony and put into Emmerson's van where Jack later tells her the truth and they fake her death in front of Emmerson. She is then buried alive. Sean's wife is doing just fine. President Taylor officially agrees to an invasion despite Ethan's second thoughts on the tactic. Taylor also finds out that Matoba has been taken and demands that he is found immediately. Meanwhile her husband Henry is told to go to Samantha's house where he'll find the documents regrading his son's death but is betrayed by his closest security guard, who is responsible for his son's death.

All in all an exciting hour, though I wasn't quite on the edge of my seat as I was with the previous hours, but I guess that all goes to me and my own agendas in real life at the moment.

The story structure is very good and the suspense is well done.

The center theme with this episode is on trust more than about the character relationships.

The acting is superb though I felt Janeane Garofalo was a little stale compared to her last few hours as Janis Gold, and Colm Feore wasn't as engaging as he was within the last two hours.

An enjoyable hour, and a watchable one nonetheless despite some drawbacks.

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I Love It!
jigsaw-9119 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This episode of 24 continues being superb, with a lot of emotion from the start to finish. And with a breathtaking cliffhanger in the end.

Jack and Tony find out an ingenious way to get the Matobos away from the safe room. They manage to take them. But Jack is shocked when he discovers that Renne followed the clues that leaves to Emmerson team and now is in custody by them. She also hates him because she stills find him a traitor. Meanwhile, Henry Taylor gets shocked too when he realizes that his closest security guard is the killer of his son and that man drugged him, getting paralyzed.

This is episode is fairly better that the last due to it's excellent tension and suspense and it's unexpected twists. One more time, the most interesting part of the show is it's ending: a really harsh ending. Jack must kill Renne. Just in the moment that he is gonna to do it, he wishers her that she must trust him if she wants to stay alive. Jack shoots her, but in a way of her neck, leaving her alive. But Jack and Tony are forced to bury her too. Renne's terror face stills being present in my mind while i'm writing this review.

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Applause Aplause 24 another wonderful installment.
maine_31020 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The action in this episode was there from beginning to finish, and even the ending would leave you anticipating more.

I had to take a break and absorb every detail before I got to this review, since every detail is so engaging throughout this entire episode.

From Renee's capture to Jack's bullet in the back, this installment marked the ongoing adrenaline 24 moves its audience with.

I anticipated that Jack would have established some way to get Matoba and his wife out of the safe-house. Even when Matoba's wife opened the room to get air which would've also ended with her demise. I felt as though she had no choice in the matter; she couldn't watch her husband and herself suffer when the key to her freedom was right in front of her.

I appreciate the risks this series takes on and the journey it would venture it's characters throughout the hours.

The President displayed her strength where she showed that she was bigger than the bullies that threaten her country. It makes me wonder how she would overcome the threats when they surface.

I strongly felt for her husband Henry, helplessly paralyzed on the floor at the mercy of his trusted confidant (Brian). It didn't surprise me that he showed his true colors. After Henry discovered the truth, Brian would've found some way to keep him quiet. It was still heartbreaking; Henry finding out about his sons death, unable to wring Brian's neck in the process, falling prey to Brian's clutches while Brian defends his actions with his "I tried to protect you" liner.

It is amazing how 24 keeps our interest with these noteworthy plot lines. We see a new side to Tony and Jack-playing a ruthless savage, convincing at that. I wonder if Emmerson used Renee's death as another test to satisfy his confidence in Jack and Tony to get the job done. I sense a sort of wariness in his intense stare; like if he was assessing whether or not Jack would kill in cold blood.

I think Renee really had faith in Jack in the beginning as she seemed to have adopted some of his overpowering strategies. She acts like a rookie cop, venturing out on her own without back-up. I saw the devastation in Jack's eyes when he saw her, he hated pulling the trigger. There was also the irony; the only way she could get out alive is for Jack to pull that trigger, gives us a sense of hope.

I wonder if she realized what Jack did for her, she saw that Jack knew she was still alive.

Even though Chloe and Bill was absent in this hour, it didn't harm or show any lack thereof on this take.

Overall another reason to keep hour eyes on the clock hoping the hour hasn't come to an end and we would have to wait an entire week to quench our curiosities.


Three and a half out of Four Stars
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Renee Walker
Desertman8414 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Jack flushes the Matobos out of their safe room. Renee investigates the situation at the embassy, but is captured by Emerson. Jack is ordered by Emerson to kill Renee, but he fakes her shooting by grazing her neck; however, he and Tony are then ordered to bury her. Agents Larry Moss and Janis Gold deal with an Attorney General investigation into the sniper's interrogation and subsequent death. Henry learns that Brian Gedge, his Secret Service guardian, is a co-conspirator; Gedge paralyzes Henry with a drug, and then hatches a plot with Edward Vossler to kill both Henry and Samantha before they can unravel the conspiracy.

In summary,here the events that happened during that hour:

1.Prime Minister Ule Matobo and his wife Alama are forced out of their safe room by David Emerson and his men.

2.Samantha Roth tells Henry Taylor about his son's murder and hands him a flash drive with incriminating information.

3.Henry Taylor finds out Agent Brian Gedge is the one that killed Roger. Gedge paralyzes Taylor while Agent Vossler takes Samantha to her apartment.

4.FBI Agent Renee Walker is captured by Emerson and his men. Jack Bauer pretends to kill Walker when Emerson orders him to, but then he and Tony Almeida bury her in a ditch.

Renee Walker becomes the new character of 24.She is both an FBI agent and a pretty one at that in the tradition of Nina Myers and Audrey Raines.She was caputered by Emerson and was asked by to be killed by Jack.But apparently,she wasn't just like Nina wasn't in Day 1. Loyal 24 viewers probably said,"Thank God,she wasn't!!!"
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Falling Into Place
Hitchcoc1 July 2019
This is another cliffhanger. It does depend on some pretty quick thinking for such a short period of time. Jack's ability to come up with that gas and get it to work is pretty incredible. Also, how did so much corruption get settled in the White House? We have another intrepid FBI female character who seems to have nine lives. That whole President's son business seems distracting somehow. Still, there is enough excitement to go around. Good show, once again.
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Great show, great action, but this is a stretch!!
rktbusinc20 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I love 24, and this season has had it's share already of keeping me on the edge of seat. But please!! After all of the corruption of the Logan administration, I just find it too unbelievable to think that the President's husband could be such an easy target by yet another corrupt member of the inner sanctum. Not to mention the bad apples in the FBI. Can't there just be terrorist plots without so many traitors everywhere? In 7 seasons, we've had an ex president assassinated, a current presidents jet shot down, a current president injured in an assassination attempt, a current president injured in a chemical attack, and now an attack on the presidents husband? Please, try to keep this stuff believable!!
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