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Season 4

9 Jan. 2011
Episode #4.1
Robert is working in Oxford and sending money home whilst Ruby Pratt has returned from Pontefract after splitting with her gentleman friend. Gabriel Cochrane, whose wife has died and whose foundry has been repossessed by the bank, comes to Candleford, penniless, and Dorcas employs him in her forge where the work interests Sydney. After Edmund has collected money from Robert at the post office, he arrives home saying he has been robbed. The whole village rallies round Emma.
16 Jan. 2011
Episode #4.2
Daniel launches a poetry competition in his paper. Ruby Pratt, jealous of her sister Pearl's doting on their young lodger, puts it about that the contest is rigged and Laura, as Daniel's girl-friend, is set to win it. Laura withdraws from the contest but, after she has had a lace-making lesson and heart-to-heart with Queenie, Ruby feels guilty and urges Laura to re-enter, at the same time reconciling with Pearl, though the prize is won by Emma after Laura has entered one of her mother's old poems. Dorcas and Laura find, hidden in a book, a letter from Gabriel's late ...
23 Jan. 2011
Episode #4.3
When the vicar is indisposed, young curate Benedict Marley assumes his duties, including running the church bazaar, to the annoyance of staid Thomas, who regards Benedict's free, enlightened interpretation of the Bible as ungodly. Seeing a snake, the uptight Thomas totally over-reacts and sees it as a demonic sign. Emma is also troubled by the sight of the snake as it makes her feel vulnerable as a woman temporarily without a husband. Benedict is seen leaving her house after dark and tongues wag, but Emma explains that the relationship is purely one of pastoral ...
30 Jan. 2011
Episode #4.4
Queenie wins a pig at a fair and plans to fatten it up to share with the inhabitants of Lark Rise. However, daft Twister 'sells' it to various Candleford residents and then loses the money. Queenie throws him out and Gabriel lets him stay at the post office, annoying Dorcas. Minnie believes that Alf cheated to win the fair's shin-kicking contest, leading to a temporary rift.
6 Feb. 2011
Episode #4.5
Daniel throws down a challenge for a grudge match against the cricket team from Little Garth, whose captain Larry Jupp is a notorious cheat. But with Thomas away, there are no star players in the Candleford side until it transpires that Margaret is an excellent batswoman. However, women are disallowed from playing so the Pratt sisters disguise her as a man. Laura, feeling Daniel is obsessive about the game, talks Margaret out of playing, and the team does badly...until Dorcas comes up with an idea. Gabriel also comes to see why Dorcas will never marry.
13 Feb. 2011
Episode #4.6
Gabriel finishes work on his steam-powered seed-planter, planning to tour the county hiring it out. He asks Alf to accompany him but Alf turns him down as his feckless mother Caroline has returned and Alf feels he has to look after his young sisters as she is a bad mother.

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