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Don't mess with Amanda Holden! Stephen Mulhern gets soaked with water again

If Stephen Mulhern didn't know not to mess with Amanda Holden before today, he certainly does now.

The Catchphrase presenter got soaked with water by Holden for the second time in as many months during his appearance on This Morning.

Holden decided to throw caution to the wind to mark her final day covering Holly Willoughby's maternity leave.

Back in May, Holden soaked Mulhern with four glasses of water after he showed a picture of what she might look like in 20 years' time.

Asked about rumours he won't be back on Britain's Got More Talent next year, Mulhern replied: "Of course I'm coming back, it's the tenth year next year."

That was the moment Holden decided to remind viewers why rumours started about his future, chucking a glass of water over him and saying: "It wasn't because of this, was it?"

"Did you know she was going to do that?
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Amanda Holden throws water at Stephen Mulhern

Amanda Holden threw water over Stephen Mulhern on her last day presenting 'This Morning'. The 44-year-old host - who's been fronting the ITV show alongside Phillip Schofield in the absence of regular host Holly Willoughby - recreated the drama of their on-screen spat on 'Britain's Got Talent' in May, when Stephen said Amanda looked like 74-year-old socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein. Asked if he was returning to do more 'Britain's Got More Talent', Stephen replied: ''Of course I'm coming back, it's the tenth year next year.'' Then, as she threw the water in Stephen's direction, Amanda said: ''It wasn't because of this, was it?
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Stephen Mulhern will be back on Britain's Got More Talent next year

Stephen Mulhern will return to Britain's Got More Talent for a tenth series next year.

Speaking to The Sun, Mulhern confirmed that the deal is done - and revealed that it was thanks to his cheeky joke about Amanda Holden that saw him getting drenched with water.

Holden threw her drink over Mulhern after one of the live semi-finals this year when he compared her to 74-year-old socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein.

"I'm all signed up for year ten," Mulhern said. "It's all sorted. I had an hour-and-a-half meeting with Simon last week and you never get that - you get ten minutes if you're lucky!

"That joke I did with Amanda, that went down like a sack of s**t. But Simon does love a bit of controversy. If you see a clip of it when it actually went out, he was like a kid in the sweet shop."

Mulhern -
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Stephen Mulhern suspended from The Magic Circle

Stephen Mulhern has been suspended from The Magic Circle. The 'Britain's Got More Talent' presenter was stripped of his credentials by the magicians' organisation for showing the secrets of one trick on a kids TV show in a bid to encourage more young people to follow in his footsteps. He said: ''You have to be 18 to join the Magic Circle but at 17 I was told I could join and I thought it was amazing. ''I was doing a kids TV show called 'Finger Tips' with Fearne Cotton. I think if you don't show kids how to do a trick then you'll
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Stephen Mulhern wants to make a chatshow like James Corden's Late Late Show

Stephen Mulhern has revealed that he's currently in talks about hosting a new chat show similar in style to the The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The TV presenter, who returns to our TV screens with a new run of Catchphrase this Sunday (June 14), told Digital Spy that the UK has no such equivalent and he would love to create funny skits with celebrity guests.

Corden took over from Craig Ferguson and has been a huge success with audiences across the pond, partly due to his original comedy sketches with game A-listers.

"We're actually in talks about doing a new show - sort of similar to the James Corden show in the Us, because ITV2 don't have anything like that," Mulhern explained.

"Because Britain's Got More Talent does so well, and we have such a laugh in it, the idea is to try do something like that over here.
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Stephen Mulhern on Catchphrase's return, Simon Cowell and plans for a James Corden-style chat show

Stephen Mulhern returns to TV screens with a new run of Catchphrase this Sunday (June 14), and joined Digital Spy to tell us all about the latest series of the rebooted classic game show.

The TV presenter reveals the silliest Catchphrase answer from one upcoming flustered contestant, and how Ant McPartlin is so brilliant at the quiz that he often plays the board game on a night in.

Stephen also tells us what Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell is like as a boss, and shares his plans to bring a live show like The Late Late Show with James Corden over to ITV2...

Stephen, are you looking forward to the third series of Catchphrase?

"Do you know what? I can't wait. That fact that it's members of the public is a real bonus... It's all very well doing shows where you've got celebrities on, but with members of the public,
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Stephen Mulhern on Bgt's Jules & Matisse stunt dog controversy: 'We had no clue'

Stephen Mulhern was as shocked as anyone to find out that the dog walking the tightrope in Jules O'Dwyer's final performance on Britain's Got Talent wasn't Matisse.

O'Dwyer revealed the following day that the stunt was performed by a double named Chase, since "Matisse is a little bit afraid of heights".

Britain's Got More Talent host Mulhern has now insisted that neither he nor anyone on the ITV2 production team had any idea of the double.

Speaking to Digital Spy to promote the return of ITV's Catchphrase later this month, the presenter revealed: "You know, it's really weird. The reality is, I swear to you now I had no idea [that a stunt dog was used].

"And the ITV2 team had no idea. No clue, no clue at all, that there was an extra dog. If they did we'd have obviously spoken about it. But what I have been told is Simon [Cowell's] looking into it. He's
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Britain's Got Talent: Collabro's verdict - Michael Auger on wildcards and which act upset him

We've had our last semi-final on Britain's Got Talent now, so it's time for our last verdict from Collabro - who just happened to perform on the show last night! This time it's the turn of Michael Auger, who admitted that the band were "nervous" to return.

"It's really odd because we've done so much, we've been on a sell out tour, we had a number one album last year, we've done so many events, the Royal Variety, and it's funny because you sort of get to a point where performing's so much what you love to do that it becomes second nature," he said. "But last night I think everything that we've learnt went out the window and we just felt like we were back in the competition!"

Michael also revealed that he thought last night was the strongest semi-final: "The top five, I wanted them all to be through.
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Stephen Mulhern: 'Amanda Holden argument reports on Britain's Got Talent are nonsense'

Stephen Mulhern has dismissed reports that he and Amanda Holden had to be separated by Simon Cowell earlier this week.

On Monday's (May 25) edition of Britain's Got More Talent, Holden soaked him with four glasses of water after he showed a picture of what she might look like in 20 years' time.

Holden stuck her fingers up at Mulhern and also smacked his behind in the process.

The tabloids have since reported that the pair argued once they were off-air, with Holden taking offence to his behaviour.

Talking about the show on This Morning, Mulhern said: "Before we start by the way, the whole idea of this is to give This Morning all the gossip, and you may have seen on a front page of a paper this morning a headline about Amanda Holden and myself... being 'split up in an argument by Simon Cowell'.

"I made a joke -
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Britain's Got Talent's Amanda Holden drenches Stephen Mulhern with water after age jibe

The Britain's Got Talent drama continued even after the first semi-final results tonight (May 25), when Stephen Mulhern got on the wrong side of Amanda Holden.

Show judge Holden suddenly poured four glasses of water over Britain's Got More Talent presenter Mulhern, after he showed a picture of what she might look like in 20 years' time.

Holden stuck her fingers up at Mulhern and also smacked his behind in the process.

Welsh choir Cor Glanaethwy and dance group Entity Allstars are the first two acts going to Sunday's final at Wembley, after the evening's first live semi-final.

Here's how Twitter reacted to Amanda Holden v Stephen Mulhern:

Moral of the story... don't get on the wrong side of @Amanda_Holden when on live tv... pre-recorded fine... but not live

@bgt #Bgmt

— ITV2 (@itv2) May 25, 2015

@Amanda_Holden can you behave yourself. It's so aggressive. It's only humour. But you wasn't funny at all.
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Britain's Got Talent beats EastEnders to become the biggest show of 2015 so far

Britain's Got Talent is officially the biggest show of 2015 so far.

Simon Cowell's annual talent contest has overtaken EastEnders Live, with the April 25 episode getting consolidated viewing figures of 11.9 million and a 50% audience share.

The live anniversary episode of EastEnders - which featured the conclusion of the soap's Who Killed Lucy? storyline - was watched by 11.6 million.

The latest series of Britain's Got Talent has so far averaged 11.5 million viewers in the consolidated ratings.

Meanwhile, companion show Britain's Got More Talent is now ITV2's most watched programme of 2015 so far with a consolidated audience of 1.8 million viewers.

The show's latest girl group Misstasia have admitted that they were surprised about the X Factor tweet storm they faced over the weekend.

Britain's Got Talent continues on Saturday (May 9) at 8pm on ITV.
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Was David Walliams a demonic child? Simon Cowell thinks so

Britain's Got More Talent steps into scary territory this weekend when Simon Cowell begins to question whether David Walliams was a demonic child.

It all starts as a prank from host Stephen Mulhern, who had T-shirts printed with childhood photos of Cowell and Walliams emblazoned on them.

But Cowell is horrified when he sees what young David looked like, saying: "I really can't look at that. It's demonic... You know those movies about serial killers? And you see them as a child and you can see the evil in them. I'm not kidding, that's what it looks like."

Decide for yourself:

In case Walliams hasn't been humiliated enough, Mulhern asks him to phone a famous celebrity to help Bgmt's ratings and he offers to give Beyoncé a ring.

Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that he's actually phoned his mum, who has a very interesting idea of a Beyoncé impression:

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Can Ant & Dec identify members of S Club Juniors and Blazin' Squad?

Would you be able to pick out lesser known members of S Club Juniors and Blazin' Squad today?

That's the task presented to Ant & Dec during this weekend's episode of Britain's Got More Talent, when presenter Stephen Mulhern gets them to play a special version of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

After watching a snippet of S Club Juniors' 'One Step Closer' music video, Ant has to pick out singer Stacey McClean from a lineup of five women.

Here's a clue - you may recognise the real McClean from her appearance on The X Factor back in 2009, when she made it to Dannii Minogue's final six in Dubai.

Dec is faced with a more difficult task when he's asked to find Blazin' Squad's Mc Freak, who is today better known by his real name Oli Georgiou. Can you pick out the real Mc Freak?

Meanwhile, Mulhern
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Britain's Got Talent: What's on David Walliams's rider?

Britain's Got More Talent continues its apparent aim to humiliate David Walliams this weekend - as Simon Cowell reads out a list of the judge's diva demands.

Walliams can only stand and watch as Cowell reads out the rider to Bgmt host Stephen Mulhern, later expressing his disgust.

"I'm just disappointed, Stephen," Cowell says. "You know what, actually, just don't talk to him."

But just in case Walliams hadn't been humiliated enough, Mulhern pops him in a dog outfit for another instalment of David vs Dog.

This week, Walliams has to go head to head against Ashleigh & Pudsey to find out who is a better dancer - so will judges Stavros Flatley be more impressed by Ashleigh & Pudsey's 'Uptown Funk' routine or Walliams's dance to Sinitta's 'So Macho'?

Britain's Got More Talent airs on Saturday at 9.15pm on ITV2 after the main show finishes on ITV.
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Erm, did Stephen Mulhern turn down the X Factor hosting job?

The rumour mill surrounding The X Factor has already started, and what better person to ask about the whole thing than Simon Cowell?

So that's exactly what we did at the Britain's Got Talent launch, as he suggested that "nothing is set in stone" regarding Dermot O'Leary's replacement.

One person we can definitively say it won't be is Britain's Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern - who told us that he turned down the job. Watch our video below to see him say those very words very seriously indeed:

(Our favourite bit is when he realises Simon might not be too happy with his jokes and looks around nervously to see if his boss is nearby.)

Britain's Got Talent returns tomorrow (April 11) at 8pm on ITV.

Watch our red carpet interview with the judges below:
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Bgt: Amanda Holden vows to "flick Vs to the boys" this year

Britain's Got Talent is back tomorrow but Simon Cowell and David Walliams better watch out - because Amanda Holden's about.

Digital Spy caught up with the judges and Britain's Got More Talent host Stephen Mulhern on the red carpet yesterday and Holden made it clear that she's not going to behave this year...

But while she might claim that she has Alesha Dixon on her side, the singer admitted that Holden is a "troublemaker" like the girls who get you told off at school.

Elsewhere, Mulhern shuddered over a contortionist that left him feeling sick, Dixon told us all about a "Mr Bean"-style act, and Cowell vowed that Britain's Got Talent is "back on top form" - with "one of the best first episodes" that the show has ever had.

Britain's Got Talent returns tomorrow (April 11) at 8pm on ITV.
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Britain's Got Talent launch: Sexual favours and 9 more bizarre moments

Britain's Got Talent is back on Saturday - yep, tomorrow! - and to celebrate, ITV obviously held a swanky party at a swanky hotel, which we were lucky enough to pop along to.

David Walliams and Ant & Dec were elsewhere (as you may have heard), but Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden took to the stage to answer questions - and things got a bit weird. Read on for 10 bizarre moments that happened during the Q&A...

1. Amanda's reply when a reporter asked what kind of ratings the judges were hoping for this year.

"Well, s**t ones," she replied, dripping with incredible sarcasm. The room burst into laughter as Simon added: "We want to do really badly. We'll make this show until no-one watches." (On a more serious note, he added: "No, hopefully we'll do better than last year. It's done well over the years so we'll wait and see.
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What would happen if Stephen Mulhern organised Dec's stag do?

When Declan Donnelly got engaged to his girlfriend Ali Astall, it was clear that there would only be one best man.

Naturally, his daemon/patronus Ant McPartlin is the man in question, but it seems that no-one told Stephen Mulhern that...

Ant & Dec: 'Britain's Got Talent still surprises us after nine years'

In the teaser clip for the first Britain's Got More Talent of the year this weekend, Stephen surprises both Ant and Dec with his custom-made T-shirts, and plans Dec's stag do and the big day itself

Later on in the show, the guest list comes in for some discussion.

Stephen: "Let's talk about the guest list. Sinitta, I've put her down just for the evening."

Amanda: "Is she going to be the entertainment? She could be."

Oh boy...

Britain's Got More Talent returns this Saturday, April 11 at 9.20pm on ITV2.
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Simon Cowell: 'New Britain's Got Talent judges were too expensive'

Simon Cowell has joked that he considered bringing in new judges on Britain's Got Talent, but they were too expensive.

The chief judge told More Talent host Stephen Mulhern that he thought about replacing David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon for the upcoming ninth series.

"I missed these guys," he said. "We've met a lot of people who could replace these lot... a lot this year. But none of them worked out... actually they were too expensive!"

Meanwhile, when asked how he first met Cowell, Walliams said: "He invited me to his birthday party, which I was surprised about but I think he doesn't have any friends, and then he got down on his hands and knees and he begged me and said, 'Will you save the show?' And I said, 'No'.

"Then he got Michael McIntyre... and then he asked me again."

Britain's Got Talent returns on
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Britain's Got Talent: David Walliams dresses as a dog for agility course

Who would win in a battle of agility between David Walliams and a Belgian Shepherd?

Well, Walliams decided to find out by going up against the dog on the Britain's Got More Talent stage.

The comedian will face competition from different dogs as the series goes on, taking on various challenges.

He got into the spirit of the occasion by donning his own dog costume, but it wasn't enough to help him beat Jibe.

It took Walliams 46 seconds to complete the course, while Jibe got round in just 10 seconds.

Walliams recently suggested that entertainment value is more important than talent when it comes to sifting through acts on the ITV series.

Meanwhile, Cowell claimed that Walliams's ego is "out of control" after his Best TV Judge win at the 2015 National Television Awards.

Britain's Got More Talent returns to ITV2 on Saturday (April 11) at 9.20pm.

Watch Ant and Dec and the
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