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Season 1

16 Jun. 2019
Ragismenos Nous
A brutal murder alarms the police authorities. With the investigation leading to confusing controversies, the eccentric professor of criminology Dimitris Lainis is asked to shed some light on the mystery.
16 Jun. 2019
Otan kati feugei kati erxetai
A woman is found mysteriously murdered. Soon her identity is revealed, but the enigma surrounding the circumstances of her tragic death remains unsolved. A female eyewitness might give some answers.
16 Jun. 2019
Sta monopatia twn mythwn
The number of victims keeps rising, leading to more questions and confusion. While the police interrogations go on, Dimitris Lainis is looking for clues in the most unlikely source: The Feats of Theseus.
16 Jun. 2019
Mighty Castles Are Defeated from Inside
While the police investigations continue, Dimitris Lainis examines the details of Theseus' Feats in his attempt to decipher the enigma. Developments, however, surpass him. One more feat gets 'checkmarked'.
16 Jun. 2019
Waiting for the Dead to Speak
The police authorities 'return' to the first crime scene, looking for new clues. In the meantime, Barasopoulos decides to engage Christina in the case, so they can both benefit from their collaboration.
16 Jun. 2019
Unity Makes Strength
While the investigations continue, Barasopoulos and Christina agree on the usefulness of an urgent news bulletin. Their aim is to upset the elusive perpetrator and lead him to a revealing mistake.
16 Jun. 2019
Ariadne's Thread
New leads draw Dimitris and Barasopoulos ever closer to the elusive culprit and lead them to an alarming conclusion. Will they be able to predict the perpetrator's dramatic next move before it's too late?
16 Jun. 2019
Irrational Logic
In the dramatic last episode, the police authorities race against time to locate the perpetrator and put an end to his killing spree. Will they succeed in solving the mystery and finally closing the case?

 Season 1 

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