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David Murray: James McCullen - 1641



  • [first lines] 

    Bastille Prison Warden : James McCullen, you Scottish pig, you've been found guilty of treason for the sale of military arms to the enemies of our Lord, King Louis XIII, even whilst you sold arms to our Lord himself.

    James McCullen - 1641 : Your king is a vile bag of filth who murders his own allies. I should have charged him double.

    Bastille Prison Warden : You tried to overthrow the Crown in conspiracy with its enemies.

    James McCullen - 1641 : Unlike your simpleton king, his enemies know that is the true McCullen destiny not simple to supply arms, but to run the wars!

    Bastille Prison Warden : Do you anything else to say before the sentence is carried out?

    James McCullen - 1641 : Yes, I do. Clan McCullen is far greater and more powerful than any of you could ever imagine. My sons will continue to rise long after I am gone, as will their sons and, God willing, their sons. It shall not end with my death!

    Bastille Prison Warden : We are not going to kill you, McCullen. We're going to make an example of you! So that no man, woman nor child may ever see your treacherous face again, you shall wear this mask for the term of your natural life.

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