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8 Jun. 2004
Extreme Reality Exposed
Part 1: Games People Play James Ronald Whitney is a self-confessed "reality whore". From The Bachelor to Punk'd to Elimidate and American Idol he tunes in regularly for the raw drama and train wrecks. But too often, he complains, he is left feeling unsatisfied- there's a flatness he can't quite define. "It's all so one-dimensional," Whitney says. "I just knew there was a way to add something to the salad." So Whitney, a successful documentary filmmaker, invented Games People Play, an extreme reality game show taped over a 72-hour period and edited as a film series. ...
3 Jan. 2005
Plastic Surgery Obsession
Nipping and tucking used to be something that only movie stars and the wealthy did. Today, people all over the country, both rich and poor, are going under the knife. This hour-long documentary looks at how "America the Beautiful" has become more than a national anthem -- it's a national obsession. The United States will never look the same again.
26 Jan. 2007
Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown
An one-hour documentary special that takes a look into the wonderful world of children's beauty pageants, as seen through the eyes of four, six-year old girls.
30 Mar. 2006
Celebrity Pre-nups
Looks at celebrity pre-nups or the lack of them, as they reveal who had to fork out the cash and who made sure their ex-partners didn't touch it.

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