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(2007 TV Movie)

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How those eyes could flash at you
richard_sleboe12 June 2007
What the hell is Jana Straulino doing in this opinionated piece of declamatory bullshit? Okay, so with a dozen TV show appearances and a handful of minor cinematic credits to her name she doesn't exactly have an A-list track record. But she sure moves like a ballerina. I guess after 13 years of training at John Neumeier's school, she *is* a ballerina in every sense that matters. With that Jean Seberg hairstyle and her killer cheekbones, she should be tanning on a Riva Ariston moored off the Cap D'Antibes, or lighting candles in an Eastern European cathedral the size of Mount Makalu. But instead, for reasons all her own, she has chosen to join the editorial staff of that latest and least inspired journalistic "me too" venture, German Vanity Fair. Here is a girl who needs to get out of Berlin-Friedrichshain *bad*. Someone please take heart and cast her in something glamorous.
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