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Solid watch and idea behind it, but the execution is pretty shoddy Warning: Spoilers
In the title here "Lil Dicky: Earth", you can read the names of the singer/narrator as well as the title. This runs for a bit over 7 minutes and it was released less than a month ago and already has almost 100 million views on Youtube. Not too shabby. But the phrase "simple things attract the masses" is very fitting here as this was not a good watch overall. The first 1.5 minutes are in live action and we see Lil Dicky talk to a bunch of kids who may act in a way that is not the best for the environment, so the rest of the film, i.e. the following five minutes, are an animated elaboration on why we need to take care of our planet. I must say when it is slightly pointless fun and we hear some really big names (check the cast list) lend their voices to animals, this one is at its best, even if you can certainly say that the words "we love the earth, it is out planet, it is our home" do not really offer any depth and feel as much on the simple-minded site as the actual characters introducing themselves with the words "I am a zebra" or "I am a baboon". But yeah, when the film actually tries in an ambitious manner to make an impact about climate change and global warming and Dicky takes over as narrator, then it gets way worse. Cringeworthy stuff really how he is trying to educate us. Anyway, the one thing I did like was when Leonardo DiCaprio at the end gets beamed up by aliens on a spaceship, but only until he did. When we see him (and Lil Dicky for whatever reason) up there in the space ship, things get awkward again. But yeah, I guess he was included here because he is Leonardo Di Caprio. In any case, I want to say that thanks to the occasional catchiness and the okay (not great) animation this film has to offer, it is worth checking out for huge fans of the protagonists. I still really adore the idea of Miley Cyrus voicing an elephant honestly. If you like Leo (not Melissa, may want to add that because she won her Oscar first), go for it too, but don't expect too much. Unless you are really a blind, clueless climate change white knight, then this is not worth checking out. I give it a thumbs-down and honestly without the video, it would almost be entirely useless. Also why is he calling the animals Ariana and Bieber. We know they are voicing these characters and thanks you you don#t need to shove it constantly into our faces that you got these big names on board. Huge applause to Kanye West for not even voicing himself, lets be honest this cameo was just really bad. Okay enough now. Skip the watch!
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