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Portraying NASA As 'Peyton Place'
ccthemovieman-18 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Let's see......a female astronaut who was discovered wore diapers on a long car trip, to meet up with her boyfriend. Sound familiar? Well, that real-life episode obviously inspired this Law & Order Criminal Intent story except, as usual, the writers here took it to extremes.

The liberal writers of Law & Order are known for this kind of thing, especially any opportunity which enables them to bash a credible, wholesome organization or occupation. In this case, it's astronauts. Instead of one wacko, we get a story in which every astronaut pictured is an immoral pig or a nut-job. Yeah, L&O trashes the astronaut profession. Amazing. Few professions, if you do any research, have a better track record of employing quality human beings than NASA's space men and women. If it's a sleazy profession, say prostitution, however, Law & Order will make everyone look on the up-and-up.

In this episode, every astronaut is sleeping with every other one, or is lying about someone, or covering up, on and on. This is "Peyton Place," not outer space, according to the knowledgeable L&O writers. I won't say who, but those who love this kind of melodrama will love this fictional story. You'll get a headache trying to follow all the relationships, real or imagined.

It also couldn't have been too intelligently written when I figured out who the killer was almost immediately. If I can see it that quickly, then you know there isn't much of a mystery to the story. The best years, as in many TV shows, of Criminal Intent, seem to be the first few. I'm not I like seeing Vincent D'Onofrio only once every two or three weeks, either. He's "the man," concerning Criminal Intent and always will be such.

Meanwhile.......I miss his nemesis, "Nicole Wallace."
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