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jrargonaut15 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It blows me away that people thought this movie was, "surprisingly good." It's not. It's bad. Really really bad. Lets put it this way, I have not walked out of a movie in who knows how long, since Ishtar? And this was that bad.

Yes I did laugh a few times. But Seth Rogen, just plays himself as he has played that same character in dozens of other movies, except this time he has money, a side kick and weapons, devised by the sidekick. He plays Britt Read as a super loud and obnoxious character without being endearing. Reid's not smart or witty, but brash and annoying.

Now one could say that there are these great fight scenes thanks to Kato (played by John Cho). But there so over the top special effects laden as to be completely unreal and not enjoyable. It's like the viewer is playing a video game when we see from Kato's perspective in a fight.

The bad guy, has a bad guy insecurity complex with wanting to be perceive as scary, but has a name that nobody can pronounce and of course, owns and hide's out? at a cement/construction company.

In the end, this movie is tedious, predictable, annoying, and worse, unenjoyably campy. Save yourself the money and god forbid the 17$ it costs to see it in 3d. Because 3d does nothing but make you angrier you spent that much more money on a waste of 2 hours.
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Really annoying film
mattjohnson53221 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer got me all excited to watch this, but boooooy was I wrong. I was really hoping this was going to be like Iron Man but instead it felt like that darn Streetfighter film with Van Damme. Like Streetfighter, the movie felt really short, because there was not much of a plot. Heroes were generic and same with the villains. You see the bad guy in the beginning, but there wasn't much character development which made the villain very generic (which also made it obvious how the story is going to end). Kato's role was generic as well, like he was a typical Asian foreigner who does all the hard work but no play. Now I understand why Nicolas Cage turned down the role of the villain and same with Stephen Chow as Kato...lame. Besides the cheesy characters, the fight scenes were done in slow motion which made it seem fake and derivative of the Matrix, Seth Rogen (green hornet) was annoyingly loud most of the time, I didn't really understand what Jay Chou (Kato) was saying sometimes because of his heavy accent (which also made his acting kind of wooden), and Cameron Diaz felt like she was there just for star power for some reason. Even the action scenes (especially towards the end) was very boring, (believe it or not I actually fell asleep during the middle of an action scene), my brother tapped me on my shoulder to wake me up. There was nothing in this movie that was really interesting other than maybe the black beauty (green hornet's car) and maybe his hornet gun, and that's about it. And what was up with the 3- D? The glasses made the movie too dark and did nothing to the experience (I am getting really sick of 3-D).
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Don't waste your money..very minor this ..
med77_9916 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I never watched episodes of the TV series, nor have i read any of the Green Hornet comics, though i doubt they were as lame and as silly as this new movie adaptation of Green Hornet. because of the big adds and billboards this movie has, i bought into that and decided to watch it tonight, and i wish i have not !! i was expecting a cool superhero, a crime fighter type of movie with a little a humor, but i was let down and disappointed. it had too much humor it turned into a full comedy, a cartoon. it became silly and ridiculous. the plot did not have anything special, just another average superhero plot with some really silly and lame parts " Spoiler AHEAD " >>> Hornet and Kato fighting over a girl !! how silly is that <<<< END Spoiler

and i saw this in 3D, what a waste !!! nothing special about that except for small parts of the action scenes, not really worth the price. Some of the action scenes were cool, but not enough to save this movie from being a failure. Also, Cameron Diaz role was unnecessary and she was just one of the marketing aspects of this movie. the whole thing was a Hollywood joke, just too much Hollywood !! please don't buy into the big billboards and the charming adds, because this movie really isn't good.

Im also surprised that some people are giving this good reviews, probably they are either 10 year old kids, or people who watched it drunk with a group of friends !
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A stinker : green hornet - dog poo cornet
Anton_Ego21 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I start ? See how long we can take one joke and stomp it to death again and again and ( voice gradually fades ) ..Arrogant rich kid blundering through life ; Smart sidekick does everything for hero who doesn't get it .... The casting is so far off wack in this, Seth Rogen who is supposed to be core of this film is just not convincing either as rich playboy buffoon, or as a prospective crime fighter. He spends the whole film being unsure of what he is doing there. The arch villain even when he is shooting people is not the least scary. The humour is crass, directing appalling. The few decent actors Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmas just look embarrassed.

I notice there is no DC logo at the beginning, and someone should have stopped this mess a long time before release. I guess having Mr Rogen as producer probably didn't help.Its not that I don't like these type of films; Iron Man is one of my all time favourites and Kick Ass does what it says on the tin. Really - buy yourself a tin of Dulux, a 4 inch brush,find a wall and slap it on. You'll find watching it dry a lot more fun..
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The Green Hornet was awesome
likeswrite200430 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I am a sucker for hero type movies and I thought The Green Hornet was great. I'm not sure what some people are saying about it but I think movie goers nowadays, with all this technology, expect movies to fly off the screen at you. Give movies the credit they deserve and see it for what it is - a piece of entertainment.

Seth Rogan's character was of a spoiled son who was trying to get attention from his father, so his character being mean to Kato was not a surprise since he never had any siblings before. Anyone who knows human nature would agree.

I think the storyline was able to be followed, the dialogue was funny and the action was great. The movie industry isn't like it used to be since all these kids have so much electronics, they don't know what to do with themselves anymore so it becomes a challenge to produce movies that everyone is going to like. Instead of putting down a movie so quickly, look at all of its points.

I enjoyed the movie and recommend it to anyone who wants to go and see something good - but see it in 2D. You'll like it better.
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Stupidly Dumb!
Reviewer513 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know why I went to see this, but I wish I could get my money back. Wow, this movie was really irritating me. First of all, being of an Asian descent myself, I expected Jay Chou's character Kato to be somewhat represented fairly (with respect to Bruce Lee), but most of the scenes have him doing all the hard work and not getting any action from the ladies. There was a brief scene with Cameron Diaz, but nothing happened. I find that kind of odd because Kato seems to be more of the superhero than Seth Rogen's character Britt Reid as The Green Hornet, and aren't superheroes suppose to get the ladies? There wasn't even a romance other than a brief flirtation in the office. No offense to Jay Chou fans, but his Asian accent wasn't very flattering either because his role is of a stereotypical Asian martial arts expert that drives Seth Rogen's character Britt Reid around as a chauffeur. And I understand that's how the story goes with the characters, but I find that kind of ironic because Bruce Lee tried to avoid the Asian stereotype with the heavy accent. Besides the stereotypical Asian accent, the fight scenes with Kato were interesting and pretty to look at, but the fancy special effects also made the martial arts seem a little fake. Instead of the real thing like Jackie Chan's or Jet Li's fight scenes, I felt like I was watching a video game of a player going through the motion. And I understand the fight was stylized to be funny, but it felt more campy than funny (like all that was missing were those big letters that said "POW!").

I also found Seth Rogen as The Green Hornet awkward to watch with his overacting, obnoxious personality (which wasn't very likable throughout the movie) and I understand he was trying to be funny too, but there wasn't anything really all that humorous, despite some funny moments. Overall, the film felt lazily produced and I agree with critics like Ebert, there wasn't a well structured plot. It's as if Rogen wrote the story to fit his type of characters that he portrays in every movie (which also kind of ruins it for the followers of the comic) and I understand it's just an adaptation but still, even a big time star like Cameron Diaz's role seemed to be in the movie just for her name only. And Christoph Waltz's portrayal of the villain wasn't very inspiring either (kind of a waste of his talent), not like Inglourious Basterds.

Also, I question the morals of the story. I'm not sure what Rogen and Goldberg were thinking when they were developing the script considering The Green Hornet TV show in the 60's wouldn't have been popular without Bruce Lee. One of the themes about the movie was inequality between The Green Hornet and Kato, and when the movie ended, the two decided to be equal but it didn't seem like it. It felt like Kato is always going to be in the background doing all the hard work without getting any credit which is kind of a slap in the face to Bruce Lee because like I mentioned, he did not want to be portrayed as a stereotypical Asian man. That's one reason he left the U.S. for Hong Kong to pursue his passion for cinema. One last thing, the 3D glasses made the movie too dark, (it felt like a first shooter game) and did nothing to the experience.
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The Boring Green Bee
jonnyhavey17 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"The Green Hornet" is a wanna be superhero movie trying to be original by following the scheme of Seth Rogan's character Britt Reid to become a superhero that is perceived as a criminal to the public. The problem is that Britt Reid doesn't even deserve to be a superhero because his coffee maker Kato (Jay Chou) is the one with "super powers". The only things Britt Reid can do is be very obnoxious and use his money and power of the press to sensationalize his character while giving no credit to Kato. The origin of this story comes from "The Green Hornet's" debut in 1936 on the radio. The character was created by George W. Trendle and Frank Striker and has taken a journey through various mediums in time including a comic book and television series in the mid 1900s. However, its newest medium in 3D fails to capture the spark that lit the character's way to fame. The lackluster film begins with showing the bad relationship that Britt had with his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) when he was a kid. This scene is followed by a very special cameo appearance of James Franco while establishing the ego of the character of criminal Benjamin Chudnofsky (Cristoph Waltz, "Inglourious Bastards") and his aspiration to rake over the streets. Chudnofsky later changes his name to "Bloodnofsky" in order to sound scarier in his pursuit to take down Britt's alter ego "The Green Hornet" which forms after his father dies from an allergic reaction to a bee sting. As Britt's alter ego begins to take over the street solely because of Kato who does not receive any recognition and their car "The Black Beauty", a secret about Britt's father unfolds along with a love triangle between Britt, Kato and Britt's new secretary Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz)

The most memorable scene in the film is James Franco's cameo of the criminal mastermind of the city. He receives a little less than five minutes of screen time with Cristoph Waltz's character Chudnofsky who work together to create a scene with great acting and a subtle comedic undertone. After this scene it is an uphill battle for the characters of Kato and Chudnofsky to salvage the remains of the film. Kato does this with his skill and gadget repertoire while Chudnofsky strives to boost his ego with decent one-liners.

The problems with the film do not necessarily stem from the subject because the film really could have been a decent superhero movie. Instead the two biggest problems fall into the categories of casting and entertainment. Seth Rogan is actually a very funny guy and a decent actor when he is cast in the right film as a supporting character ("The Forty Year Old Virgin", "Funny People"), but when the spotlight is on him in a film outside his genre repertoire bad things happen. Rogan is completely out of his element with the role of Britt Reid and is not able to do anything about it. He is not a likable character at all and is completely overshadowed by Kato. The film should have been saved from its entertainment factor, but fails on this account as well because the film is downright boring.

Boring is the word of the day when it comes to "The Green Hornet" which should have abused the 3D medium with "The Black Beauty" and Kato's heightened senses. However, a better name suited for the film is one spoke of by Britt himself when he talks about his alter ego being named "the Green Bee" exemplifying a boring undertone that would help keep you away from theaters and waiting for DVD.
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The hornet is back...
paul_haakonsen26 February 2011
I watched "The Green Hornet" with a sense of skepticism. Having grown up with the original TV series, this movie really had some big shoes to fill out. And surprisingly enough, it managed to do so in a good enough way. But there were also aspects of the movie that were less than successful.

First of all, Seth Rogen (playing Britt Reid/The Green Hornet). No, no, no. I know he was involved in directing and writing the movie and all, but he is not chiseled out for an action role of this caliber. I do admire his spirit and enthusiasm, but he is more suited for comedy movies. Seeing him in this role didn't go well with me. He did bring along some comedy, but it didn't work so well in this particular movie.

And the scene at the beginning where Britt Reid was bringing home a woman and they went through the garage and sat in all the cars (showing them off for the audience, actually) in high-speed capture, what was up with that? Already at that point, the movie started to falter and crash.

Jay Chou (playing Kato) certainly had HUGE shoes to fill out after the original role was played by Bruce Lee. And actually Chou did a decent enough job, with good acting and well-choreographed action/fighting sequences. So hats off to him for that.

However, the most memorable person in the movie was Christoph Waltz (playing Chudnofsky). He was fantastic as a villain and worked his role very well and very convincingly. Plus there was also a good sense of humor to his role, and it worked well.

The story told in the movie was fast-paced, captivating and interesting enough to keep you enthralled throughout the entire feature length.

For an action movie, then "The Green Hornet" is actually quite good. But for a follow-up to the legacy of the TV series, the movie is a mediocre attempt with good intentions. Had they cast someone else for Britt Reid, it would have worked much better. Now, I am not saying that Seth Rogen is a bad actor, he was just ill-suited for this role. "The Green Hornet" is good entertainment if you are in for an evening of action, corny one-liners and a trip down memory lane.
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Van Williams needs to open up a can of 'whoop-ass'!
fauxep24 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm getting sick of people who are angry with those of us who love the Green Hornet, and want to defend the character from this piece of crap movie. "Nobody knows him anyway" is what I hear a lot, but apparently enough people in Hollywood knew of him, and thought enough of the name to use it as a way to sell tickets instead of just creating a new character. It is understandable that most people don't know very much about the Green Hornet. He was created by George W. Trendle (who also created the 'Lone Ranger'), during the hayday of radio dramas. Britt Reid is actually a distant relative of John Reid a.k.a. the Lone Ranger. Both were ahead of their time in-so-much as the heroes worked with sidekicks very unusual for their time period. The Lone Ranger with an Indian back in the old west, and when the Green Hornet premiered in the 1940's it was unheard of for an oriental sidekick. In the old west everyone thought the Lone Ranger was bad because he wore a mask. The Green Hornet purposely wanted people to think he was bad. Neither Tonto or Kato was written, or intended to be sub-servient. Kato was Britt Reids assistant as part of his cover. The Green Hornet is "supposed" to be a crime-boss, that's why he sits in the back of the car, NOT because he just wants Kato to drive him around! Both men bring much to the partnership, and both are excellent fighters, just in different styles. Kato with martial arts, and Britt with 'street fighting' abilities. They are also closer than brothers! Van Williams and Bruce Lee understood this very well, and it came across in their screen time together. Even watching the old TV show now there is no hint of Kato being a 'lesser' person to Britt Reid.

OK, history lesson over, now on to this complete piece of trash. I actually have no problem with the initial portrayal of Britt Reid as a louse who parties all the time. The problem is he NEVER grows up! If he had some redeeming qualities it might have been better. Perhaps a real talent for journalism (which he had in the radio & TV shows), a 'buddy' relationship with Kato, or even the lovable rich rogue somewhat like Bruce Wayne. Seth Rogan has turned the Green Hornet into nothing more than a reject from animal house. Why, after being nothing but a jerk to everyone, would Rogan's character all of a sudden want to fight crime!?!?!? I don't know when we went from partners being friends to hating each other but working well together, but it's stupid. I don't even particularly care for the guy playing Kato. He's a capable enough actor, but he's no where near as cool as Bruce Lee, but that aside, there is absolutely no reason for him to like, much less work with Britt. We're supposed to believe that both of these guys hated Britt's dad so much, that they are willing to work together, even though there is really nothing to even suggest they are more than rich guy/assistant. Lenore Case was not the 'mastermind' behind the Green Hornet. She knew his identity and was able to help cover for him, and help him in his guise as Britt Reid. She was a necessary part of the team (and actually had a crush on Britt) but not the all controlling figure that we are supposed to believe she is in this movie.

The bad guy with a problem of not being scary enough was great for about 10 minutes. It created some pretty funny dialogue, but went on for a hour and a half too long. This guy wasn't even worth Kato's time, much less the Green Hornet. He could have been caught by T.J.Hooker. Why do we need a superhero, if the bad guy is not REEEEAAALLY bad! I am not naming the other actors because I'm sure that by being in a movie with Seth Rogan is punishment enough. I wouldn't want my name associated with this movie either.

If you've read this far I will say there are some things I liked. The homage' to the TV series in costuming, and design of the Black Beauty, as well as the switch in the garage were a nice touch. There is even a great 30 sec. scene at the end with the old theme and logo popping up that doesn't last long enough, but it was nice to see. Sadly, this movie had so much promise. There are a lot of possibilities for this character, and Rogan didn't seem to like any of them. If you're going to make a movie about a doofass who becomes a superhero fine, but why do you have to take established characters and destroy them. Please do yourself a favor, seek out the old series with Van Williams & Bruce Lee. It's a much better use of your time.
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Campy, corny, but visually entertaining.
jccwu15 January 2011
I've been keeping my expectations low for this film and I'm glad that I did. I was a big fan of the 60's television show, but I didn't watch any episodes until the mid 90's; so I've been waiting almost 15 years for a film adaptation on the Green Hornet.

The film is campy, the story is corny, the villain is wasted and Seth Rogen wrote the script. Based on the plot and the dialogs, it's not a well made movie; but it doesn't try to be. This movie could have been written more seriously and be on the same map as a Christopher Nolan's Batman film; but instead, it went on the road to be a comedic film with a lot of explosions. Some stuff didn't work, other stuff was clever & visually entertaining.

The stuff that I admired the most are the homage to the original television show. There were some criticism to the 60's show about how the Kato character was just a sidekick, butler, manservant, an aid or a chauffeur to the Green Hornet. Bruce Lee didn't have much dialogs and he didn't have much screen time. It was during the 60's and just having an Asian-American to be an everyday character on a show was a big deal, so I never saw that as an insult. In this movie, they make a HUGE deal about that subject as Seth Rogen & Jay Chou are constantly arguing about Kato's role throughout the whole film.

Other homage to the television show is a drawn image of Bruce Lee, Al Hirt's theme "Flight of the Bumblebee" tune, and there's even a scenario from my favorite episode that has been written into the movie. The Black Beauty is also a very awesome car! The funny thing is that in the TV show, the Black Beauty was a brand new & very recent 1966 Imperial Crown sedan. In the movie, it's the exact same vehicle; but it's now a classical vintage car.

I saw the 3D version and there were very few sequences where the 3D effects was worth the extra price of admission. I recommend saving your money and watch the 2D version instead.

To finally sum everything up; the movie isn't good, but it brought back my love for the characters inside the Green Hornet world. The film is visually entertaining for what it is. I hope there's a sequel, but that somebody else will write its screenplay.
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Great parody, rather than a classic super hero movie.
scarlatov17 March 2011
If you don't know what to expect and you haven't even seen the trailer than i believe you are going to have great fun. The movie is not a classic main stream super hero movie but a very nice parody making fun of the way super hero movies are made, emphasizing on their blank spots. Do not expect a meaningless script like "super hero movie". Green Hornet has its own storyline that is consistent, but the characters and situations are hilarious. I haven't laughed so much for a long time, which makes the movie a success judging by the result. I believe it is a great way to spent an evening if you want to relax and watch an easy entertaining movie.
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Split Personality
jdesando14 January 2011
"So this is what you want out of your life? This gives you sense of fulfillment? I spend all night, writing about the corruption in this town, and you do nothing." Jack Reid (Tom Wilkinson) to his son, Britt (Green Hornet Seth Rogen) The Green Hornet is unlike most other comic-book-hero film adaptation: Seth Rogen's slacker Hornet is a dipstick without a clue about navigating the crime world while Kato ( pop star Jay Chou), his valet/associate, pretty much plays the Bruce Lee/kung-fu role as cool, even when he's goofing with the Hornet, which is most of the time. It is also a bromance with Cameron Diaz as Lenore Case, a love interest who helps us get over the homoerotic subtext.

Geeks know the Green Hornet franchise well: radio show from 1936 to 1952; TV show in 1966 by the producers of the campy Batman TV series, while Green Hornet's greatest asset was emerging martial arts star Bruce Lee. Writers Rogen and Evan Goldberg renew that 60's camp but with it seeming out of date, as if the parodic part of the genre cycle had long ago been played out and not welcome anymore. Of course, you could argue that Despicable Me, Kick Ass, Megamind, and Iron Man 2 last year took to parody, but each one of those is more successful at marrying the satire to the action than Green Hornet.

The personality of the film is split—it's either satire or action, Hornet or Kato. The film is a bit away from the accepted concepts of this sub-genre except in Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz), the arch villain whose ironic reactions are an adept amalgam of menace and insouciance.

As he did in Inglorious Basterds, Waltz commands the screen with his charming menace. Actually he is equaled in the opening sequence, the best scene of the movie, when he faces off James Franco in a cameo, two hoods pissing about their territory. Franco is quite good as a semi-clueless drug lord.

Britt has daddy issues, specifically making something of his life while newspaper owner dad. Jack Reid (Tom Wilkinson), is a hero to the city. With dad's death, Britt decides to fight crime as the Green Hornet while letting everyone think he is a criminal (as in the original versions).

The gadgets are Bond-worthy, and Kato has the Bruce Lee charisma; it's just Rogen who seems out of place—not believable as a hero from beginning to end of the film. He can be amusing as a man-kid, but the geeks will never accept him as their hero.

The Green Hornet has lost its buzz.
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funny and entertaining
psycho-adam6 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
this film has received a lot of hate, but sometimes critics get it wrong, sure its a dumb movie, but damn its funny as hell. as anything Rogen is involved in it is filled with incredible comedic moments, and also the action is pretty damn spectacular, there are always explosions going off and pretty awesome karate action sequences. the story isn't even that bad and pokes fun at some action movie clichés, for example the thing that gets the villain killed at the end is that in an attempt to become more scary and affective, he says a long speech just before he kills someone, thus giving the hero plenty of time to react. over all a very funny film, surprisingly well acted and just entertaining in whole.
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Oh my God it has imagination, humor and originality. It stinks!
hijosderoddaria27 February 2011
If you think X-Men Origins: Wolverine was an OK movie, then The Green Hornet is not for you. If on the other hand, you enjoyed the hell out of stuff like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, then you may spend two great hours with this fresh and irreverent take on an old "super-hero".

The Green Hornet answers the question: What if you gave an incredibly talented 10 years old kid a couple of million dollars to make an action-adventure movie? That's what Michel Gondry is. The film is full with all his beautiful creativity, simple but marvelous ideas that make you smile, like a LP record player in the backside of ejectable sits, to enjoy some classic tunes while you surf the sky.

If thinking outside the box scares you, if the thought of taking guys in spandex and crime-fighting with masks not so seriously makes you cringe, then stay away from this. Otherwise, prepare yourself for some fun.
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Not groundbreaking, but an entertaining superhero movie nonetheless
HideYoKidsHideYoWife10 February 2011
Despite some impeding flaws, The Green Hornet not only delivers as an action film, but goes one better by providing comedy and is an enjoyable movie overall. Comparing it to other superhero movies is an invalid way to assess the quality of the film; it's a more light-hearted take on the genre without becoming a fully fledged comedy, allowing it to fall into a class of its own.

Superhero movies usually consist of the main character(s) either having superhuman powers, or just money and initiative. This film falls into the latter category and is unique in the sense that they're heroes who pose as villains in order to fight real villains, but the concept doesn't advance any further than that. The idea isn't revolutionary, but good enough to be entertaining and in a sense, unique.

The wealthy and immature newspaper publisher Britt Reid teams up with his butler Kato to form a crime fighting duo, who begin by cruising the street to find criminals to beat up. Kato is essentially both the brains and the brawn, doing most of the fighting, creating their equipment and filling their cars with ejector seats, explosives and guns. Britt on the other hand is rather incompetent, but still arrogantly considers himself to be just as valuable to the duo and provides most of the humour. Both of the main characters are likable and the contrast between their actual superhero ability is often amusing. The plot eventually evolves enough to end in a standoff between the duo and the main villain, after some not very surprising plot twists.

The action sequences contain fighting with and without guns, the majority of it being Kato jumping in slow motion and kicking people in the face. The balance between the two different types of fighting is excellent; too many gunfights would ruin the not-so-serious nature of the movie. The action scenes aren't repetitive and keep things fresh with varied environments, Kato's ability to identify danger (weapons glow red while Kato surveys the situation in slow motion), martial arts expertise and creative use of their Chrysler turned killing machine.

Superhero movie buffs might consider the film to be 'lame' or say that Seth Rogen wasn't fit to play the role of a superhero, but it's supposed to be more light hearted than other movies of the genre. Most heroes intend to help society with their superhuman powers or avenge the death of a loved one etc., whereas the Hornet duo fight crime because they're bored. Those expecting a deeper storyline will be disappointed, but this film accomplishes what it's supposed to. It doesn't take itself too seriously and despite a few issues, it's an entertaining movie overall and definitely something to look into if you're willing to appreciate it.
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Seth Rogan surprisingly good as The Green Hornet.
notsale_ru4 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
When I heard that Seth Rogan was going to play the Green Hornet, I had my doubts. He often portrays the same character, the loser/stoner/nice guy. I used to like the comic book and TV series, and I probably watched it because my dad played the trumpet, and he liked to play the "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" theme song, trying to emulate Al Hirt. "Not now Kato" was one of my early quotable phrases. "Green Hornet" was less popular than "Superman" and "Batman", but had the better sidekick with Bruce Lee's portrayal of Kato.

And with the spate of movies that have been based on comic books, the expectations were high. So many blockbusters have been superhero-based and I was wondering if this movie was made only because it was one of the few left that hadn't already been made into a movie and the producers were hoping to jump on the bandwagon. So with that, I eagerly anticipated seeing this movie.

The movie opens with a gripping and yet goofy storyline. Christoph Waltz plays the criminal mastermind Chudnofsky, a man obsessed with being scary, and quickly establishes himself as the evil villain. Amid the violence is dialog that makes you laugh aloud. It won't be the last time.

Rogan plays Britt Reid, the overindulged party animal son of a wealthy newspaper owner. He and his father have had a tough relationship, with Reid never living up to his father's impossibly high standards. After his father dies, he discovers Kato (Jay Chou), who, while devoted to the elder Reid also was treated poorly. As Britt discovers that Kato is a genius with cars and gadgets, they unwittingly become a pair of crime fighters. It's a nice back story that sets the stage well for the sometimes rivaled relationship. They also compete for the attention of the secretary Lenore (Cameron Diaz), a role that is way underdeveloped. I'm not sure about this choice for the role, and even though I enjoy Diaz, it probably was time for a younger and fresher face to have been cast.

Unlike the earlier incarnations, D.A. Scanlon (David Harbour) and the Green Hornet are not close allies. As the story unfolds, we get to see some of those great cars and gadgets. But it is the fight sequences that really sizzle. I saw the 2D version of this movie, and when it is released it will be a 3D version, and the fight sequences will no doubt benefit by being viewed in 3D, but even in 2D, they were awesome. The car chases and some other scenes will also likely be fun to watch in 3D, but I'm not sure that this movie really needed the extra special effects in order to become a classic.

Throughout the movie, I was surprised by how often there were laugh-out-loud moments, as well as some great one-liners, usually by Rogan. Of course, there is the climactic chase scene and shoot out, with some new and interesting ways in order to make it fresh. You won't be saying "I've seen THAT before" - believe me. The only problem I had was that the premise for the final car chase is a bit flimsy, and breaks the movie magic for me. ***Spoiler Alert*** I mean really, a hidden tape recorder that records on a flash drive, but you have to go back to the office to upload it? Wouldn't you build mobile communications into the car if you took the time to install a fax machine?

But I'm willing to suspend reality and forgive breaks from older story lines when it comes to the movies, and just let myself get wrapped up in the spectacle unfolding on the screen. "Green Hornet" is funny, action-packed, well-acted and gadget-filled to make this one of my favorite superhero movies. I'll probably see it again in 3D just for fun. Rated PG-13 for violence and sexual references. Keep the 10 and under kids home. Opens Jan 14, 2011. 9 out of 10.
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So bad its good
Get_Murffd14 January 2011
I went into this movie having read reviews talking about how the movie "couldn't decide" what it wanted to be. And they were Absolutely correct, but i couldn't care less. The Green Hornet is so horribly acted and over the top that it easily fits into the category of "SO BAD ITS GOOD", For fans of slap-stick classics such as "Flash Gordon" or anything by Mel Brooks, this movie is a MUST SEE. There are at least 3 or 4 scenes sprinkled throughout the movie that are meant to be completely sincere and serious. They utterly and gloriously fail. Seth Rogan couldn't decide if he wanted to do Iron Man or Pineapple Express, so he just said "To hell with it" and did both. As i said before, he totally failed to produce any kind of real connection with the characters or make any sense with the story, misfit characters are sporadically flung into the mixture and cheesy unoriginal dialogue runs ram-pit through the film, but this movie is not what it seems to be. It succeeds because of how HORRIBLY it fails. Toss in easily the funniest fight scene ever captured on film and best usage of Coolio's "Gangsters Paradise" in cinema and you've got comedic GOLD. Please go into this movie with absolutely NO expectations and i promise that you will leave satisfied.
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Surprisingly Good
michael_wl7 January 2011
Ever since I heard about "The Green Hornet", I expected a bad movie. It didn't seem like it would work...boy was I wrong. I saw a screening of this recently, and walked in with zero expectations, and walked out having laughed throughout the movie and REALLY enjoyed the action and chemistry between Rogen and Jay Chou. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg did a fantastic job crafting this script, which could have been truly horrible, into a fun ride.

The true star of the movie is Jay Chou, aka Kato. His accent was sometimes hard to interpret, but he was surprisingly funny, and Kato-vision (time slows when his heart starts pumping during fights) turned out pretty cool in 3-D.

Thank goodness Nic Cage walked away from this, and Christoph Waltz came in as the bad guy, because Christoph inhabited the role better than Nic could have. I enjoy Nic Cage, but he wouldn't of worked in this movie, and with that character. Nic Cage would have been too over the top, where as Christoph went a subtle route.

The movie isn't perfect, I didn't feel Cameron Diaz added anything to the movie expect being "the hot girl" to create a rift between guys, but if you're looking for a pure escapist fun ride, then look no further than "The Green Hornet."
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Yes, Surprisingly Good, yes, yes, yes, not awful!
Scott_Mercer30 January 2011
The people who gave this movie a 1 are morons. The first two reviews here on the IMDb that I read savaging this film said that the "movie didn't even have a DC Comics logo at the beginning." Gee, Einstein, could that be because The Green Hornet is NOT a DC Comics character? It was first devised for a radio show that started before DC Comics even existed. If there was a DC Comics version of The Green Hornet, it was clearly licensed from whoever owned rights to the concept. The second review I read said that the only thing good in the movie was "Kato, played by John Cho." YOU IDIOT! Kato was played by Jay Chou, not John Cho! (John Cho is Harold in Harold and Kumar, Professor Hawking.)

If you people reading this are undecided about this filmand you choose to align yourself with people who just fling stupidity like that around, be my guest. But you'll be on the outs with right-thinking people who were able to accept this film as a fun time.

Now, I will grant that Seth Rogen can get a little overbearing at times, much like Vince Vaughn. But he rolls that tendency nicely into his character, since he was one of the screenwriters. You buy him totally as a selfish, lovably annoying (okay, for some people, not so lovably) cad who needs to grow up.

By the end of the film, his character has gone through a lot, learned a lot, and grown up quite a bit. Your main character can't improve if he starts off perfect! You people know nothing about screen writing.

The direction by Michel Gondry is impeccable. About the only complaint I might have is the rapid-fire action can be confusing and overwhelming at times. But I feel this is a fault of all action movies of current vintage, and not to be laid at the feet of Michel Gondry. I don't think anyone can or would find a complaint with the special effects, which are amazing. The 3-D was well utilized and thrilling, and not too obtrusive. It is this type of slick Hollywood action spectacle (not an insult in my book...necessarily) that Imax 3-D does so well.

Even my friend, a self-avowed Seth Rogen hater, said she found this movie to be entertaining, thrilling, and well worth the admission price. She even thought that Seth Rogen was good in this film, both as an actor and a writer.

This film certainly did not have the serious tone of Batman Begins, nor was it as wacked out as something like Mystery Men. But I thought it did strike a nice balance between non-stop thrills and well-constructed laughs. Probably the best superhero flick since Iron Man.
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Cameron Diaz Ditches Shreck For A Radio Tale
DKosty1238 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It is important to recall history when you look at this movie and understand why the script is designed the way it is. The basis of this is actually the old time radio series, not a comic book like other movie series in this genre. Because of this, the script is trying to update the 1940's to 2011. In some ways it does so successfully. My take on the lead characters development: The Green Hornet - Seth Rogan- the writers here decide to make him into Seth Rogan. That way the script can exploit his comedy and sprinkle his usual comedy into the script. So the Hornet is an airhead trying to do comedy. Is this successful - pretty much. He is no where near the radio hero.

Kato - Bruce Lee created an interesting image in their 2 year ABC series. Most of that is scrapped here. What we get instead is a more traditional Kato. While he is still a major martial arts fighter, he is more of a tech-no geek and without him the Hornet is a dreeb. This works too and allows the technological leap from the radio dramas to 2011.

The brains- there is Cameron Diaz as Seth's secretary. Her character makes perfect sense in this context. Kato is too busy to be the brains. The Hornet is too stupid to be the brains. Diaz makes the script work & I readily accept a 39 year old Diaz playing a 36 year old. She pulls off this support role perfectly.

The film is kind of like the radio series on steroids action wise. The first half is dominated by Rogan's comedy and even Kato sneaks in some punchlines. The films two villains, the nasty drug lord and the corrupt politician are pretty much traditional types of crooks the Hornet deals with. The film even manages to pull off the fact that these guys aren't considered good guys.

It is strange, but about 2/3rds of the way through the movie, Rogan actually has a flashback episode that clears up the plot line malaise that the viewer feels in about 5 minutes. Once you see this revealing sequence, you get along with the movie a little better. This sequence is like a flashback on steroids to explain the Hornets father's death.

This is a pleasant mixture of comedy and action which should please Rogan fans and it is pretty successful at bringing fresh life into some characters which date back many years as the last time it was done was in the 1960's and it was not real successful then as only Bruce Lee is remembered from the TV series.
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The Green Express
kingcoyame19 January 2011
Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I Just saw The Green Hornet in 3D......Damn did I felt silly sitting in the theater watching what I vote as the worst movie of the year! The Green Hornet starts off promising in a scene with James Franco and the great Christoph Waltz from Inglorious Basterds 2009 (the last film he was in, And boy what a bad choice!) But The Green Hornet goes downhill real fast after that. Seth Rogan who I like and is a crack up in most movies he is in, single handed kills this movie! I like Superheros to be a bit humorous, but not incredibly annoying! It seems the director of this turkey had no control over Rogan (Playing Britt Reid alias The Green Hornet) goes crazy yelling in scene after scene, obviously improvising most of his lines. This might have worked for Pineapple Express but totally ruins this movie. I was rooting for Kato to kick the Rogan characters ass at any moment or hoping one of the bad guys would shoot him. I think Seth Rogan would have been a better choice as the villain in this movie and Waltz as The Green Hornet or a George Clooney, friggin Brad Pitt or someone like that. The rest of the cast sucks too, An aging Cameron Diaz has nothing to do in this flick, Edward James Olmos looked like he was about to climb out of the screen and hitch a ride home, the Chinese guy who plays Kato mumbles his lines throughout the movie. Shame on these Hollywood bozos! The Writers, Director, and Seth Rogan for destroying a cool comic book and the original sixties TV series that starred Van Williams and the great Bruce Lee. And if Bruce Lee were alive today I think he would have gave Seth Rogan and his Follywood buddies a good ol' Karate kick to the balls! P.S. the 3D sucked too
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"Let's roll, Kato! "
jan_kalina29 January 2011
What or who is the The Green Hornet? A masked vigilante, who fights crime at night alongside his trustful sidekick Kato. This superhero comes from a radio show and a comic book series. He is a something of a grandfather to Batman. Sounds like serious movie, right? Well, it isn't. It's an action comedy starring Seth Rogen. Some may not like this comedian but I have thoroughly enjoyed Pineapple express. I enjoy his style, he seems realistic and I love how excited he gets in movies(especially this one)when he is about to do something crazy because that's how I would be like. Jay Chou shows that maybe he has some comedic timing, that he is very good at martial arts and looks good in slow-motion. He also shows that as an actor he is very wooden. He's got the same expression on his face the whole movie but he isn't that bad actor to downgrade the movie, I actually think he was like that on purpose. Christoph Waltz is the best thing in this movie. Every scene with him is hilarious. He plays the main villain, a gangster, who is being told from various people that he is not scary anymore so he tries to establish himself as a scary mob boss again. Christoph Waltz excellently plays the very goofy villain, I think that it's not the lines, it's the guy what's funny, he makes it funny. If it would be different actor I think the scenes wouldn't be as funny. The always funny and always beautiful Cameron Diaz doesn't really get much screen time here, which is a huge pity. She plays Lenore Case, Britt Reid's new secretary who is unknowingly the mastermind behind the crime fighting duo. There are great cameos by Edward Furlong and a recent Seth Rogen co-star James Franco. Franco's cameo is just brilliant.

The action scenes are great fun to watch, it's nice how they mixed the comedy into them, but they aren't that original but what the hell I will always pay to see cars blowing up and crashing into each other.

I have not seen this in 3-D and I think it wouldn't bring anything new, maybe some action scenes would look cool but that would be it, nothing more. Although it would be worth the money seeing Cameron Diaz in 3-D.

Overall this is very enjoyable fun action movie with some great one-liners from Rogen. Go and watch it, the year 2011 couldn't have started any better than with this movie.
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penname9028 May 2011
Okay, I'm going to get right to the point,this movie was hilarious, entertaining full of some fantastic action. Seth Rogen and Jay Chou...amazing.

One of the main complaints I hear is that some people couldn't understand Jay Chou, and I had no problem what-so-ever understanding him, unless he was speaking in Mandarin, which he randomly does, but I was okay with that because within the context of the film it was understandable.

Essentially, anyone that says this movie is not one of the most hilariously entertaining movies ever made is overly critical and bitter about life. Well, apparently fun isn't for everyone.

Anyway, I watched this movie in theaters, rented it, and will probably buy it, because it's friggin' GOLD.
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Not a Bad Way To Start 2011
aaronjbong4 February 2011
It's still four to five months before "Thor" starts playing and of course, movies that go on theaters before May are not usually super anticipated. However, January's "The Green Hornet", with Seth Rogen and international pop star Jay Chou is is one good, action movie. Action? Yes. Comedy? Yes. Worth to watch? Hell yeah!

First, "The Green Hornet" is about this one guy named Britt Reid (Rogen) who is the son of the boss of a large company that runs newspapers. One day, while Britt is still having fun with his girls, his dad's name James Reid rolls on TV with the years "1948 - 2010". He's dead in the age of 62. Britt becomes the leader and meets Kato (Chou), his father's assistant who's talented in martial arts, making coffee but not in swimming. Together, they fight crime in several unexpected and silly ways against Chudnofsky aka Bloodnofsky (Waltz).

The trailer, with Jay Chou speaking English, cool cars, Britt knocking himself out and others is quite interesting. Especially when it's in 3D. The pictures themselves look exciting and with idiotic Britt Reid, it seems like it's not a bad movie.

The action. Yes, you will definitely enjoy this movie. Britt's fighting will give laughs that will make you howl like wolves and Kato's martial arts skills will leave audiences breathless. It's definitely going to make this movie likable and I'm sure you'll love the action scenes with the explosions. Oh yes, and blood.

The comedy. I know it seldom appears but when it appears, it's going to make you laugh your head off. Such as Chudnofsky being said not scary and later scaring whoever said it. Or because Britt knocked himself out with his Gas Gun.

The 3D. This was weak. There were no eye-popping effects, just depths because as I sometimes take off my glasses to compare the movie in 2D and 3D. 3D works perfectly fine without the glasses, not blurry at all, very inconspicuous. So, I recommend 2D better.

Overall, "The Green Hornet" is not a bad movie. It's not a waste of time and it's possibly a good way to start out the 2011 movie season.

Thank you for reading and hope this review is useful.
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Why? Someone tell me WHY???
NYCBound00115 January 2011
Whoever allowed Seth Rogen to make this joke of a movie should be fired, then shot, then fired again. This film, filled with crass "humor", foul language, horrific acting and character assassination is a serious blight on "The Green Hornet" franchise, one of DC's best character properties. Why was Seth Rogen, one of the world's most pointless & idiotic human beings, able to make a mockery of a project that should be filled with class, intelligence and integrity? Not even the usually remarkable actor Tom Wilkinson can save this drivel.

Any fan of "The Green Hornet", please note: you will not like this film. In fact, I venture to say you will likely HATE this film. It is nothing like The Green Hornet. It is nothing like the comic book you've come to love and nothing like the TV show you remember with fondness. I'd be willing to bet that Van Williams (the original actor who played Britt Reid) is disgusted by what this film has done to the reputation of the character he so lovingly portrayed. And Bruce Lee (rest his soul) would no doubt be appalled by what Rogan did to Kato (Britt & Kato FIGHTING? WTF?). I hate to say this (in fact I rarely, if ever, do): The critics are right about this one. The only good part of this movie is when you see the end credits rolling. If I could give it negative stars I would.

Film fans, please, I implore you, don't give this film your money. Save your hard earned green backs for "Thor", "Green Lantern" and "Captain America", all coming out this year.
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