"Tiny Toon Adventures" The Wacko World of Sports (TV Episode 1990) Poster

Danny Cooksey: Montana Max


  • Babs Bunny : [as Bunny Wa-Wa]  Hewo. This is Bunny Wa-wa with Montana Max, up close and...

    [Babs leaps into Monty's arms and kisses him on the lips] 

    Babs Bunny : ...personal.

    Montana Max : [as he sits Babs down on the court]  Cut it out!

    [Monty exits] 

    Babs Bunny : [as Bunny Wa-Wa; who catches up to Monty]  Tell me, Monty. Why have you only invited weally wously wimpy wathletes?

    Montana Max : Vewy simple, Miss Wa-Wa. I WANNA WIN!

    [Monty shouts so loud it sends Babs flying towards the bleachers] 

    Babs Bunny : That expwains why the premier tennis player in Acme Acres has been weft outta this match.

    Montana Max : He wasn't left out.


    Montana Max : Oh, ball boy!

    [cut to Buster standing on the other side of the net who catches a ball Max threw] 

    Buster Bunny : [to the audience]  Eh, it's a living.

    [Buster is bombarded with tennis balls; he pops out unharmed] 

    Buster Bunny : [annoyed]  This is the last time I do a cartoon without reading the script first!

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