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Funny as ever
foolishsker9 September 2007
OK so you have this girl, Carly, living with her artistic brother Spencer. Carly has a best friend named Sam, when they are forced into doing their schools auditions for the talent show they see that a lot of their class mates have awesome talents. So long story short they start up some webisodes called "iCarly" were they host many wonderful and yet random talented people. This is all done with the help of Carly's annoying neighbor, Freddie, who also has a crush on Carly.

Anyway the show is a hit that is watched by thousands of people. Personally though, I think that Jerry Trainor that plays Spencer steels the show. His random lines and insane attitude makes me crack up so much. For instance in the first episode Carly asks him to lend her his camera but he can't because he made it into a squirrel.

Overall it's fun and cool and I recommend it to everyone,
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My daughter loves this show....and okay, iDo too.
sirguitarist11 May 2008
There is not a lot out there that a guy my age can watch with his 11 year old daughter. Most of prime time network TV is way too adult themed to feel good about letting her watch, and many of the kid shows are just too annoying for my tastes. Along comes iCarly, a show my daughter and I have watched from the beginning. The show is definitely aimed at kids, but there are enough funny moments (often provided by Spencer, played by Jerry Trainor) to keep me interested as well. All of the four main characters (Carly, Sam, Freddy and Spencer) are likable and have good chemistry. You get the feeling that they like each other off the set as well. As the first season is coming to an end, I can only hope they'll continue making more. I recommend this for any Dad (who has a sense of humor and still knows how to be a kid once in a while) to watch with his kid(s).
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Repugnant drivel that would stink up a landfill.
thermatoga19 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show is based on the concept that loud + obnoxious + repetition = funny. The comedic writing is non-existent, in fact I face serious repercussions by even comparing it to entertainment of any sort. Here is the premise. Two girls accidentally get their shenanigans posted on the internet and hilarity ensues after their initial success, they contrive the idea that they should make a web-cast to showcase their brilliance.

OK, so where should I begin? Let's start with the laugh track, the oft used but never successful reminder that, we the viewing audience should laugh. According to the foley guys, this show is the funniest thing on the planet. We should all be dropping loads into our pants because of the brilliance of the humor placed before us. The laugh track seriously goes every few seconds. It quite possibly usurps Scooby-doo for the king of laugh track over-use.

Then the in-your-face-shout-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-the-craziest-grouping-of- words-to-seem-silly trick is also employed with little to no success. Whoa and let's not forget creating new words to sound funny trick. That is web-o-licious and poop-tastic? What the hell...

Finally, the acting. I can't entirely complain here. The actors are young and inexperienced, but this should and can be corrected by good professional help. Because of the inexperience nick should be helping the actors define their craft. Instead, in usual nick fashion, the actors are placed in front of the camera and told "act". Which for the most part is robotic recitation of lines, missed timing and overall epic fail.

The lack of anything in this show makes it a disgusting representation of how not to be funny. Don't waste your time. This show is debasing to all of humanity
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thadiusmain4 August 2008
I love it! It's absolutely brilliant. Relaxing, light hearted, happy, a real feel-good show. The acting is very good. All characters are identifiable, real, and very engrossing. Miranda Cosgrove does a star performance as Carly Shay, the 13 year old girl who hosts the web show. The character is a pinnacle of a happy person. Her friends are just as interesting and well played, especially Sam, possibly the most interesting character on the show. The themes are usually happy and positive, and it sends good messages about life in general. If anyone needed something to take their minds off their problems or to relax or take a break, this is an excellent show that will make anyone laugh. It is definitely comedic, in a very well designed way. Characters are usually funny for what they do or who they are, not because of scripted lines or jokes. The whole mood of the episodes are nice and funny, and like any good piece of art, it is propelled by the characters. If anyone ever wants to calm down, relax, and watch a little light hearted TV, this is the show. I recommend it to anyone interested in relaxation.
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Quality tween programming!
flickhead30 January 2008
Nik have a bonafide hit on their hands with this charming vehicle for the talents of star Miranda Cosgrove (formerly a supporting cast member and frequent scene-stealer on Drake & Josh). Created by former Head of the Class alumni, Dan Schneider, iCarly follows the adventures of a Seattle teen and her friends under the supervision of her unconventional older brother while her father is deployed abroad in military service. The cast is wonderful. Schneider has taken his knack for discovering young talent to new heights with this gifted ensemble whose singular and collective abilities frequently rise above the material -which is pretty good to begin with. As with previous discovery Amanda Bynes, Miranda Cosgrove exhibits tremendous skill and good comic timing coupled with honest-to-goodness likability. The same can be said of co-stars Nathan Kress, Jeanette McCurdy and Jerry Trainor who perfect a balance of silliness and earnestness without crossing into ridiculous or unbelievable territory. None of them oversell a bit or mug camera like in certain other Nik or Disney shows. With writing that is far from juvenile while still appealing to a young audience, iCarly is quite enjoyable and proves that youth programming doesn't have to pander to the lowest common denominator to attract an audience. Good, solid programming.
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ryanshepard9225 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It seems that Nickelodeon has chosen to copy Disney and make a bunch of preppy "sitcoms" to make kids feel like they're watching "grown-up shows" like Seinfeld or Friends. Watching a single episode of this show will quickly prove otherwise.

As usual, the concept of the show is actually pretty good, but the delivery is just god-awful. It's all about a girl and her friends making a webshow. Something almost always goes wrong and threatens to cancel the webshow. Carly and her friends must band together to keep it running. All with a healthy dose of humor. So, what could possibly go wrong with such a great concept? Surprisingly, a lot.

There is no humor in this show. At all. Sure, there may have been a time or two where I chuckled a bit, but that is the height of this show's comedic genius. They don't use a live audience and for good reason. You couldn't pay people to laugh at this. But for some reason, the guy who's in charge of the "canned laughter" button seems to get some kind of sexual thrill from pressing it over and over and over again. Literally, after every single sentence, the laugh track is played. The jokes ARE NOT FUNNY! Sam's "prison" escapade jokes are not funny. Spencer setting things on fire is not funny. Carly and Spencer's strange way of talking to each other is not funny. Saying "no chiz" is NOT funny. And the webshow. Oh, the WEBSHOW! I will tell my grandkids horror stories about that god-awful, satanic webshow.

Others have already commented about the "cheapness" of the show and I have to wholeheartedly agree. I could spend $50 making a movie and still make it look better than this. First, like Disney, they use maybe 2-3 sets for the entire duration of the show. But when they have to make a new one, God forbid they actually use some of that multi-million dollar budget to make a decent set. It looks like something straight out of an elementary school play. Just terrible.

I won't criticize the acting too much since they're just kids and I probably couldn't do much better. But when the adults act just as bad, you know something's wrong. I actually don't blame the actors themselves. It's the convoluted scenarios they force the actors to portray. All I know is, they better be paying these actors truckloads, because they essentially lose all of their acting credentials just from being associated with this show.

Lastly, the webshow. It is the worst thing that has ever happened to children's entertainment. Period. Sitting through one of these is like sitting through 10 Fred videos. (Incidentally, there was an episode when Fred appeared on the show. For the sake of my sanity and yours, I will not mention details of it here.) Apparently, SOMEONE on the production team thought this was a good idea and NOBODY bothered to criticize him. If there was any doubt as to the childishness of this show, watching one of these will remove all doubt. A 5-year-old would cringe at it.

Nick, what have you become? You used to have great cartoons. But now that you have become a Disney clone, I have no choice but to vent and make this review about how stupid you are. Burn in hell!
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If you enjoy skydiving without gear, this is your show!
soodynem19 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I... No words. No words can describe this. I will try for the sake of those few brave people who stick knives into their toasters... after watching this show.

This... Cosgrove person... Her acting is like watching a female gorilla dance upon the nest of highly agitated insects. Perhaps I exaggerate. However, I have a feeling that the description fits a regular day of writing this show.

The characters in this repulsive pile of raw sewage are as useless as a small piece of space rock that flies into the sun on any day of the week. Though heart attacks have not been experienced while watching them act like fools on the cheaply built sets, I have no doubt that it will happen eventually.

The main plot of this *belches loudly into the faces of the actors* is that of a foolish girl who hosts a live weekly web-cast on the creatively titled iCarly.com with her brainless friends, one of which owns equipment that the producers of this show probably couldn't afford. Her legal guardian is some kind of moron who is apparently her older brother.

I haven't watched all of this show for fear of developing cancer, or perhaps a cold, but some of the plot points I have seen involve the brother getting stuck in an elevator, the doorman of the apartment almost dieing, and the world's fattest priest coming for a visit. No, really.

Avoid this if you are over the age of unborn or if you have a history of joining mysterious cults due to mental trauma. If you do decide to watch it, laugh when the laugh-track tells you to, as this will drown out the repetitive noise that will eventually put you in a coma if you listen to it for too long.

The show receives a one star rating because the IMDb inexplicably has not adopted the use of negative numbers.
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Is this a Joke?
fancyjackson20 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If you think Hannah Montana or the Suite Life are at the bottom of tween sitcoms then you've obviously never watched iCarly. iCarly is without a doubt the worst show I've ever seen. From the lifeless acting to the low budget sets the show reeks of cheapness like last week's Chinese takeout left to simmer in your overheated car.

The show revolves around a pretty, perky, and "supposed to be" funny girl named Carly, as she and her friends make a live web show called iCarly. Carly lives alone with her older brother who seriously needs some counseling or something, because he's a few cells short of a brain.

The plots of the shows are highly ludicrous and unbearably annoying. But having to watch Carly and her friend, Sam, do their little iCarly show-within-in-a-show is even worse. They basically show weird pictures and stick things up their nose as the laugh-track plays over and over. I mean seriously, every two seconds the laugh track seems to come on for no reason.

So, what's the point of this review? you may ask. Just to ridicule iCarly? Well, yeah, but I'm also warning you to beware of this show. Because seriously, if I had to choose between watching iCarly and Barney? No questions about it, I'd choose Barney.
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iWon't lie: I think it's a cute kids' show, even if uHate puns like this title.
Ddey6524 August 2008
It seems like with everything Dan Schneider has produced, semi-spin-offs are inevitable. It certainly would seem that way with every kids' show he has produced. Amanda Bynes became such a force on "All That," she got her own variety show, which she was much better than. Former All That & Amanda Show cast-members Drake Bell & Josh Peck got a show of their own, and now Miranda Cosgrove, who played Drake's little sister on that one gets her own show here.

Cosgrove plays as Carly Shay, a teenage girl from Seattle who's the host of her own internet site and show. Her co-host and best friend is Samantha Puckett, a girl played by Jennette McCurdy, and my memories of Miss McCurdy are from an exceptionally heart-breaking episode of "Law & Order; Special Victims Unit." Fortunatley, she gets to co-star in something much less heavy-handed. Not to say that the character she plays on this series is anything like that one guest appearance. She's an allegedly tomboy-ish, obnoxious girl who's hostile to a fault, always gets in trouble at school, and apparently has a drunken, mentally-ill mother who we see as often as Dr. Niles Crane's wife in "Fraiser."

The only boy on her show is their technical producer and cameraman Freddie Benson(Nathan Kress), a boy in Carly's class who lives in an apartment across the hall from her and has an unshakable crush on her. Carly has made it clear that she doesn't feel the same way, something he's painfully aware of. Sam thinks even less of him, since he's a frequent target of her insults. Carly gets to do what she does, because she lives with her brother Spencer, a 20-something avant-garde artist played by Jerry Trainor. Trainor is another veteran of "Schneider's Bakery," being known for his role as Crazy Steve in "Drake & Josh." It helps to try to think of him as a rational version of Kramer from "Seinfeld."

You wouldn't think that a TV show about a webcast would be interesting, but it is. If I tried to make a webshow, it would either bore the crap out of you, or annoy you to no end. In all honesty I'm as bad of a public speaker as President Bush. In any case, this show revolves around the lives of Carly & Sam and how they integrate it with the webshow, and how real life sometimes gets in the way and vice-versa. Speaking of real-life, it actually has real-live kids making their own webcasts for the show, although I'm convinced a lot of the kids are obscure kid actors. Good or bad, these videos tend to end up on the show, as well as Nickeodeon's website. And yes, you have some that are amusing and some that are annoying(your tastes may vary). These completely mental misadventures of Carly, Sam, and Freddie are hardly groundbreaking, but enjoyable nevertheless. If you don't have an aversion to kids' sitcoms, perhaps you should give it a try.
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Horrible show with bad messages
trixie-k-8830 April 2012
This show is awful on so many levels it's hard to begin. I almost never see a show, particularly children's show, that I think is so painfully bad and damaging that I think it should be ripped off the air.

iCarly is about a teenaged girl named Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who lives with her dopey big brother Spencer (Jerry Trainor) in a lavishly furnished loft. Carly and her friends Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) have an online show that has made them into celebrities. The three of them have a comedy webcast and often create trends, feature real world celebrities, and even invent holidays.

I hate this show. I honestly don't think I have ever thought a show for children had messages as bad as this. After saying that, I must add I am not one to complain about children being exposed sex and violence or about how "morally bankrupt" shows are. (Family Guy and South Park are two of my favorites!). But this show is mean, judgmental, shallow, marginalizing, stupid, and plain NOT funny. The lead Carly is a stereotypical popular girl obsessed with herself, fame, and boys. These qualities are supposed to be endearing or likable, but they come across as obnoxious and shallow. Spencer is so inept at everything. I find his character confusing, because he seems to replace the role of an inept, stupid parent often included in other popular "tween" shows on Disney or Nick. But I have never seen Spencer act as a parent or do anything guardian-like, even though he is technically Carly's guardian. Either way, his stupidity is hyperbolized to an eye-rolling degree and he often shouts his lines. Sam is by far the worst character. She is a bully, engages in cruel pranks, and says horrible things to others. What's worse is that her very noticeable meanness is depicted as hilarious. Her lack of caring or remorse is also depicted as funny and cool. Basically, this show is condoning and almost encouraging bullying and mean behavior. Almost every single episode I have seen involves at least one instance of the stars making fun of, excluding or hurting someone because of their looks, weight, intelligence, popularity or more. This show definitely makes it clear that anyone "different" can and should be verbally (and sometimes physically) torn apart and kept as far away from the "cool" kids as possible. Freddie is actually the only character I find somewhat likable, as he is rather harmless. This probably has to do with the fact he is usually the butt of Sam and Carly's jokes and ends up humiliated or hurt.

Then of course, there are some sexual innuendos, jokes, or the fact sometimes Sam and Carly are in scantily clad clothes. Now I hate the sexualization of children as much as the next person, but I believe many sexual innuendos fly over kids' heads. What I find more damaging to kids is not necessarily the exposure to sex, but the damage to their self-image that shows like this imply. There is one episode where a 14 year old Freddie is humiliated and teased because he's never been kissed. Now what message does that send to kids? That you need to make sure you get kissed around age 11-13 because EVERYONE ELSE is! That does a hell of a lot more damage than a young girl in a bikini—something kids normally see at the beach anyway. The kids on iCarly really live more like college kids rather than kids in middle/high school. It's common for kids on TV to act older than they are, but they usually still go to school and go home to parents. There is little to no mention of parents in this show, and Carly has absolutely no adult guidance in her life. Even when Freddie's mom has appeared she is depicted as overbearing, embarrassing, and treats him like a toddler. I have never seen a show that was so devoid of adults, and this further enforces the young viewer's idea (that most kids have) that they could live perfectly fine without parents because they know everything! Social implications aside, this show sucks. It's not funny, the jokes are stupid even by kid standards, and they overuse the laugh track so much it sometimes cuts into the actors' lines. ICarly has no redeeming qualities, and you're much better off having your kids watch some of the dozens of other dumb (but less damaging) shows out there.
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dino_cale1628 October 2007
iCarly captures a not-so-common life of a pre-teen girl perfectly. A smart, witty, funny girl and her best friend Sam have cool life having an awesome hobby (a TV Show), a spacious condo or apartment and her guardian is her 26 year old brother. It is one of those few shows where it's centered around a teenage girl, but guys can relate to it really well especially with the eccentric Spencer and the adorable yet sometimes annoying Freddy. I like iCarly mainly because I am a sucker for 21st century sitcoms and dramas like Drake and Josh and sometimes Zoey 101. Some of them may be girly but I love watching how kids/teens act with everyday things encountering their life. iCarly has a well rounded personality making this the best Nick sitcom in my view.
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iCarly is hilarious
junkmailstuff4565 November 2012
Such a great show! iCarly may be stupid, pointless, and unrealistic... but it gives you a good laugh!!! I have to admit, some of the characters are very stupid, but they're funny, which is what counts! Spencer is goofy, and exactly what you'd want in an older brother. Freddie is cute and techie. Carly is a goody goody, but she's a good character. Sam is funny, but violent and mean. T-Bo is hilarious... And Gibby... Gibby... Well Gibby's just Gibby. This show is very unique, and original. Most Disney shows are just the same concept over and over, but Nickelodeon is good at coming up with good, new ideas. I really like this show, and when it ends, I'll be very sad :(
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iHeart "iCarly"
dee.reid3 July 2009
"iCarly" is not a bad show in the least. It's about a teenage girl in Seattle named Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) who hosts her own live Internet web-show with her tomboy-ish best friend Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and producer/cameraman Freddie (Nathan Kress). Carly also lives with her sculptor older brother/legal guardian Spencer (Jerry Trainor).

This is a very funny kids show (that will certainly turn away many adults not accustomed to this type of humor), much better than much of the crap being produced by Nickelodeon nowadays. I stopped watching Nick altogether about 11 years ago, because it removed many of the last of its greatest shows ("Aahh! Real Monsters" will be the most missed from that time) and replaced them with complete crap like "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Fairly OddParents"; the same thing began to happen to Cartoon Network and likewise, I stopped watching that channel as well.

I'm 23. Right now, "iCarly" is the best thing that Nickelodeon has to offer in terms of good old-fashioned children's entertainment, for those of us young adults who still have a stomach for children's entertainment. After the conclusion of "Avatar: The Last Airbender," a fantastic pseudo-Anime'-style cartoon series that was nothing short of pure genius, "iCarly" is the next best thing on Nickelodeon right now, and that's a good thing.

"iCarly" is cute, innocent, funny, well-acted and above all, entertaining in a way many children's shows just aren't anymore.

I just hope that Nick doesn't get any funny ideas and decide to cancel this show before it's had a proper run on their station.

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Painfully bad Warning: Spoilers
Words are not enough to express my hatred by this stupid, insufferable show...What happened with the good shows of Nickelodeon, like "Clarissa explains it all" or "Pete & Pete"? This shows is not only stupid and unfunny, but also incredible annoying as well, filled with inappropriate humor and unlikeable characters. All the characters of this show are annoying and irritating, and all behave like morons. The worst part of it is that none of them is funny or interesting at, all, their idiocy is only annoying and repetitive.

Nickelodeon is getting worse and worse with the years, with horrible shows as "Drake & Josh", "The Naked Brothers Band" and this. "ICarly" must be one of the worst programs ever made.

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... Why bother!!!?
KCspur924 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Look, I've practically lost all hope in Nickelodeon after watching their newest "hit," The Naked Brothers Band show, and "ICarly" is no exception! If you haven't noticed, ICarly is now the #1 hit tween sitcom on television right now! After hearing this, I decided to watch a few episodes myself to see what the hype was about! I have one word to describe this show in general..."EFFORTLESS!!!" I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT DAN SCHNEIDER WOULD GO THIS LOW AND MAKE SOMETHING THIS CRAPPY!!! IT'S HORRIBLE!!! Let me give you the details...

The ICarly cast starts out with a girl by the name of Carly Shay, played by Miranda Cosgrove! Carly, unfortunately throughout the episodes, doesn't really have a personality so to speak of! I guess she's supposed to be the average girl in the show!(because a LOT of people have an Army veteran for a dad, an artist for a brother, and a popular teen web show taped and produced with thousands of dollars of equipment!) and to say the most about Miranda, HER ACTING IS PATHETIC!!! She sounds like a 3 year old girl with Tourette's syndrome on a sugar-high half the time!

Next, we have Sam Puckett(good GOD where do they get these names!?) played by Jennette McCurdy! Sam is the "CO-HOST" of Carly's web show!(Wait a minute, if Sam hosts the show with Carly, shouldn't the show be called "ICarly and Sam?" I bet Sam feels like she's been ripped off!)Sam is supposed to be the bully in the cast!(Yeah, because EVERY girl bully wears girly skin-tight shirts and pants with blonde hair extentions!) She also, I think, is supposed to be a Tomboy, too. I would find this a little funny, but it's her Cliché PUNS THAT RUIN IT!!! The "Give me a bucket of fried chicken" pun is overused WAY TOO MUCH!!! GIVE THIS GIRL A SCRIPT!!!! and GIVE HER A COFFEE because, don't get me wrong Jennette's acting is okay, but, throughout half the episodes, she looks like she's about ready to fall asleep!!!

Next we have Freddie Benson, played by Nathan Kress. Freddie is the technical producer for Carly and Sam's show! There's not much to say about Freddie other than the fact that he's a techno geek and has a crush on Carly, which never works out! HERE WE GO AGAIN WITH THE Clichés!!! DOES IT NOT STOP!!!? Nathan's acting is also okay, but seems to get excessive sometimes! HE'S TOO BORING!!!

Lastly, and my most favorite, we have Spencer Shay, played by Jerry Trainor! Let me make this perfectly clear; IF IT WEREN'T FOR HIM, THIS DIRT CLUSTER OF A SHOW WOULD BE MUD!!! Spencer is the one who keeps the show alive! Spencer is the older brother of Carly! If you had a little 5 year old who was both on a Caffeine high and constipated, you would have this character summed up! Spencer also earns money from being an artist!(hmmm... I wonder...) You would think that a professional artist would make promising sculptures... yeah, I just love sarcasm! HIS ART IS PRETTY MUCH UTTER CRAP!!!! I mean, what kind of sculpture name is "MERRY SNIFFMUS!!?" WHAT!!? THAT'S ABOUT AS MUCH CREATIVITY AS A HILLARY CLINTON SPEECH ON DRUGS!!!! IT'S STUPID!!!!

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iCarly a Hit and Jerry Trainor a Star
ajhunt130 September 2007
iCarly has a very neat concept and I believe it will prove to be a huge success. And yes, Jerry Trainor, the actor that plays Spencer does steal the light in some of the episodes, but what did you expect from the man that brought you Crazy Steve from Drake & Josh? I like the other actors: Miranda Cosgrove is a proved talent and Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress have their moments. It is a good cast for this type of show. The huge viewer response coupled with iCarly fan sites already springing up would seem to mean that this show has some legs to it! I look for Jerry to have more parts in the upcoming show.
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Every little kid's fantasy
darkrecluse6 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I won't say the show is all bad, because there are some funny parts, like Spencer, and a few random incidents. But other than that, let's face it, it's just another dry sitcom that kids are buying into.

Miranda Cosgrove was cute and funny as Megan on Drake and Josh. Honestly, she is mediocre in ICarly and is just not as funny as she tries to be. The actress who plays Sam seems to be half-asleep most of the time, and her antics are so clichéd that I would think of them. They're not funny, just annoying. And Freddie is okay, but not that interesting.

Of course, the situations are unrealistic, but it's not all bad. Some are bothersome, though. Here are a few:

1. The girls are 14, and have a web show that gives away too much personal information, with a weekly audience of 27,000(WTF), with little to no advertising, and they can still go on about their lives not being attacked by crazy people

2.Their web show gets too much praise ($100,000 yearly to advertise sneakers, a free trip to Japan, Plain White Ts performance, and so on). Honestly, anyone over the age of 6 would not find their "comedy" entertaining.

3. How is it that they are so "average", yet they own a three story loft, Spencer does hardly anything and can still afford many basic luxuries, and they have all the equipment for a web show? 4. All of the adults are idiots. ALL OF THEM.

5. No 5 foot high girl, no matter how obnoxious and tenacious, can take down trained cops, unless she's muscular. Sam is skinny and petite.

6. No one can fall down 9 stories in an elevator and live.

7. Kids can handle finding out about criminals better than cops.

The show is stupid. Really, it seems harmless, but making kids think that they can be obnoxious to their elders, live alone in Seattle when they're only 14 with an irresponsible moron, and give out personal information is just wrong.

I'm disappointed to say that my cousin, who is 3, enjoys the show. What happened to the cartoons when I was her age?
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actormichaelo30 March 2008
Even though I'm a fan of good ol' 90's Nick i love things like iCarly and Drake & Josk and Zoey 101.

iCarly tells the story of three friends who create there own website were they have a live show every week and people can view.

It's a great thing for kids to loose there imagination in and is very funny. The jokes are actually funny and not patronising to children, and i think that is a refreshing change.

I love the episode called 'iNevel'. The kid that plays Nevel is very funny.

Miranda Cosgrove gives another fantastic performance and has excellent comic timing.

I also love the recurring characters! Very Funny!
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Not another Tween sitcom!
applover198928 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
iCarly is about a teenage girl named Carly Shay (Miranda Cosgrove) who lives with her artist brother, Spencer in a loft in Seattle. Carly has a web show that gets millions of views and makes tons of money a year, so much money she "doesn't even know its a real number". Her best friend is Sam (Janette McCrudy) who's as predictable as they come! She says "normal" things and beats up Carly's neighbor, Freddie who is in charge of all the technical things for their web show. Carly shouts every word and looks like she doesn't have emotion. Sam chases Freddie around and Freddie screams. In one episode Carly and her friends shoot Lewbert (the doorman) down in elevator and he survives.

I would not recommend this at all, unless you like teenagers shouting, hurting people and making fun of stuff.
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My top favorite show
lukeawilliams8 September 2019
I Carly is my top favorite show. I have been watching I Carly for years and years. It is so funny. Can't stop watching it.
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I love it
dtb-671858 June 2019
I'm going to keep this review short because anything I say about this show has been said before.it was ahead of its time being about online videos before YouTube was a thing.Miranda Cosgrove does great as Carly.the frenemy thing between Sam and Freddie is hilarious.i really like Spencer because as someone who likes to draw I never really see artists on tv shows.iCarly is one of the best Nickelodeon shows ever.
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J'aime beaucoup
lauravp-2314227 March 2019
C'est vraiment une série en or ! J'ai testé les spaghettis tacos et c'est très bon !
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ryanc112914 September 2018
This is one of best Nick sitcom that I ever see. Love the chemistry between the cast. Also, I believe that this would be one of the shows should come back to life
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iCarly is one hilarious show!
TorontoLiver20 October 2009
I started off not really liking iCarly. I thought it was going to be another corny kids' show. But man, was I wrong. This show is great! One night I was looking for something to watch, found nothing I liked, so I watched iCarly, and now I'm hooked! It's actually a pretty good show.

This show takes place in Seattle. Carly Shay is your typical teenage girl, sassy, smart, funny and beautiful. Carly is a kind-hearted girl who sees the good in people. She is the protagonist in iCarly, and does a great job! Sam Puckett is Carly's best friend, and she is totally the opposite of Carly. Unlike Carly, she's a total bully, she does bad in school. She is an extremely funny character, and likes to make sarcastic remarks whenever she can. And then there's Freddie Benson, Carly and Sam's friend... well, Carly's anyway. Freddie is the technical producer of iCarly and takes great pride in his job. He is completely obsessed with electronics, which irritates Sam. Sam and Freddie have a terrible friendship. She likes to bully and harass him a lot, and always has something nasty to say. She causes him physical and emotional pain, in which Freddie and Carly are getting extremely sick of. But deep down, she does care about him and would probably kill someone who tried ho hurt him. Oh, and who could forget Spencer? He's Carly's older brother who's also her legal guardian. Her dad's in the navy, and her mom is never heard of. I find that weird. Spencer's tall (6' 2") and he secretly loves Canada. One time Spencer fell asleep on a bus, and woke up in Vancouver! The man's hilarious, but extremely immature. In one episode, Spencer and Carly's grandfather claimed Spencer wasn't good enough to take care of Carly. But Spencer proves him wrong. Generous Granddad decides to let Carly stay with Spencer. Other characters are Francine Briggs, a mean teacher at Ridgeway, which is Carly, Sam, and Freddie's school. She's very vicious to every kid no matter what they do or say. Another is an extremely smart kid named Nevel Papperman who despises Carly and her friends and tries to mess with iCarly whenever he can for no reason. Then there's Gibby, a kid in Carly's class who's an idiot, and often takes his shirt off for no reason. He's one of the show's best.

This show is pretty cool. Some people won't appreciate its humour and I can see why, but I do. I liked the jokes. Give iCarly a try sometime. Even if you don't like these shows, you'll likely change your mind when you see iCarly. Clever show!
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Dan, you did a great job!
alifakmal29 September 2010
i've been a big fan of Zoey 101 and Drake and Josh. Then, when i watched Drake and Josh, i was like OH MY GOD! Miranda Cosgrove can really act! i was shocked. i was thinking that Miranda Csogrove should have her on show after Drake and Josh. yes, Dan made my dream came true. I've been a fan of Miranda Cosgrove since she act as Meaghan on Drake and Josh.

iCarly is a good show unlike other Disney show like sonny with a chance. Miranda Cosgrove is a good actress and singer as well. she suits to play any role that is given to her. for example as i said Meaghan. Jennette McCurdy can play the character Sam well! and also, Nathan Kress. Jerry Trainor and Noah Munk is the funniest among the other. not that i say the other isn't funny.

10 stars to DAN! thank you for making a dream came true!
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