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Sex & Nudity

  • Mild sexual innuendos occasionally. Mild flirting among teens, and one boy relentlessly pursues his female crush. Girls refer to boys as "hot" and "sexy".
  • References to "hooking up".
  • The teenagers (start 13, end 18) hit puberty within the seasons. It is said once in one episode.
  • Two girls make fun of their teacher's "big pointy boobs".
  • In on episode, Carly refers to two squirrels as "wrestling," and Freddie states, "They're not wrestling." In the same episode Spencer said "Two college kids saw a raccoon and a beaver socializing by a river." He puts "socializing" in air quotes as if to say the were having sex.
  • In the episode, iWasAPageantGirl, Sam tries to give Carly her mother's fake boobs, and Carly yells, "It's not a boobie pageant!" In many episodes Carly, Sam, and other characters say they're going to a store called Build a Bra.
  • Many talks about butts and boobs.
  • Characters kiss.
  • In one episode the word "hobnocker" is used lots of times for a Nickelodeon show. the meaning of the word varies from people having sex in public restrooms to men that slap people with their private parts.
  • Gibby is seen throughout the show taking his shirt off.

Violence & Gore

  • A scene where Freddy gets into a fight. He is punched onscreen and we see blood spray out of his nose onto a window. He is then thrown into a desk before Spencer stops the man. We see blood on the window throughout the scene and Freddy ends up with a black eye, blood dripping from his mouth and lots of blood under his nose. This is the most violent scene in the show.
  • Mild comical violence at times. Some pushing and shoving among students. Sam is always hurting and insulting Freddie in episodes. She usually punches him, kicks him, and slaps him.
  • The episode iFight Shelby Marx might seem violent (Carly has to fight another girl "for fun"). We see Shelby fighting Carly and another girl, but the violence isn't very realistic.
  • In a few episodes, Chuck slaps and hurts Spencer.
  • In some episodes Sam electrocutes people with a shock pen making them faint.
  • The episode iGet Pranky is about Spencer pulling pranks (some mean, but not major). Once, he used some garlic powder to fall on all the kids in his school when he was a teenager and it burned their eyes.


  • 'Oh my God is frequently used
  • Mild name calling such as stupid, idiot and moron.
  • Some uses of 'damnination' and 'turd'.
  • chiz is used a lot in the later seasons.
  • One 'crap'
  • 1 use of b*tch, 45 uses of oh my god, 2 uses of damnit, one use of "ah hell!"
  • Spencer almost say shit in one episode when he was stuck in a simulator, but Carly turns the speakers off.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Sam says her aunt is a smoker in the Fred episode
  • In the episode "iLost my Mind", a mental patient asks for likely illegal substances. In a few episodes, Chuck sprays Spencer with "Unknown Liquids". Although it was most likely urine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Season 1 Episode : iScream on Halloween might scare very young kids.
  • One episode has a robber called the ShadowHammer who tries to get Freddie for turning him in. This might be frightening to very young kids.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one episode Gibby and another girl get in a physical fight and Gibby gets a bloody nose, he then slams the girl into the wall and wins the fight

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