"Black Lagoon" The Black Lagoon (TV Episode 2006) Poster

(TV Series)


Daisuke Namikawa: Rock


  • [first lines] 

    Rock : This is a businessman's town. I snuck in somehow by graduating from a state college. I get my ass kicked by my superiors. But you yearn to be like that just to get by in this place, this city of winter where I live. But all that seems far away. All that's in front of me is the azure of the East China Sea, the clamoring wind, and...

    Rock : [gets punched in the mouth by Dutch] 

  • Dutch : Ok, Gentlemen! We go and we leave you free. But I recommend that none of you follow us. That thing over there is a torpedo launcher. If you don't want blow up, you better don't move in the next half hour, then you will be free.

    Rock : [Relieved]  We're saved.

    Revy : [Pointing her gun to his head]  So. why do you relax? You're coming with us, scum.

    Rock : [Nervous]  you're kidding... you're kidding, right?

    Revy : Shut up and walk.

  • Rock : [voice-over]  I wonder if that is the Stockholm syndrome, is like this big man were the only person on the whole world whom I can trust.

  • Revy : [hands him a glass of rum completely filled]  If you were a man, you'd drink Rum. but... you're just a shit who even can't challenge a woman... I will not force you, but, I will make you wear a skirt ,some pigtails and take you to a Dance Party.

    Rock : I hate Noblemen! but...

    [drinks the entire glass of rum from a single sip] 

    Rock : In business dinners make us drink a fucking lot.Don't underestimate a Japanese businessman!

    Revy : You...

    [They get up from the chair and look face to face defiantly] 

    Revy : Hey, Bartender...


    Benny : Damn, I thought you didn't like be challenged

  • Rock : [while he's watching to Revi handling the shootout]  She's... smiling

  • Rock : [while everyone are fleeing in the Black Lagoon's car]  What the fuck is this? Am I in a movie?

    Revy : Don't be stupid, this is much funnier than Hollywood.

  • Rock : [as he sees the helicopter hovering above the boat]  Damn it, they'll kill me with that.

    Revy : Rock, Hold this...

    [She throws him a rifle, he receives it] 

    Rock : A gun? Don't make me take that!

    Revy : That thing doesn't come in peace

  • [last lines] 

    Rock : Everyone does what they want with me!... Everyone, even the head of department...

    [he takes the gun and takes off Revy of him] 

    Rock : Why do I have to suffer?

    [throws his gun at the helicopter] 

    Rock : WHY?

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