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Marny Kennedy: Taylor Fry


  • Taylor : [screaming]  *Ew*, what is that?

    Glenda Fry : My super home-mix de-stress aromatherapy ointment, it's amazing.

    Taylor : Oh, it stinks!

    Glenda Fry : I can't believe my little girl's old enough to go to high school.

    Taylor : I can't believe you're rubbing that stuff on me.

    Glenda Fry : Thank me later.

  • Miriam : This year, there's six year seven classes. So let's see: 130 divided by six... 21.6 students per class.

    Taylor : I'm pretty sure I'm the point six.

    [Taylor laughs about her own joke, while Miriam apparently does not get it] 

  • Taylor : [running from her house, shouting]  Hector! Hector! Quick! I'm in danger.

    Hector : What sort of danger?

    Taylor : Death by aromatherapy. It's a killer.

  • [Taylor dreams about herself in a prison when she and Layla have to share Layla's room] 

    Taylor Fry : [yelling]  I've got to get out of this prison.

    Hector : Don't panic, everything will be alright. I baked you a cake.

    Taylor Fry : Is there a file in it?

    Hector : I knew I forgot something.

  • Don Fry : How's your new room, sweetheart?

    Taylor Fry : Oh, you mean the mouse cage? It will be better when the exercise wheel's installed.

    Glenda Fry : You seem a little tired, pumpkin. Maybe I should give you a massage.

    [Taylor runs away in panic] 

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