Tooth and Nail (2007) Poster

Rachel Miner: Neon



  • Viper : So what's your story?

    Neon : Me?

    Viper : Yeah. What are you doing here in Philadelphia?

    Neon : My um... my boyfriend and I were on our way to Florida, and we heard there was shelter and food here.

    Viper : You were misinformed.

  • Neon : I didn't tell you guys everything.

    Ford : Well, tell us now.

    Neon : Look, the real reason that my boyfriend and I are here is we were running.

    Ford : From what?

    Neon : From them. They're Rovers.

    Ford : What's a Rover?

    Neon : They're cannibals. They eat people for food.

    Ford : What are you talking about?

    Neon : They killed my family. They killed my friends. They... they ate them.

  • Dakota : Your family. What happened?

    Neon : We were living in a grocery store. Couple of the families from the neighborhood. We had aisles of food and supplies. There was about twenty of us. I'm not even sure when it started. People just started disappearing. We noticed it was like clockwork. Every night, they came and took one of us.

    Dakota : You didn't fight back?

    Neon : We tried. There was too many of them. They were too strong. The funny thing is they only ever took one at a time.

    Dakota : Why?

    Neon : I don't know. I think it was because dead bodies rot faster. They were keeping us alive for fresh meat.

    Dakota : Oh my god.

    Neon : Yeah. You wanna know what the worst part was? It wasn't watching my family and friends die, seeing them slaughtered in front of us. It was the waiting. Waiting for dark. They always come at night.

  • Dakota : You're one of them?

    Neon : Just think of me as a wolf in sheep's clothing. And that makes you the lambs led to slaughter.

  • Torino : What's going on?

    Neon : We're having a discussion.

    Torino : About what?

    Neon : Dinner.

  • Dakota : I'm gonna kill you.

    Neon : Not if I eat you first.

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