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You Know You Are In For An Intense Episode When 'Clavo Cruz' Shows Up
ccthemovieman-111 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Two cops are bringing a truckload of confiscated weapons to be destroyed when they are rudely interrupted on the street as a semi-trailer suddenly impedes their progress. As the cops screech to a halt, something explodes beneath them and overturns their van. Now all the rifles are dumped out in the street and worse things happen. One cop is dead from the accident and another struggles with some guy and is shot and killed. All of this was planned as we discover early on in the show.

A real baddie from past CSI-Miami shows, a name I hadn't heard in awhile, pops up here: "Clavo Cruz" (Gonzalo Menendez). Eric fills in Natalia about that scumbag's history with Horatio and the department.

About halfway through this episode, we get another story when a young, Hispanic teen boy is shot and killed, presumably from the one of the guns taken from the heist earlier.

The second half of this gets really intense, which is no surprise considering Cruz - perhaps the most vile villain in the history of this program - is involved. The story winds up being a two-parter as one of the CSI regulars is shot twice, the second bullet entering his brain. It's Eric Delki.
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Plot holes as big as a manhole cover
Rapunzel21010 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
What I kept asking as I watched this episode, for which no answer was ever provided, is how the bad guys knew about the gun shipment in the first place. They never even mentioned it, and the fact that they knew about the shipment would seem to indicate they had someone on the inside. Did the writers/producers think that Delko's getting shot exempted them from making a decent, well-thought out story? It's bad enough that we have to deal with Horatio's posturing and emoting, but usually the stories are good enough to keep me watching. Also, as soon as Delko was shot, the fate of the woman hostage in the Mercedes just disappeared from the storyline. Delko is important to the series and he IS a CSI, but the life of that woman is supposed to be important according to the entire premise of the series. This series is turning out to be nothing more than flashy shots of beautiful people and Horatio removing and replacing his sunglasses and making stupid one-liners. Gaaaaaaaaa.
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yet another bogus episode
sandcrab27710 June 2019
The writers are getting more lazy if that's possible ... first off why wasn't the shipment of weapons accompanied by armed guards and escorted from source to destruction, oh right because a crime kingpin in prison found out in advance about the shipment and planned its interception and weapons theft becauise without that there would be no story for this episode
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no mans land
dfsassypants24 June 2008
I just really started watching the CSI Miami, show and im hooked on it and I watched an episode today however I was wondering if anyone Can a tell me, when the second part of "no mans land aired"? It the episode with the 2 police officers in a box van, and all of the guns get stolen out of the van, when someone blew it up. I watched the first episode today on-line, and I cant wait to find out what happens next, just don't tell me what happens to eric, he is my favorite character..(This is Season #5 I believe. Im dying to find out what happens to Eric after he was shot for the second time..and Haratio is just standing there in "AW" and dis-belief. can someone let me know the air date? please. thanks a lot
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