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28 Sep. 2008
Slip of the Tongue
Hank and Karen are planning to move back to New York and Hank undergoes a vasectomy.
5 Oct. 2008
The Great Ashby
After Hank is arrested by the police and sent to prison, he meets record producer Lew Ashby, who asks Hank to write his biography, in the meantime, Charlie is fired after videos of him masturbating in the office are shown to his boss.
12 Oct. 2008
No Way to Treat a Lady
Hank starts as Lew Ashby's biographer, Becca starts at Mia's all-girl school and Charlie starts (well, tries to start actually) as porn actress Daisy's agent.
19 Oct. 2008
The Raw & the Cooked
Right before they throw a big dinner party for all their friends, Hank proposes to Karen.
26 Oct. 2008
Hank now lives with Lew Ashby, who arranges a surprise for him when Hank tells him he likes TV cook Chloe Metz. Charlie helps Daisy get a part in a porn film.
2 Nov. 2008
Coke Dick & First Kick
Hank tries to talk to Lew's long lost love. Later on, he runs into Julian, who's having sex with someone who's definitely not Sonja.
9 Nov. 2008
In a Lonely Place
Hank and Karen go to a parent evening and Hank ends up sleeping with the teacher. Charlie and Marcy take a desperate Daisy into their home.
16 Nov. 2008
Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills
Marcy goes to her mother for a detox, Hank goes to Lew's former love to find out more about their relationship and Karen goes to Lew because he's dating Mia.
23 Nov. 2008
La Ronde
Hank goes on a date with Janie Jones, Lew's long lost love. Lew invites Karen on a date.
30 Nov. 2008
In Utero
Hank awaits test results and reflects on his early days with Karen.
7 Dec. 2008
Blues from Laurel Canyon
Mia's - that is, originally Hank's - book gets rave reviews, ironically better than any of the books published in Hank's name. Lew is having a party to which pretty much everyone is invited. Marcy has just come back from rehab and Charlie is planning to give her some time before announcing that he wants a divorce in order to be with Daisy. Annika, a Rolling Stone book critic has a scandalous theory about the true story behind Mia's book... And there's still more problems arising.
14 Dec. 2008
La Petite Mort
The "joyous arrival" happens at a new age birthing center.

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