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Sex & Nudity

  • For the first few seasons, a running gag is Howard's sleaziness
  • Sheldon often refers to sex as 'coitus'
  • Penny takes a shower in the guys' apartment, however no nudity is shown.
  • It is said that Howard lost his virginity to his second cousin
  • Sheldon says it's been 'some while' since a woman took her clothes off in their apartment.
  • Howard asks Leonard if he's expecting coitus (sex) and Leonard says he's not but he wouldn't mind it.
  • With all the guys in the room, Penny comes out of the shower, only in a towel.
  • Howard flirts with Penny but she just acts awkwardly.
  • Sheldon says Leonard 'thinks with his penis'.
  • Leonard tells the guys that he and Penny's babies will be both smart and beautiful.
  • Sheldon tells Penny that Leonard is a 'gentle and thorough lover', to which she slams the door in his face
  • The theme of sex is in nearly every episode at least once
  • Penny catches up with Raj in the hallway and starts talking to him. Raj thinks to himself that she is standing very close to him and tells himself to turn his pelvis away (implying an erection)
  • When Raj returns to 4A, he tells the guys about his 'discussion' with Penny and that she hugged him. Howard asks how she hugged him and Raj shows him. After a few seconds they both get really into it, sporting a running gag that Raj is gay (he's not)
  • When Leonard goes to apologise to Penny for sneaking into her apartment the night before, she gives him a kiss on the cheek (nothing sexual)
  • While the guys are helping her install a TV shelf, Penny sees if they're actually paying any attention to her by telling them that she's going to take off her clothes, to which nobody responds.
  • During Leonard's search for love, Sheldon suggests his (L) colleague Leslie Winkle as she had 'recently been shaving her legs', which Sheldon suspects signals sexual availability.
  • Leonard tells Howard that he's not just going to ask Leslie to strip and dance for him.
  • Leonard kisses Leslie for 3 seconds and she tells him that she felt no arousal. This is done as a social experiment.
  • Leonard describes his ideal date with Penny to Sheldon and gets a little carried away after describing them making out.
  • Leonard goes on a date with Penny, there is no real sexual activity, although the topic of 'rebound sex' does come up when they discuss Penny's exes.
  • Howard flirts with Sheldon's mother
  • Mary (Sheldon's mom) tells Penny and Leonard that they make a cute couple, but they deny it.
  • When Sheldon goes to apologise to his boss, Mary goes with him. Gabelhauser, his boss, flirts with Mary and at the end of the episode, Sheldon asks her if he's going to have a new daddy and she says 'we'll see'.
  • Leslie continues to flirt using music as euphemisms (e.g. 'Maybe you could try that on *my* instrument')
  • After rehearsal, Leslie and Leonard play a section of the music which becomes awkward for Leonard when she tells him that all the flirting was just a hint at her sexual availability.
  • Sheldon frantically runs out of 4A and knocks on Penny's door. He asks her to explain why there is a tie hanging from Leonard's room's doorknob, which she says is a sign that he's having sex in there.
  • We hear Leslie's voice from inside the bedroom as she calls Leonard a 'magnificent beast'. A scene or two later, we see Leonard and Leslie in bed (Leonard is wearing a black t-shirt and Leslie is topless, although no nudity is explicitly shown.
  • At work, Leonard acts very smug around Leslie but his feelings get shattered when he learns that she was only interested in him as a one-night stand.
  • At the party, Penny wears a cat costume that shows off her waist/midriff area and has a short skirt on.
  • Howard flirts with a sexy nurse
  • Kurt, Penny's ex, shows up to the party in a Tartan style short with no shirt on.
  • Penny kisses Leonard for a few seconds
  • Raj is shown in bed with a topless woman (no explicit nudity), showing that they had sex.
  • Sheldon calls Chrissy (Penny's friend) the Whore of Omaha.
  • The next morning, Howard and Christy come into 4A with Howard wearing Penny's dressing gown. They then make out
  • Sex is a major running theme, and is present in nearly every episode at least once.
  • Episode-specific items have been removed; they should go on each episode's page. The rest of this would be better without identifying who is doing what, as much of it verges on being spoilers.
  • There are many references to couples having sex outside of marriage. These couples are sometimes shown in bed together.

Violence & Gore

  • Three the band of four went to talk to Penny's boyfriends to get some the assests from him but thet end up getting beaten up(Nothing shown on screen)
  • A couple of episodes contain a lot of vomit but none is shown
  • Some mild slapstick violence such as wedgies and crashing a moped


  • Stronger profanities such as "god damn", "son of a bitch", "bitch", "asshole" and "bastard" are used frequently.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one episode a monkey is seen smoking.
  • The characters drink every so often. We sometimes see them drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Sheldon gets eaten by morlocks in an episode and he lived in the colledge caf and freaked out the janitors


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Leonard admits to Sheldon that he was actually hoping to get into a relationship with Penny that might someday lead to sex, to which Sheldon responds 'You already got me out of my pants' while still only wearing his shirt and underwear.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one episode, the characters are seen eating drugged cookies and are also then seen 'high'.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In the episode "The Cooper Extraction", we see a psycho parody where we see the heavily decomposed carcass of Howard's mother. This scene is extremely shocking and disturbing, but is brief.

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