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Truly awful
martyncymro22 September 2013
Do not be fooled by the people on here who have given 9 or 10 stars. If you check their profile you will see that this is the only film that they have ever reviewed. Sadly this is a trend which has become all too prevalent on IMDb in recent years. I really wish the site would sort it out.

The film itself is a well-worn and tired theme and the funny lines are not funny. My advice is to avoid this film at all costs unless you feel particularly like being angry with yourself for having wasted an hour and a half of your life. To be honest, I am not sure what the intended audience for this film is. I am not opposed to films about social, religious or national groups if they are done well. Mel Brooks was a master at this in his heyday. Borat was a belly laugh a minute. However this film fails on so many levels. Avoid at your peril.
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A waste of time and talent. An unfunny film with poorly developed characters.
iraz20 September 2013
I did not see the play, so I cannot compare the two works. I am Jewish and enjoy films that poke fun at Jews. A film that comes to mind is "A Serious Man" by the Coen brothers which is drawn from their upbringing in the Mid West. This was a very funny film with finely drawn characters. In "Jewtopia", the characters do not come across as real people but rather caricatures of real people. The humor is not clever but extremely silly and not funny. It shows a lack of creativity because there is a wealth of material to draw from and this is a lazy effort to poke fun at both Jews and non Jews alike. This is the kind of film that makes me angry because the effort is so poor. the story so weak that you have to wonder where it will draw an audience from. It does not deserve and audience! Once it opens in theaters I guarantee it will have a short run and generate very little income and no buzz. There are so many poor films being made and this one indicates the filmmakers have little faith in the intelligence of its audience.
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Disturbing, offensive attempt at gross-out humor. Avoid it.
mgfuchs993 March 2014
Self deprecating humor can be funny. Poking fun at your ethnicity's stereotypes can make you smile if done with affection and talent. I figured the large cast of well known actors meant this would be a good attempt at such screenplay. I guess I was expecting a Jewish "My big fat Greek wedding". Boy was I wrong.

What a stinker. Poorly written, poorly directed, over the top writing and, with a few exceptions, over the top acting make this little more than a string of Jewish (and Christian) family caricatures. It feels amateurish. To be clear, when I call this offensive, I'm not referring to the insulting ethnic stereotypes and jokes. I mean the movie was an offensive to me as the audience. Half way through all I could think of was "how did they get this many people to lend their reputations to this poorly written, over-acted, poorly cast, sophomoric attempt at humor?" Jack-ass and Bad Grandpa meets It's a mad mad mad mad world - with worse acting.

By the end it felt like I watched a "film" made by a bunch of drunk/stoned twenty- somethings with a camera who think themselves insanely funny and talented the louder and more obnoxious they act. Too bad I watched it sober.
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Worth a watch...but not great
loueymc24 September 2013
I did actually enjoy this movie, but it has to be said, the humorous parts felt very forced and the storyline itself was pretty clichéd and predictable....I'm honestly surprised that Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer, plus many great other movies), Peter Stormare (Prison Break) & Joel David Moore (Bones, Avatar, Dodgeball) would agree to be in a movie like this....that is clearly made for TV. The reason I even watched it, was due to the casting, figured it had to be awesome having such a good cast in it. As I said, it is enjoyable to a point...but some of the Actors/Actresses in this movie...are just wasted talent. Have to say though, Jamie-Lynn Sigler played her part very I was highly irritated by her whiny/high maintenance bravo to her!!
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zvydavy-dotazer18 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Why I am even bothering typing this? You know it was bad, I know it was bad so why not end it here? I mean commenting on something which is obviously no-good trash that in an ideal world would not be paid a single picosecond of attention to must almost certainly constitute a form of masochism or something. Now would be the time to insert an edgy "joke" here about this fakakta flick being the ultimate proof that God doesn't exist but I digress.

I was expecting a decent low-key second hand comedy like "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay!!" (2009) but this was, to put it mildly, way worse and there were no Bruce Vilanch's humongous shoulders to carry the burden of comedy on and no redeeming last moments like the affectionate post-wedding scene in "Oy Vey," instead it was just overwhelmingly offensive to everyone and everything, even to itself but true, offensiveness of a work shouldn't be the only factor in down-voting it. For comparison, writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone just revel in offensiveness yet the end result of their seemingly sophomoric work looks way different thanks to satirical tools they successfully employ, like take South Park episode "Ginger Cow", for instance. It took a jab at religion but it was pertinent, pithy, not to mention witty and it run only 20 minutes, which means watching that instead would save you about 70 minutes that you could otherwise spend on ... yoga, learning a new language, attending a secret fight club meeting or whatever IMDb-ers typically like to do in their spare time (probably comment on bad movies on weekends).

Perhaps it should be said that there isn't much material this movie can work with as it is a rehash of the same thing we have seen over and over again* except the names have been replaced with Jewish ones and as if to compensate for a lack of humor perverse obsession with embarrassing faux pas was cranked up to 11 and that's Jewtopia, also known as "Christian hell," enjoy your stay. Maybe to spend time less hopelessly, check out "Oy Vey My Son Is Gay" which to me seemed more authentic and cheerful as far as Jew/gentile weddings are concerned and the British 2010 movie "The Infidel" for an actually funny inter-faith clash (Judaism/Islam).

*(probably tracing back to Shakespeare and beyond, boy I can just picture "Shlomio and Mary-Jane-Destiny-Hopette," a tragic story about a simple Southern gal falling in love with a simple Yeshiva boy from Crown Heights, New York and their families not approving of the bond as usual and how even this ad hoc story, although a shameless carbon copy of a classic, would still be more watchable than Jewtopia)
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Odd mix of ethnic and toilet humor .....
merklekranz3 September 2015
The initial idea is terrific. A Jew teaching a Gentile how to act Jewish in order to date a 'Jewish Princess". The execution however is a real mixed bag of ethnic jokes and toilet humor. Ethnic stereotypes are purposely on parade, and the cast gives it their all. John Lovitz as the "Embroidary King" and Peter Stormare as the beer drinking, moose hunting redneck are funny. However the sexual jokes mostly fall flat, except for the circumcision scenes. While most of the funnier lines are in the trailer, there are still enough outrageous situations to make viewing worthwhile. Fans of reluctant groom type comedies should find enough here to like. - MERK
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This movie is really bad.
farkhondepay14 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO BAD. I can't even express how bad this movie is. It's so bad. So so so so so so bad. Just, really really bad. What was anybody thinking allowing a movie like this to be made, it's really really bad. I didn't watch the whole thing, and I usually stick with bad movies just to finish them. But this was so maddeningly, offensively, ludicrously in poor taste that I angrily turned off this movie and had to take a shower to restart my day. This. Movie. Is. Awful. Just a terrible horrible no good very bad film. Ugh, I've wasted enough breath, but if I could make it my personal mission as a zealot, it would be to prevent anyone from wasting a moment of their time watching this filth. It's so bad. OK, I'm done.
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Funny, well done with a few flaws
rmillerlaw27 April 2012
A funny film, loosely based on a popular play. Very funny scenes, and although the story might seem rambling at first, it's cohesively organized around one man's efforts to pose as Jewish to win over the heart of a Jewish girl that he's fallen for.

This film has a huge cast. Many of the cast did a great job, although Peter Stormare's strange British/Southern accent was noticeable enough to be very distracting. Some, like Rita Wilson and Jamie Lynn Sigler nail their roles impressively.

Joel David Moore is the star of this show and his scenes, even the ones that were very much improbable, were some of the best moments in this film.
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Yea it's dumb, but I left the theater in a good mood.
athena2430 March 2014
I've contemplated whether to give it a 5 or a 6. I left the theater with a smile, and actually had a good time watching it. I had smiled, laughed at times, and at one point even grabbed my belly. So I'll give it a six.

On the bad side, it is very dumb and there is lots of toilet humor. One problem is that most of the jokes are very dumb and are not funny enough to compensate for the lack of wit.

On the good side, it is not rude at all, even with all the amount of sex jokes, clitoris jokes, and toilet jokes. Even when the jokes didn't make me laugh too much, they weren't offensive and I didn't have any inconvenience watching. There are also nice stereotypes about Jews. Exaggerated of course, but taken from the reality.
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Wacky, over the top, fun and outrageous
rebeccahalsted1 May 2012
Saw the film in Newport Beach on April 26th - was told it was the World Premiere. I didn't know what I was in for and wasn't aware that Jewtopia had been a play. I was so pleasantly surprised. The cast is really great and I have a girl crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt who is so hot in the movie...and Ivan Sergei. There's also Jon Lovitz who I forgot how brilliantly funny he was - so many one liners that had me laughing. The story felt a tiny bit scattered at times but the pacing was so fast and furious that I never had a moment to catch my breathe...which I liked. There are some truly outrageously funny moments and also some really sweet ones. I was there with my boyfriend who took me as a night on the town and he really enjoyed Jewtopia too. I recommend it.
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Goes Off The Rails
JohnnyLee18 May 2018
Started out with a nice premise, a gentile in love with Jewish culture. But it goes off the rails and over the top, losing me along the way. Pity. Also titled Finding Ms Right.
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Very Funny and Unexpected Laughter
reggieschneider119 May 2012
I went to a screening of this film last week as it has not been released in theaters yet. I'm not a Jew and don't have a religious bone in my body so I wasn't sure if I was going to like or even understand the film. Well, I can tell you that the film really doesn't have much to do with being Jewish or religion. It's closer to Wedding Crashers or Step Brothers in it's comedy. Off the wall, over the top and consistently found me laughing out loud. The story is about a guy named Chris who wants to be a Jew so he'll never have to decide anything for himself...hope this isn't racist, but I think that's pretty true and certainly made me laugh. The cast is a great ensemble and Jon Lovitz is really funny in the film and steals many of the best one liners. Not sure when this will come to theaters, but I would recommend it if you're into smart R rated comedies with the right amount of raunch and lots of belly laughs. GO!
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Peter Stormare steals the show!
markussaturn20 May 2012
To be honest, I wasn't all fired up to go see a screening of Jewtopia. I'm not Jewish and figured it would be all about religion. Then I read that Peter Stormare was in it -- the same Peter Stormare from my two favorite films of all time - Big Lebowski and Fargo - so it became an automatic that I had to check it out. Stormare plays Buck O'Connell a red neck Marine colonel who is so wacky and off the wall that you simply can't help but laugh. To me he is one of the funniest and most under rated comedic actors ever. On the whole, the movie had many many laughs. Jamie Lynn Sigler is another breathe of comedic gold... I'm a huge Sopranos fan but never realized that she could be utterly funny. While this movie doesn't compare to The Big Lebowski, anyone who likes a fast pace comedy with some truly funny moments will really like this movie I think. I'm not sure why the name is Jewtopia is the movie is very universal.
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A Laugh a minute riot!
carlgrossman197030 April 2012
This is my first IMDb review. Felt compelled to write one as after attending the World Premiere at the Newport Film Festival last week I wanted to be able to tell the world how wonderful a comedy I felt this was. I'm Jewish so perhaps the movie was funnier to me but from the response of everyone around me it seemed that I was in the vast majority.

The story is essentially a romantic family comedy that I'd imagine will be rated R. It revolves around Adam (played by the wonderfully funny Joel David Moore) and his best friend from childhood Chris (Ivan Sergei). Chris convinces Adam to help him pass himself off as a Jew to win the heart of the Jewish girl he's in love with Allison. (Jennifer Love Hewitt... who is stunningly beautiful in the movie).

All sorts of insanity entails... from Adam's fiancé wanting plastic surgery (I won't spoil it), to him freaking out at his wedding rehearsal... to Chris poisoning the Rabbi to con the mother of Allison. Needless to say while the plot was a bit thin, I laughed myself into a coma. Tears laughing.

Here's hoping that Jewtopia will make it's way into theaters around the world. Would be a proud day for us a Jews and my hunch is that audiences of all cultures and religions will find something to laugh at and see themselves and their families in this film.
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Laugh out loud comedy
Zandraz-356-72296828 April 2012
Attended the world premiere of Jewtopia last night at the Newport beach film festival. I came in not knowing what to expect as I'm not Jewish and found myself laughing out loud almost every minute of the film. While there are a few insiders jokes I found the vast majority to be universal. The story revolves around two guys - one Jewish - the other not who are both questioning their relationships and struggling with their families. The premises asked you to take a leap of faith to go along with it, but after a few minutes I found myself no longer questioning and going along with the story which moves and never had me bored. The cast is great - especially Jon Lovitz and Jamie-Lynn Sigler who both have a ton of great one liners. Hope this film will come to theaters soon as Id love to see it again and would certainly recommend it.
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Offensive to all!
Elli_The_King_of_Broadway2 February 2015
Another ill-fated attempt at 'Jewish' humor by using every self- deprecating stereotype known to mankind.

Every single human should be offended at the characters in this wasted bit of video.

From Jew to Irish Catholic to Asian Jewtopia offends equally.

When will Jews stop being embarrassed by our religious beliefs and start being proud of who we are? Our heritage is an amazing thing to behold. Why not show the delicious Jewish foods that we eat and not be ashamed of our religious beliefs and our Holy Torah that forbids intermarriage as a measure to keep Jews Jewish.

The actors did their best with the offensive crap that they had to act with.

I am SO glad I didn't see this when it was off-Broadway, I would never have been able to sit through the whole play.

0 out of 10 wasn't an option.
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Goofy Movie, but a fun watch
mjh314110 February 2014
So the name caught my eye, and truthfully I had to watch the trailer because of the Big name cast, with some great comedic actors. If you like movies that require little thought and do not rely on poor language, gross-out jokes or sexually explicit humor, this is a great movie. With a name like Jewtopia, the movie delivers exactly what it promises- a movie based on stereotypes that laughs societal differences and misconceptions.

The movie is easily comparable to Rat Race, Movie 43, Top Secret and many of the late model Mel Brooks Movies....

While the movie may never be a classic, there are plenty funny character interactions, racial stereotypes and gag humor to carry the movie on as a Saturday afternoon staple.
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Fun fearless and often outrageous
colleenmurphy018 May 2012
got to attend a private screening for this film. i'm not Jewish, but rarely have I ever laughed so hard. the movie reminded a lot of dumb and dumber and some of the other farrelly classics that I love. the story centers around a Jewish guy and a gentile guy. the gentile wants to marry a Jewish girl so he'll never have to make decisions - and the jew essentially is obsessed with Asian girls. in most comedies you can see the gags coming a mile away but this was not the case here as the movie at every turn shocked me and had me laughing at the same time. the cast is particularly strong with Jon Lovitz and Joel Moore, Rita Wilson and Jamie-Lynn Sigler who plays a gynecologist unhappy with her own VayJay - one of funnier moments in the film. Hopefully audiences will soon be able to share in this movie as I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.
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It could've been a 6, or maybe even a 7
sernaker3 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Jewtopia had some really hilarious scenes, along with some uncomfortable ones. REALLY uncomfortable ones, like the guy (Christian) saying offensive things (without realizing they were offensive, mostly because he is kind of clueless on the social scale). The bigger, unredeemable problem, is that after he says the offensive things, he calls the woman (Alison) about 20 times, and she tells him to not call her anymore. So Christian gets his employee friends to help him stalk her parents, as part of the effort to win her back. BOY MEETS GIRL, GIRL REJECTS BOY, BOY STALKS HER FAMILY, BOY WINS HER BACK: BAD FORMULA. AND IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN. He could've only called her a few times, realized he was being rejected, moved on to the manipulation (still a little slimy, but completely forgivable in this type of irreverent comedy). Even giving it further benefit of the doubt and saying an irreverent comedy CAN go that far, going that far is what took it from funny to uncomfortable, and therefore less funny.
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Hoot Hoot! Pretty offensive humor, at times, but very funny
inkblot1122 February 2016
Christian O'Donnell (handsome Ivan Sergei) had a hurtful childhood. His father was in the military and they moved so many times, Christian never had any friends. That is, until the day they landed in Brooklyn and he became friends with Jewish boy Adam (Joel David Moore). But, poor Adam's panic attacks got him in sticky situations and after a horrid one, the two families were glad the O'Donnells were moving yet again. The boys lost touch. In college, Christian attracted the attention of a Jewish girl and basked in her "taking control" of his life for three years. What a tragedy when she told him before graduation that she couldn't marry a Gentile. Now, some ten years later, Christian is a plumbing supervisor with two funny sidekicks but, he still hasn't found the right gal. Therefore, our Chris gets the idea that MAYBE he should find another Jewish girl and PRETEND that he is Jewish. Along comes lovely Allison (Jennifer Love Hewitt) at a Jewish mixer. Also, Chris runs into Adam, again, and gets advice on how to "act Jewish". Adam is also on the verge of marriage with a dominatrix (Jamie Lyn Sigler). Will Chris be successful at courting Allison and not blowing his ethnic cover? Will Adam have another panic attack before his BIG day? Hoot Hoot, this offensively humored film is funny. Based on a famous play, it sends up Jewish culture even as it honors it. The cast is a dream, with Sergei and Hewitt leading the way and Moore, Jon Lovitz, Rita Wilson, Tom Arnold, Wendy Malick , Sigler, and a host of others vying for perfection. Then, too, the costumes are to die for while the sets, excellent script and carefully zesty direction create one fine, fine movie. There are a few risqué scenes and, as stated, the comedy is in-your-face offensive. But, if you think you can get beyond that, do it. Jewtopia is a utopia of laughs and laughs.
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A must watch movie
rhlraj8 November 2016
At the first 20 min of the movie I didn't get what's going on but later they all sorted out

and it was good enough to watch

mostly i see if there is good storyline in the movie then i prefer comedy in it.

And in this movie both were well balanced only bad this of this movie is first 20 in which confuses most of the viewer first that is why most of them given it less star and wrote harsh comment on the movie

The story of this movie is about 2 friends in childhood and met again in adulthood
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