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Sex & Nudity

  • A sexy woman named Tyris Flare can be seen wearing a bikini outfit revealing her stomach, backside and the sides of her butt. Also her butt can be seen through the loincloth.
  • There are many other sexy female characters that can be seen wearing bikini outfits.
  • One the the monsters can be seen with his buttocks exposed.

Violence & Gore

  • A female heroine Tyris Flare can be seen attacking the monsters with her sword. As the sword hits the monsters, alot of blood and gore can be seen coming out of the enemies.
  • Tyris Flares is shown holding a bloody sword.
  • The dragon can be seen getting shot at by harpoon spears.
  • Tyris gets knocked out by one of the monsters.
  • Gilius Thunderhead pulls out the axe wedged in him and blood comes out but he survives.
  • One of giant ogre monsters can be seen getting kicked and falling off the cliff.
  • Tyris can be seen throwing a golden axe at the woman queen decapitating her head off and blood coming out of her neck.
  • The dragon can be seen getting its head stabbed by Tyris as she is getting the axe piece.
  • Tyris kills Death Adder by slicing it's tail and decapitating its head off.


  • The words "Damned", "Hell" and the word S*** is used in the game.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are many frightening cutscenes with the monsters getting killed or decapitated.
  • This game is not recommended for kids or sensitive people due to mature themes involving language, partial nudity and extreme blood and violence.

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