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6 Mar. 2011
Line of Departure
While Trevor works his tail off to train Afghan recruits, Roxy welcomes a surprise visit from her ex, contractor Whit, who brings a share of his father's inheritance for their uniformed son Finn's future college fund and stays the night on the couch. Without a firm fatherly hand, T.J. gets out of control. Jeremy, also in Afghanistan, assures his fiancée Tanya his mother will love her, but Denise gives the fellow nurse, who aspires med school, a very cold welcome. General Holden is delighted to be in line for the West Point command, Claudia Joy can barely handle ...
13 Mar. 2011
Command Presence
Trevor, still in Afghanistan, is furious to hear all the base knows that Roxy invited Finn's father to sleep in their house and failed to keep T.J. in line, who ends up incurring a $500 fine for shoplifting at a base board. That also prevented the last gang girl from attending Claudia Joy's law school graduation, but professor Chandler invites her to a celebratory dinner and offers her a perfect, part-time job. Chase is back, having opted for an instructor job over his Delta career, so Pamela declines the Atlanta PD offer. Mother-in-law to be Denise eats humble pie ...
20 Mar. 2011
Movement to Contact
Beloved daddy Trevor's absence on Afghan tour and Roxy's inability to substitute his masterly parenting now render TJ so aggressive that a forced sleepover at Pamela's ends in semi-accidentally breaking Lucas's arm during rough garden football. Jeremy is appalled to hear that a silly partner knowledge quiz at her hens party makes fiancée Tanya doubt their marriage plan. Professor Chandler suddenly misbehaves at Claudia Joy's first work day in his office, but what she mistakes for his infidelity provides a moving explanation.
27 Mar. 2011
On Behalf of a Grateful Nation
General Holden presides over the first mission where the Afghan trainee troops are supposed to fight the Taliban on their own. Trevor's training team however has to fight hard, and casualties include a most beloved soldier. Wedding preparations at the base are abruptly ended when the dreaded news arrives, for groom Jeremy will arrive in a body bag. Trevor must remain with the shocked comrades, but TJ steps up at the tearful funeral. Roland hides his guilt for having enabled Jeremy's redeployment by therapy.
3 Apr. 2011
Soldier On
Trevor is not amused when Roxie refuses to let him veto her plan to mortgage the Hump bar and invest in a truck stop with a returned trucker. Chase is safely back to Pamela and their kids great joy. Roland hasn't grieved Jeremy's death in action but guilt feelings make him reluctant to clear any soldier to return to Afghanistan. Denise feels guilty for giving her blessing to Jeremy when he wanted to re-enlist.
10 Apr. 2011
Walking Wounded
Claudia Joy is haunted by the memory of Amanda. Pamela and Chase try to set a good example for their kids.
17 Apr. 2011
Strategic Alliances
Chase and Pamela planned to remarry quietly, despite Roxy's insisting on a grand party, but the kids have their hearts set on attending their parents' wedding. Trevor won't even discuss Roxy's plans to build the truck-stop cheaply, so she doesn't even mention the contractor is her ex Whit, who ingratiates himself with everybody by saving the wedding when the power breaks down. Claudia Joy confides only in boss Chandler that she's being tested for cancer.
1 May 2011
Supporting Arms
Whit has become the favorite playmate of still absent Trevor's boys, even initially hostile TJ. Roxy is livid and unforgiving when she learns that Pamela told Whit to leave the base as a potential marriage breaker. Chandler and Claudia Joy take the case of the Salvadoran wife of Afghanistan-deployed specialist Antonio Cabrera to prevent her eviction by Imigration because of paperwork, which only media pressure can solve. General Holden g-reluctantly cooperates and spreads joy on the base: his division is returning home early. Colonel Frank Sherwood lets Denise drag ...
8 May 2011
The troops get a warm welcome on their long-awaited return from Afghanistan. Jeremy's lonely mates thank Denise for her continuous support. Trevor can't accept that Roxie hired Whit, of all people, behind his back and ends up picking a fight in her bar. Learning about Chandler's kiss stealing, general Holden discretely intimidates the law professor. Taking pity on a kid patient whose mother he had to declare unfit, Roland convinces Joan to apply for his adoption, but is dismissed due to this very 'conflict' of interest.
15 May 2011
Battle Buddies
Frustrated Trevor gets into trouble for 'slacking' on training. Colonel Sherwood gets him off and convinces him he must settle his marital crisis. After exchanging fears with Roxie, they patch up their marriage post-Whit. Chandler reluctantly allows Claudia Joy to volunteer pro bono assistance to a homeless veteran who needs therapy won't even tell what drives her misconduct. After winning the case, she resigns as he can't afford to seem favoring her. The Burtons volunteer as foster parents, but Jaden, whom they bond with at first sight, has HIV.
22 May 2011
Drop Zone
Trevor's marital reconciliation has returned his family to a blissful state. His boys are now in a good enough mood to take charge in making the Burtons' new foster son David, who bonds only with Roland, feel welcome at a families barbecue. General Holden is already grumpy, feeling his career is unfairly blocked. The Emalin returns home, and confesses only late that she's failing in university for both studies and hockey team, which already suspended her, even considers dropping out. Officer Boone is Pamela's patrol partner again, now for her evaluation, but no longer...
5 Jun. 2011
An airborne exercise at the base goes wrong, landing dozens of men in hospital. Cold-blooded Trevor achieves hero-status and is told by colonel Sgerwood he would be excellent officer course material, yet also feels for Chase's opinion that fine NCOs like them are the backbone of the army. Denise helps out informally with the casualties and is rewarded by the suggestion the new administrator would be prepared to lift her nursing ban. TJ finds and brings back David, who ran away having been duly punished for school vandalism. Officer Boone spots a wanted card, enabling ...
12 Jun. 2011
Farewell to Arms
Trevor is over Whit, enough to suggest rehiring him as contractor to get the diner finished on schedule after a failed inspection, within budget and to standard. After Finn overhears him discussing paternity with Roxie, they explain to both adopted boys, who come to terms with having different biological fathers. Officer Boone and Pamela are suspended after an amateur video suggests she let 'drunk' general Holden off without suitable sobriety tests, but I.A. ends up clearing them. the base's preparations to celebrate the troops' full repatriation are overshadowed by a...

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