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3 Jun. 2007
A Tribe Is Born
After only a four day courtship, Roxy impetuously decides to marry Private First Class Trevor LeBlanc and moves with her two kids to his Army post. Floundering in her new life as an Army wife, she takes a job bar-tending at an off-post bar. While on the post, Roxy meets Claudia Joy Holden, who believes that her husband Colonel Michael Holden's promotion didn't come through because of base politics. Another Army wife, Pamela Moran, is heavily pregnant with twins - she's secretly acting as a surrogate to get her family out of debt. Meanwhile, psychiatrist Dr. Roland ...
10 Jun. 2007
After Birth
Trevor LeBlanc gets on great with his kid stepsons Finn and T.J., yet his wife Roxy's joy over the plan to adopt them, although the biological fathers may still cause problems, is overshadowed by her inability to help prepare or even accept his orders to leave for Iraq. Chase Moran is far from amused that his wife Pamela begrudges him any 'luxury' while her parents aren't paid back to the last cent. Worse, trouble with delivering the newborn babies cause the surrogate mother, who stays 'just a day' in major Michael Holden's home, to bond with the twins.
17 Jun. 2007
The Art of Separation
The preparations for an Iraq tour go on in Fort Marshall. Jeremy tells his pa about his refusal to go to West Point and presumed psychological disorder. Trevor makes his will and tells Roxy he wants to adopt her lovely boys to spare them his horrible youth as foster reject. Sergeant Peter Belgrad has a physiological crisis. Pamela ends the whispering by shouting her surrogate results trough the microphone. A helicopter crash probably means a widow on the base.
24 Jun. 2007
One of Our Own
Instead of comforting each-other now his father Frank is MIA, probably dead, Jeremy's ma meanly tries to make the boy feel guilty. Sergeant Peter Belgrad takes his doctor and the major's wife hostage to demand a meeting with his CO, who stupidly failed to report truly his previous armed break-down. The doc gets to the bottom of his unit's bloody Afghanistan mission trauma, but just before Belgrad can hand over his pistol a sharpshooter kills him. Trevor LeBlanc's adoption papers for Finn and T.J. get filed to his delight.
1 Jul. 2007
Independence Day
Michael Holden does his duty by filing formal charges for the failure to report mental disorder which lead to the fatal sergeant Belgrad incident. Jeremy Sherwood's patient care reconciles him with his mother, who realizes she would miss him terribly, while they wait for news from his missing father, which arrives just when hope become slim: he's alive! Trevor and the other military family-men have to leave during the children's Independence day performance which was planned to serve as their send-off party as their actual orders arrive.
8 Jul. 2007
Who We Are
While minding his rascal adoptive sons and trying to teach him flag respect, Trevor badly hurts his knee, disqualifying him for a tour of duty during six months. Mother-in-law Marda Brooks, an (ex?)alcoholic, makes her first-ever visits, unannounced, actually having lost her home and business. Jeremy's dad major Frank Sherwood, merely bruised, gets a hero's welcome and accepts his boy's failure to enroll at West Point in favor of architecture, until Jeremy owes up he lost his self-control with ma and is completely disowned. Amanda's sister betrays her affair with ...
15 Jul. 2007
Hail & Farewell
Jeremy is found by his ma trough lover Amanda, but she can't talk him out of enlisting. Returning his youngest fellow soldier's goodbye message to father Craddock get Frank thinking about his own disowned son, but not act. Michael Holden tells Amanda about Jeremy's excess, which she first can't believe, then doesn't care about enough, so they sneakily meet and make love the night before he boards the boot cam bus. Trevor, the boys and friends enthusiastically help Marda prepare a birthday surprise party for Roxy. But the loan she hoped for falls true and she abandons ...
22 Jul. 2007
Only the Lonely
The Fort Marshall base school's new arts teacher is ex-cop Pamela's old friend Scott Decker, and they still lust for each-other. Trevor finally gets a good medical report: he'll be training again soon. Army brat Javier's ma, Diego's widow Dolores, can't face moving out within 6 months as regulations require, but gets help. Michael Holden tries to keep daughter Amanda in line, who confesses her love night with Jeremy to ma, who fails in her second attempt to become a base hospital nurse.
29 Jul. 2007
Nobody's Perfect
Frank Sherwood expects wife Denise to make network for his promotion hope her priority too, but is impressed by her ER nursing efficiency enough to agree to her own career relaunch. CO Michael Holden tries to steer the upcoming series of postings and promotions as he has general Ted Baker's confidence. Chase and Trevor feel good again.
5 Aug. 2007
Dirty Laundry
Trevor finally and happily starts training for war action again, without complaint despite the grueling blisters directly after revalidation, but Roxy wines to her friends that he's too tired to perform in bed. Worse, she goes behind his back to ask for medical care, which only gets him the demeaning nickname 'baby soft'. Widow Hannah's official demand for an inquest in Congress concerning her late husband lieutenant-colonel Derek White's death, presumably in friendly fire, illegally sent to Pakistan, causes outspoken loyalty conflicts.
12 Aug. 2007
Truth and Consequences
Colonel Michael Holden's base CO position is on the line now general Baker has recovered from cardiac trouble. Holden can't appreciate his wife's ill-considered attack at general's wife Leonore, whose dirty gossip is smartly countered by a trap set by the deciding general's wife. Jeremy's dad gets his deployment orders, grudgingly accepts to visit first and finally admits his absence, even when not on foreign tour, drive the boy to his desperate move. The new PR officer, major Clay, has a bruising first meeting with even sassier Pamela, yet makes her a radio show ...
19 Aug. 2007
Rules of Engagement
Colonel Holden is promoted to brigadier-general. His predecessor Baker's wife Leonore files for divorce. Trevor encourages Roxy to make use of her business potential, but has to discourage long-term ambitions, given the army's habitual base transfers. Chase takes offense at Pamela's outspoken, unpaid radio-show. Ron's marital misery sparks a notorious bar-brawl. His distracted wife is chosen as Holden's XO, but screws up the first major logistic task big-time and dares blame Ron, who refuses 'apologizing' for wanting a proper wife-mother, so they plan a divorce, ...
26 Aug. 2007
Goodbye Stranger
Munitions are stolen from Fort Marshall, setting the stage for a terrorist alert, early deployments and shocking twist when the bomber is revealed.

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