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Shemar Moore: Derek Morgan



  • Derek Morgan : So, why the woods, JJ?

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : Hmmm?

    Derek Morgan : Your fear, you said it was of the woods.

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : Err, I used to be a camp counselor when I was a teenager, in the woods up around Vermont. I had the night shift, you know, tuck the girls in, turn off the lights, you know, the typical drill. Everything seemed fine. The kids were asleep, you know, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until... I noticed that there was some blood, on the hallway floor. So I followed the blood trail down the hall to the camp director's cabin, walked up to his bed, and... he was just lying there, under his covers, dead. Someone stabbed him. I ran out of there so fast, out the door, down the hall. I can just remember it being really dark. Once I got to the door, there was another counselor; I guess she heard me scream. They caught the caretaker on his way in to town. I guess he still had the knife on him. Anyway, I guess that's probably when I decided I didn't like the woods.

    Derek Morgan : You're serious?

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : [sips coffee looking serious and pauses]  No!

    [shakes head] 

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : I mean you fell for that?

    [they laugh] 

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : Come on! I don't know why I'm afraid of the woods! I am. Why is he still afraid of the dark?

    Derek Morgan : Yeah, Reid why are you still afraid of the dark?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : Because of the inherent absence of light!

    [they laugh] 

  • Dr. Spencer Reid : Elle was cleared?

    Derek Morgan : It was self defense

    Dr. Spencer Reid : So it was a good shoot?

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : Well, she hit what she was aiming for

    Dr. Spencer Reid : That's not what I meant

    Jennifer "JJ" Jareau : I know!

  • Dr. Spencer Reid : Here's a question: if a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound if there is nobody there to hear it?

    Derek Morgan : What the hell are you reading over there?

    Dr. Spencer Reid : I'm just thinking

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