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Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is raped off-screen. Not graphic, but her screams are heard.
  • Two women make out. One takes off the other's bra and fondles her breasts.
  • A man mentions having porn on his computer.
  • Two women passionately make out during a party.
  • A man and woman have sex, the woman rides on top of the man and her breasts are clearly visible.
  • Two women take each other's tops off and make out.
  • A woman's breasts can be seen while she's in the bath.
  • A woman runs through the house topless.
  • A woman fights off the killer while topless.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman is shot and killed off-screen, blood is shown running down her foot.
  • A young boy is badly burned from a steam pipe bursting. He's shown grown up and is completely deformed.
  • A man's throat is ripped out.
  • A man is stabbed in the mouth with a large knife, it's shown poking out the back of his head.
  • A woman is hacked in the stomach until her intestines fall out, lot's of blood splatter.
  • A man is hacked in the face, a brief shot shows his face split in half.
  • A man is slashed in the face/head with a sword, it is shown being twisted.
  • The killer slashes three men in their faces with a sword. The first two are shown from behind with blood splattering. The third turns around after being slashed with a bloody gash across his face.
  • A man is strangled with a seat-belt until he passes out. He is then impaled with a sword.
  • A man is impaled with a sword, blood gushes from his mouth.
  • A woman is gabbed by the throat and passes out when her mouth is blocked with the killer's hand.
  • A dead woman is shown with blood dripping from her mouth.
  • A man is impaled with a sword through the top of his head. Then the killer thrusts the sword forward and rips through the man's face. His body is found later on as well.
  • A woman's throat is slit with a sword. Her body is found later on as well.
  • A woman is stabbed in the eye with a wooden coat hanger.
  • A man is knocked out with a lead pipe.
  • A man shoots himself in the head.
  • A rotting corpse is shown.
  • A woman shoots a man several times.


  • Some swearing but not over the top. ( F-words S*** ect. )

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Movie is a halloween party so there is some drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Two men get into a fight, one strangles the other and then he pulls out a gun on everyone and leaves with a hostage at gunpoint. It's revealed to have all been an act after the scene
  • A woman shoots a man in the head, it's revealed to be her boyfriend and not the killer

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