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Not bad at all...heavily flawed though
alexanderwiebe22 July 2008
It was refreshing to see they reclaimed much of what made the first movie great when making Marauder. The filmmakers tried to copy the 'style' of the first movie, and in some aspects they succeeded. In others however, they failed miserably. Nevertheless, I think they put a lot of effort into the movie this time. For example, the federation broadcasts of the first movie were fantastic because they carried a lot of atmosphere and had so much subtle irony included. In the third movie, I think they overshot the mark a bit. There are a lot of broadcasts and they do a good job helping to create the film's atmosphere, but they are so openly ironic and sometimes it's almost comedy. One would think the officials are crazy to actually air that (Strongly in contrary to the first movie's broadcasts).

The story is not too bad. If you are willing to overlook some flaws you might find to like it. They even implemented a plot twist, which however was not very surprising at all. What I really could not stand was the needlessly exaggerated part about religion.

The cast is OK, but I think the filmmakers should have brought more old characters. It was nice to see Rico again; however it seemed the main characters were actually Lola and Dix instead of him. Dix's character also acts unreasonable on several occasions. And I found that the cast for the sky marshal was good, he has some charisma.

CGI effects are not very impressive. The bugs seem slightly worse animated than in 1997. So do explosions and the settings. The space ships and broadcasts look nice though.

Music is very average. Aside from the great song in the first broadcast there are no themes that would grab your attention. You would expect much much more of Klaus Badelt after his Pirates of the Caribbean score. Maybe he should have oriented his work more on the fantastic score of Basil Poledouris from the first movie. There is perhaps just one tiny little moment towards the end, where you would notice the music as great support for the scene. But once you notice it, its already over.

Writing this review I feel that there is actually not much positive to say in detail. But the composition of all these clearly average components is slightly better, because the atmosphere was right. It can be seen that this is in fact a Starship Troopers movie and not only shares the same name, as the second one did.
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A true Sequel to Starship Troopers
imdb-21125 August 2008
It's obvious to me that the makers of Starship Troopers 2 simply did not understand the original Starship Troopers movie. Starship Troopers was a great social satire, and is more relevant today than it ever was before. The makers of Starship Troopers 2 thought it was just a dumb war action flick and created their sequel based on that assumption.

But Starship Troopers was not a movie about a war; it was a movie about the society which waged this war.

The people who made Starship Trooper 3 did not make the same mistake. They understood the appeal and the message of Starship Troopers, ignored the abysmal second part, and made a true sequel, even expanding on a lot of the themes started in the original.

If you liked Starship Troopers but did not like the second part, give this one a try (and if you haven't seen part 2, simply assume that Starship Troopers 2 never happened and go straight to 3). You will not be disappointed.
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starship bloopers
jack-96416 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Usually 'hinsight' created sequels aren't as good as the original and this (part III) is no exception. In fact i sat it out, but was increasingly annoyed by the lack of creativity and intellect. The last half hour is more like a crusade for religion (happens more and more in Hollywood it seems) than a serious attempt to make a good sci fi shoot'em up style movie. So the story is lame, the acting is doable, effects are OK, but nothing new or exciting.

In the beginning old friends meet again, but these are all new actors (apart from Rico) and this is quite confusing. Obviously the makers found that a problem too, since the emphasis is overdone. The war turns into showbiz and commerce, which is too realistic maybe (?!) and a battle is lost at some secret planet somewhere (its top secret so we aren't supposed to know either) The brass flees from the planet and ends on some other secret planet due to a flat tire, after which Rico has to go get them. And thats good for Rico, since he joined up in a hanging party, which have become in vogue. To 'spice' it up a bit, we get some boob shots and then Rico saves the day. Alls well that ends well, so they overkill a new bug-brain by destroying the whole planet its on. Or at least i hope so, or there will be another sequel. (To stay in sync with the movie) God forbid!

You can miss it.
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Too Far
soger18 July 2008
This movie could have been so good, to bad they screwed it up.

I like the idea of the Marauder Project but the CGI animating it is very weak. So is the bug animation. Even the first movie looked better than this one and that was made in '97. I would say the CGI in this movie is on the same level as Robocop 2 which was made 18 years ago.

The story is consistent and entertaining except for the last few minutes. I liked the heavy combats, the mysteries and the political twists. It was interesting to see how a few men in power can manipulate the "truth" if you give up democracy. For the most part the movie kept the tone and the intensity of the first one but then they had to ruin it with the religious crap and cheesy love scenes at the end.

My opinion is that they took it too far with the bugs. For example with the exploding grenade bugs that you see in the first few minutes. Also the bugs' strength is their short lifespan hence their ability to evolve quickly. So, in my opinion this is in direct contradiction with the big bugs that lives for a really long time. But I'm no biologist and this is not a documentary movie.

You can notice that I did not mention Starship Troopers 2. I don't know why people embarrass themselves with movies like ST2 (or even ST3) if they don't have the budget to make a decent movie. ST2 showed just a bunch of amateur actors reading script from the autocue.

So to sum it up I don't regret the 100 minutes spent watching the movie but it will definitely not go into my personal collection.
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It's a good day to die, it's a good day to buy.
TheGodOfDeedsAndWhine16 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Satire at its best.

Punishments without legal trials? Check. An incompetent leader who thinks God speaks to him? Check. Suicide bombers? Check. Peaceful protesters labeled as terrorists? Check. Swearing considered a blasphemy, while killings go unnoticed? Check. Defeat equals victory? Check.

CGI has been improved - a lot of action sequences look bloodier than anything in the prequels. The "bugs" are more detailed and everyone has been upgraded - the bugs have XXL-scorpions and humans have, well, shovels. If severed limbs and exploding heads are not enough for entertainment, then there are also political intrigues which provide a few twists to keep the story interesting.

If the movie would take itself more seriously it could be a sci-fi epic. However, since the baddie "Main Brain" resembles more "Jabba from Star Wars" and less "Alien from Alien" it fails to do so. Anyhow, the Marauders themselves are impressive weapons and all in all, at the end of the day, Starship Troopers 3 is a worthy sequel that provides a decent amount of entertainment.
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not as good as the first...10x better than the second
panzersam21 July 2008
As most of us Starship trooper fans know, The first movie was brilliant(except no tanks). The people who did manage to find the second movie know it sucked. Now we come to the Third. Although its better than the second it doesn't match anywhere near as good as the first.

Jonney Rico is back along with some other big names. But the real disappointment was its overall making. It could have been so much better. SGI and bad acting played a big role in that. We do see the return of the Starships and large combat but the set is still small. It has some good fighting scenes and some dull moments but over all watchable.

So now we must wait. see if there will be number 4 and hope to God it will be high budget.
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the only surprise was that I watched it to the end
chrismorton16 July 2008
I don't know why I kept watching to the end, but I did anyway and it really wasn't worth my (or anyone else's for that matter) time.

you don't need a big budget to make a good film, but it's impossible to hide a bad one with a small budget and this one must have had a REALLY small budget.

I was surprised to see Jolene Blalock's name attached to this being a star trek fan I thought she might bring something to the movie, but I'm starting to understand why she was cast as an emotionally void Vulcan in Enterprise. I'd also read comments about the state of her lips and thought it was just internet geeks going overboard, but they are really big now, significantly moreso than in her trek role, I think she needs to ease off on the collagen before they take over her face, they're starting to look like she was beaten up.

the SFX would have embarrassed the Red Dwarf crew at times they were so bad. For an example of how bad it gets check out the scene on the ship at warp where the view out the window isn't even CGI but some space scene on a long roller rolled past the window really quickly with the same repeating pattern over and over. I honestly don't think I've seen that done since the 70's! even the bug CGI is barely up to video game standards and not a patch on the original (which is 11 years old (1997) now and still looking much better than anything in ST3).

seriously guys, if you don't have the budget to make it properly, just don't make it at all, for your own sakes as professionals as well as for the sake of your fans. didn't you learn anything from ST2?
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Starts badly - gets better - ends badly.
chumpsteak8 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
From the very start this film looks really cheap. Wobbly sets, plastic guns & bad CGI. Check out the gun turrets in the 1st big action scene - I think they actually used cardboard tubes! Also, the acting is predictably wooden & there are a lot of 'filler' scenes where people stand around doing very little & exchanging bad dialogue.

For an action movie, it's quite slow paced & the 'Marauders' only show up briefly at the end. Shame, because they're just about the best use of CGI in the whole film. However, ST3 does have it's moments. The Sky Marshal is a good character even though it's obvious that he works for the Bugs from the second he walks on screen. Plus, thingy from Star Trek Enterprise does a decent job as our Heroine leading a group of imbeciles through the desert. It was great to have the Brain Bug back & there's some lovely gore & head popping too. Also, the needless nudity we've come to expect from Starship Troopers is present as usual.

What really messed it up for me was the religious angle that crept in halfway through. it's pointless & somewhat offensive. The Marauders get portrayed as Angels & start basting Bugs with their Cross shaped guns while our heroines pray for salvation. Gimme a break. Finally, the special effects of the planet exploding are just about the worst I've ever seen.
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Well, not as good as the first, but much better than the second
mystemo24 June 2008
I tell ya I was dying to see this movie when I heard it was going to be released and it is a mixed bag. The Starship Troopers universe is explored in more detail - we see more of the Federation and their behind the scenes antics plus we also get to see what Rico is up to nowadays. You can tell Casper Van Dien has aged from the first movie, but he does such a good job in his role. You can tell his character has been amongst ongoing struggles and has such a commanding presence. And yes he gets his gear off once again (phew, I was hoping). The supporting cast is OK - the Admiral is excellently bitchy and authoritative and the Pilot was very tough and yet feminine, but the rest were merely bodies to fill the screen, in my opinion. The film does touch on a bit of this and a bit of that, but just falls short of feeling substantial, what the first film achieved so successfully. The special effects are adequate for the budget and often look quite OK - there are also a few gory moments for those into exploding heads and such. Probably the most disappointing aspect was not the fact that the ending was awfully soppy, clichéd and predictably going to lend itself for a sequel, but that the Marauder element was so miniscule that if you blinked you'd miss it (relative to the remaining bulk of the film). Hopefully in the next film they push the marauders more and don't get bogged down in too much unnecessary dialogue. But overall Starship Troopers 3 is a worthy watch and a decent followup to the other films. Thankyou for coming back to the series Casper, that's all I can say :)
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Afternoon Delight
canadiancannibal20 July 2008
First things first: This was probably not what most people expected, including myself. Having relished the original film, endured the abortion of the second, and always finding solace in the book, I was ready to face this one head on. It was funny, really funny. After getting under the first layer of hilarity (mixed with appropriate amounts of red pulp), a scathing satire of current events emerged. For a movie that promised absolutely nothing, it delivered everything. No, the acting isn't that hot, but it wasn't trying to be more than it could be. Edward Neumeier succeeded in how he blended the hope and dire warnings of the original book, sprinkle it with hilarity, add a dash of zombie style violence, top it off with hot chicks and shower scenes, finally to be served in a bowl of parody based satire.

Thats enough for me.
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A disaster of epic proportions
eddyh198011 August 2008
Casper Van Dien and Jolene Blalock must've really, really needed the money to get involved with this piece of crap of a flick. I was shocked and awed by the terrible everything. How this movie came into existence is beyond my comprehension. Abandon all hope, this movie is the Antichrist of Starship Troopers 1. Why? First, the script was written by a ten year-old. Second, the special effects are worse than Star Trek TNG season 1. Third, the acting was as bad as community theater. This movie ranks up there with all the other B movie pieces of sh!t. I hope Casper and Jolene have a career after this. I'm thinking they probably wished they hadn't gotten involved in the first place.
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Enjoyable, not the greatest but decent movie
djeb200415 January 2010
Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. Hmm, well I'll start with the good. There was quite a bit of good in this movie. A great starship troopers movie. Like Casper Van Dien says in the making of the movie, this is the true sequel to starship troopers. Casper Van Dien reprises his role as John Rico. He plays the role great, maybe even better than the first film. Supporting lead cast was good. Boris and Jolene played excellent roles. Special Effects were superior to syfy movies but not up to par as first or second movie. Could have been excellent with more money in the budget. They had the right person for the job in Dennis Stotak. The directing was pretty good for Ed Neumier's first directing job. The fednet sequences are good and campy as the first movie. This movie features more citizen and human depth than war with bugs which made it its own picture. The Marauder's needed more screen time and more money to make better CG effects, but it wasn't awful.

The bad: Money and time. Which about sums up the times you can tell when things were CGI effects or looked visually unappealing. The supporting cast was pretty bad, as in they would destroy the dialog or you couldn't understand them too well with the heavy accents. The weapons looked too bulky but at least they were not lazers. They did shoot actuall shell cased ammunition which was a cool thing from the first film. This movie isn't a good stand alone movie which is not necessarily bad but its great for starship troopers fans, but it won't jolt much excitement from someone who hasn't seen any of the other movies or read the book.

I hope they get a bigger budget and maybe create another movie with some more original cast members and an all out war picture. Just my wishful thinking. 6 out of 10, I did enjoy this movie because I enjoyed the others but if you are not a fan of the others you probably won't enjoy this one.
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Ruins this franchise
diplomize1 September 2008
It's extremely hard to get into this movie because it's a farce. The director obviously did not try to do this inadvertently but the silly dialogue, poor acting, cliché plot, and other crummy elements completely ruin this movie.

I'm going to list a few disappointments for fellow readers. -This movie completely copies and overuses the propaganda advertising element from the first movie. -The actors obviously had little to no preparation for playing their role. The way the hold their guns, retreat, and physical appearance shows that the actors were picked up randomly from the streets and told to act. -Inappropriate dialogue. The things the actors say in the face of death makes you want to laugh. -Inappropriate acting. The situation and the way they act are completely uncorrelated. For example, in the face of death (a bug is right in front of their faces) the actors have arguments, they start to kiss as an entire PLANET is being blown up. -A general physically threatens an unarmed superior officer.

Frankly, I'm a fan of the first movie, Starship Troopers. The second movie was a failure, so I expected this third movie to be much better. I was terribly upset when I realized they utterly butchered this movie as well. I do not recommend spending any time or money on viewing this movie. Time can be better spent watching paint dry.
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Some one Kill Me!
mathiaslindwe15 July 2008
This was prob the worst peace of crap i have seen in a long time. The first movie was good, the second was bad and this one worse. I have seen better special effects in the first star wars movie. I know now why this one goes straight to Video.

I believed that this was a serious project when they dug up Casper Van Dien again. But no, his acting effort is not good at all. I have seen better acting in the plays you had in grade school. At the end they try to save the movie with some nudity, but no they fail on that part to.

If there is a price for worst one liners in a movie or worst special effects this movie will kill the other competitors.

I really suffered through this movie, so save your own life and don't watch it!
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Bugs vs old-time religion!
lowellstone5 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
For about half of the movie, I wasn't too disappointed. If you watch a straight-to video movie you usually get what you pay for. Everything was OK until the not-too-subtle religious overtones made their way to the forefront of the movie. Although I am not against spirituality in appropriate doses, I hate being hit over the head with it. I can't believe the actors were delivering their lines without losing their respective lunches! I read the original book by Heinlein many years ago, and if he were around to see this drivel he would have run away screaming.

An ending with some thought would have been nice. Let's hope that ST4 will be made with one. Maybe Verhoeven will direct.

BTW, did anyone notice the name of the protester who was executed at the end?
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Oh my GOD What Happened
adamcarlton26 July 2008
I'm already wondering, minutes after the credits rolled why i kept watching. Maybe it's just cos i was expecting it to get better and it never did. Maybe its cos i was waiting for the great action and gore scenes i saw back in Starship Troopers 1.

Where to begin with the bad? What stands out most is the incredibly, laughably and undeniably the worst special effects I've seen in any film made in the past 10 years. Starship Troopers 1 was light years ahead of this. The scene where the Q-Bomb takes out the bug planet actually made me think "WTF" and burst out laughing. I could have done a better effect in MS Paint.

The acting was bearable but still not fantastic. I like Casper Van Dien but the other characters i was happy for them to die and wanted it to come but they NEVER DIED IN A DECENT WAY. Almost every bug kill was off-screen, clearly because they didn't have the budget for the gore and effect. I just wanted to see some limbs flying off soldiers and crap like that from ST1. All i got was off-screen munching and cheap screams. I mean what the hell? The film was just poor .. Nothing at all seemed realistic and i wanted everybody to die. I was rooting more for the bugs than anything else. The story was just dire and if they could kill 10,000 bugs by building a few kitted-out robots it makes you wonder why they didn't do that in the first place. My score is 2/10 .. 1 point cos it had Casper Van Dien in it and another cos its better than Starship Troopers 2.
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It's not great, but it has some good qualities
horta123418 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Definitely it is not supposed to be a masterpiece, but there are some good points in the movie like the demonstration of: how the media can manipulate the "real" facts; the blindness of the army which foment the war at all costs; the total repression of the opposition (pacifists) in extreme situations; the advertisement with beautiful men and women in order to get more people to become soldiers; the relations between religion and war and, in some cases, the religion's intolerance. Just for that, the movie is worth to be seen. I don't understand much about cinematography, but the impression that I got wasn't that bad. Actually, it was enjoyable.
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Movie is much better if you know what are you actually watching..
CasualView28 July 2008
Quite surprised about low rating of this movie until the moment of simple enlightenment: people likely think this is an action movie and evaluate it as another sci-fi while in fact this is wonderful social comedy with elements of sci-fi and "hardcore" action to make it less pathetic.

Yes, low budget is visible in every "digitized" blast there, so if you are after another space blockbuster, skip watching it and wait for a moment when you feel yourself fit for a good comedy. And you will appreciate this movie - seriously :) Forget this average IMDb rating and watch it for your pleasure, home video is perfect place for it, not big theater screen.

If you watched original "Troopers" and laughed at those nice clichés in "Federal Network" broadcasts then "Marauder" is the movie for you, you'll get more clichés and they became even better and more ingenious. Low on FX, it's high on humor and I sincerely hope we will have another "Troopers" inheriting this mad mixture of sarcasm and gore "insectofobic" violence.
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Wow, and this from the writer of the first Starship Troopers movie....
crc_error16 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Ummmmm what was this? The movie started out pretty decent and then it just kind of fell flat towards the end. Made me appreciate the original that much better. However, I will say, that it is 50% better than Starship 2.

I don't get it, I really don't. I understand that the budget was smaller, I understand why people really like this series, myself included. I just don't understand how it could be screwed up so bad. This series kind of reminds me of the Highlander Series: It started out really good, with a good story, then the producers got a hold of it and put it in the toilet(see recent Highlander:The Source, for confirmation) The point is, there is a fan base for this series. People really want to see more of the Starship troopers. Why do the writers mess it up so bad. And apparently just because they can write, it all of the sudden means that they can direct too? Which is not always the case. Given this movie.

If you are a hardcore fan, this movie is worth watching. While some people are into the hardcore gore(boring), I really like the propaganda machine that these movies put on. However, during the movie when the religion stuff goes over the top(a.k.a. when pilot and soldier are praying and there is a cheesy fading/overlay effect of explosions and things getting blown up, it just was really tacky). And the Marauder part was very brief. The nude scene(while yes, there were nice looking bodies) just seemed totally tacked on and had no plot barring whatsoever. Watching this it was hard to believe that the writer/Director was the same screenplay writer for the first Starship troopers movie. He should stick to better writing and stay away from directing. It's better then the 2nd(not saying much), but very disappointing for those of us who really enjoy the first one and the spirit of the series. Do it right or let it die.

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Anoke16 July 2008
Right from the start of the film we know that we are really back in the universe from the first ST. No one else can write ST-verse like Neumeier. It's a shiny but a rotten world, with many tongue-in-cheek moments. You'll have to see MARAUDER a few good times to catch it all (for instance look at the titles in FedNets). Again Neumeier goes back to the social satire and a commentary on the "here and now" situations (War in Iraq, Bushism and anti-Bushism). The huge surprise here is...this movie is much more positive and strong on belief in the human race than the original one. Humanity has a chance of not becoming a swarm of bugs after all.

The story goes two ways. The main story lines are that of Johnny Rico/Dix Hauser and the tale of the people lost on a distant planet, with Lola Beck/Sky Marshall Anoke being the leads. Both of these tales are interesting and surprising ones. They are the settings for the larger issues – especially religion and various takes on it. This is always a great subject for the characters to explore. First of all we find out that Johnny Rico somehow kept his sanity in the long years of war and developed a lot of heart. Last time we saw him, he was "a part of the grinder". Now he's a soldier with soul, a soldier who can't obey orders if they are not right or just. When I did the interview with Casper he said "Johnny is now a true warrior ." CVD skillfully shows that aspect in the movie. Van Dien is Johnny Rico and he owns the film. This performance alone makes the movie a must see. Dix Hauser (Boris Kodjoe) is by the book guy who learns that the mind is like a parachute and works well only if it's open. Good piece of acting by Kodjoe.

Now on to the actors of the second story. Jolene Blalock creates a very feminine, sexy and strong character of Lola Beck. Lola Beck rules! She's cool, she has commanding skills, she's every troopers wet dream. This role is yet another example of the fact that Blalock is a "acting-chameleon" and can play totally different roles. She is an actress with a very wide range of acting skill. When you see Jolene you can be so blinded by her beauty that you may not notice how talented an actress she is. Luckily in TROOPERS 3 Jolene has a chance to play some really dramatic scenes. She has great chemistry with her partners especially with Dr. Wiggs (solid Danny Keogh) Bull (Stelio Savante in a top form), and Holly (the lovely Marnette Patterson).

The little older, wiser generation is represent by two talented people: Amanda Donohoe and Stephen Hogan. I personally remember Donahoe for her role in "The Lair of the White Worm". It still is one of my fav movies. I'm sorry I couldn't get an interview with Miss Donahoe for our site. Maybe next time... Very talented English actor Stephen Hogan has a giant screen charisma and watching him on the screen is an absolute delight. He steals every scene he's in. All other actors make their characters memorable... from Cecile Breccia (Hi Cecile! You made Link Mannion both super sexy and tough, and the French accent was such a turn on ;-) to Joe Vaz as "Peace Terrorist" Elmo Goniff. The casting is tip top.

The thing that was brought up on a lot of discussions are the effects in the movie. The question was always the same: With the a lot lower budget how can you compete with still state of the art/ageless visuals from Tippett Studio? It's a mission impossible, isn't it? Well, the answer is yes and no. I have to say these effects are very good especially if you think they are in the movie with a budget of 1/8 of the typical big summer blockbuster. There are more than 400 visual and special effects in this movie, they are wonderfully diverse and not a repetition by any means of the "movie magic" from the previous films.

In STARSHIP TROOPERS 3: MARAUDER there is the ambitious amalgamation of wonderful miniature effects (The Scorpion Bug is amazing), CGIs and practical on-set effects. Sometimes it works remarkably, sometimes a bit less remarkably, but there are some amazing "instant classic" scenes (battle on Roku San, space sequences, Le Grande Finale, new Fed Nets etc…). Great work from the team lead by Robert Skotak. He did the impossible!

Speaking as big fan of the original film and someone who invest a lot of heart and time for this franchise (I'm the creator of STARSHIP TROOPERS 3.NET) I can honestly say that STARSHIP TROOPERS 3: MARAUDER is a worthy sequel to the Paul Verhoeven's masterpiece. It has everything you've been counting for and more. Of course it's not a 100 million dollars follow up that some of us have dreamed of, but it's great anyway. The budget limitations didn't break the magic of ST.

But the most important thing is: By this film Ed Neumeier proved that there is still a lot of life in the STARSHIP TROOPERS universe, that this world is still as fascinating as eleven years ago and still can be a great allegory to the current political situation. There is a lot more to explore in ST-verse. Let's hope for more TROOPERS stories (the 4th movie, the TV series) in the future! Of course with Ed, Casper, Jolene and the rest of the gang on board!
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The best direct-to-DVD ever
foxtrot-2122 August 2008
Starship Troopers was a milestone in the science-fiction domain, regarding both the storyline, and special effects. Underrated at first, is now an ensemble of the war movie as well as a clever commentary to the present world, its problems, politics etc. It was more than obvious that sequels must come shortly. The only surprise (unpleasant one, unfortunately), was that Sony, the owner of the franchise, decided to drastically cut funds for them, therefore Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation had to cope with the standard direct-to-DVD budget around 6 million USD, which, of course, for the abundant story of the interstellar war, was next to nothing. Yet Phil Tippett, the special effects supervisor in the first movie and the director in the second, worked wonders with this small amount of money. Hero of the Federation was a decent movie with special effects of the same quality as in the first part of the saga. What's more important, it made enough money to encourage executives at Sony to invest some more cash (20 million USD namely) and give a green light for the third installment in the ST universe.

This time, with Ed Neumeier as the director and the screenwriter, we have a greater budget, and much more ambitious screenplay, trying to restore the plot to the first movie level. After seeing this film four times, I must say that I'm really surprised by the large amount of the negative feedback from the reviewers. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder is unbelievably good, and although made straight to DVD market, it would easily be presented in cinemas (and in Asia was!). Shot on 35 mm shows the world of ST in a very wide spectrum. We have large ground battles on distant worlds (at Roku San and OM-1), outer space scenes (excellent Sanctuary star base), as well as different shots of Terran headquarters and science facilities. Acting is very good for almost all characters (outstanding Casper van Dien, Jolene Blalock, Stephen Hogan, Amanda Donohoe, maybe with exception of Boris Kodjoe). Special effects do not surpass the first movie, but what would You expect for one fifth of the original budget? Moreover, as CGI are acceptable, but not great (yet still can compete with the largest hits, such as the latest: Indiana Jones, Revenge of the Sith, or Iron Man), the miniature effects designed by Robert Skotak are flawless (see Scorpion class bug, grenade kamikaze and all effects in the close-ups).

The final thumb up for the movie is the script. ST3 is a rare gem, that unveils new details and aspects when watched for the second, third and more times. For example, the behavior of Sky Marshall Anoke is understandable when we already know, what was the main clue in the movie. Also, try to focus on the small but beautiful details, such as bass-relief behind Admiral Phid's desk in her office, choreography of the troopers during "It's a good day to die" video clip and many more. Finally, ST3 is a movie with a message (which is very rare in today American cinema). The director tried to say something about the human condition in the contemporary world, influence of the religion on our actions and how these can be exploited by witty dictators and even rulers of the democratic countries. It is clear that unlike other movies mentioned here, Marauder was made by someone who has an imagination and the heart for SF stories. What we get here is of the top quality in all aspects - the crew did their best to ensure that both fans and "ordinary" people get something out of this.

ST3 is a must-see for all, who do not regard Jumper, Mummy 3, Hellboy 2, or Dark Knight as good sci-fi movies or movies at all, and yearn for the true, classic science fiction stories. It is also light years ahead of other (unfortunately very weak) direct-to-DVD movies (Lost Boys: The Tribe, Scorpion King 2, War Games 2 etc.). Let's hope that we will see the fourth part of this exciting series shortly, maybe with greater budget and the same, outstanding cast?
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Marauder ROCKED in the theater
Librafan3 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After reading the long list of postings about Starship Troopers Marauder on this board, I had to write my own. The film doesn't even come out till next week August5th on DVD so I'm surprised how many people who watched streaming pirated rough cuts or incomplete versions of the film have bothered to blog with such strong opinions without even seeing the film in it's correct medium (watching it online instead of in the theater or on the small screen/DVD) or at least seeing it as a completed film (instead of rough cuts). Make sure you see something before you decide whether you want to recommend it or kill it off otherwise your blog makes no sense because you haven't seen the film's final version.

I was at the premiere a few nights ago at the Arclight in Hollywood and am pleased I got to see Marauder on the big screen because it entertained me and seemingly everyone else in the audience. It works on several different levels and doesn't need to be seen as part of the trilogy because it holds up well all by itself.

The director deserves a lot of credit for being brave enough to take this on with the odds stacked against him (A small budget and a horrible Part 2-Hero Of The Federation) and he has succeeded where Hero of the Federation failed.

Marauder is smartly written, well directed and very relevant considering today's political climate in this country. The humor is thought provoking, well crafted and well placed throughout the film and echoes a lot of what the first Starship Troopers film accomplished by making it current to today's environment. The cinematography was excellent and the scenes on the sand dunes and the beaches have me convinced that South Africa looks like New Zealand but I've only been to the latter. I thought the acting was very good, especially the supporting characters. The action sequences were great. I went to see this with two women who do not particularly like the war genre and even they were impressed with the final action sequence. The huge marauder/robocop like suits of armored steel were magnificent.

I would rate this 4 out of 5 stars with a special plea to the producers in case they ever read this. Your loyal fans would like to see a Starship Troopers series for the small screen with several characters from both the original (part one) and Marauder.
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Thank the gods for this film.
ru48619 July 2008
Finally an important film about the role of religion in the universe, as a tool for subjugating the masses and it's necessity for committing xenocide (the killing of an entire species). If moral motive power is of concern to you, this film will hammer at your core.

Scene after scene we see the banal marching and singing to their death. For the defense of the Federation 'Honor, Loyalty and Service' combine to lift the human spirit to fight and hang their own when not defending the universe from insects and their innate desire to end objectivism. We are shown the enemy and it is free will. The outcome, should never be in doubt, for either side to win, free will must die.

Time has nibbled on the edges of Robocop giving the following generations a farcical view of the religion of the American 1980's. We now view that movie as testimony to the power unrest gives to those in power. And where Robocop showed us the powerful pulling the strings, Starship Troopers 3 gives us the view on the ground. What goes though the hearts and minds of men when fear without reason allows the shackles of authoritative government to be traded for the release of kneeling to religion. We are shown the desperate nature of the uneducated seeking peace from the easiest source. The bewildered and lonely sacrifice their individuality for the love of blind devotion. The old, educated elitist marching aimlessly out of inertia, to tired to light an enlightened path. And finally, the daily struggle of the average man against relentless professions of miracles scumming to the power of faith.

The good guys win, the bad guys remain in control and the blood on the walls is a pretty shade of rose. Prepare for the death of man and the continuation of mankind.
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Faith Is More Powerful Than Q-Bomb
claudio_carvalho20 October 2008
In the front-line of the Second Bug War in planet Roku San, the charismatic Sky Marshal Omar Anoke (Stephen Hogan) arrives with his assistant General Dix Hauser (Boris Kodjoe) in an starship piloted by his fiancée Captain Lola Beck (Jolene Blalock) and they are welcomed by their friend and hero of Planet P Colonel Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien). While Anoke inspects the facility protected by fences, Dix, Lola and Rico go to a bar to celebrate their reunion. However, Dix has an incident with the local farmers and arrests Rico for insubordination; meanwhile, there is a shut down in the defense fences and the bugs break into the facility. Lola and Anoke escape in the starship, but it crashes in Planet OM-1 and Lola, Anoke, Chief Bull Brittles (Stelio Savante), Jingo Ryan (Cokey Falkow), Dr. Wiggs (Danny Keogh) and the religious flight attendant Holly Little (Marnette Patterson) save themselves in a rescue pod. When Dix discovers that Admiral Enolo Phid (Amanda Donohoe) has no intention to rescue the survivors in the Arachnid Quarantine Zone, he assigns Rico in the Marauder Program to lead a squad with six other troopers to rescue Lola and Anoke.

"Starship Troopers 3: Marauder" is a reasonable entertaining, with good and also awful points. The good ones are the ironic Federal Network, with manipulative messages and brainwash of the citizens; Jolene "T'Pol" Blalock; and the story as a whole that is not bad. However, there are many stupid lines and dialogs; annoying characters and situations (the attitudes and behavior of the flawed Dix is totally incoherent, Holly Little and Jingo are irritating and Anoke is silly); and this exaggerated subplot of religion is never funny and does not work. The special effects are only reasonable and the set decoration is good. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Tropas Estelares 3" ("Starship Troopers 3")
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Best of 3
thelonecabbage20 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
If your an ideologue: pro-war, anti-war, religious, or secular your going to hate this movie. I personally hatted the last two movies, as being simplistic and politically motivated. Not to mention ruining one of my favorite books. So by the time I watched this I wasn't hopping for much. Just a good sci-fi, with some cheesy lines. It delivered on both and more. The movie IS SATIRE, but this time around it lays into everyone. It lays into the fascist anti-free speachers first, by showing how they execute anyone who's against the war. But then shows the ridiculousness of the "peace at any cost" protesters (since according to the story, it's an existential conflict, not expansion). But it doesn't stop there! Religionists get hammered through the whole movie right up to the end, where the script turns on it's head and points out some strong points in faith. WTF you say? Wait another 5min and the movie about faces again to attack state religion. Not one line of the script is from Heinlen, but I think he would be proud of the anti-fascist, everyone is ultimately wrong, attitude of this movie.
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