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Surprisingly great
sumtim3s00n12 February 2010
I must say that at first I did not like the style of the animation. Its different, completely computer generated. You know what I mean. But after watching a few episodes I must say I got hooked. It is one of the best animated shows out there. I might just put it right next to my favorite shows like the 1994 Spider-man TV-series, 1996 Superman TV-series, 2001 Justice League TV-series or even Samurai Jack. Shows that are not generic, shallow and with stupid,over and over recycled humor. The stories in Iron Man are intriguing, I especially like the adventurous angle. And I really must congratulate the creators on making the fights and movements and the trashing that occurs on screen feel alive. I don't know how they did it but each step that Iron Man makes in the heavy suit or in general the movements of the armor,Hulks movements etc.. everything has this incredible audio backing that makes the movements come alive somehow. When he is thrown against the wall the bass is just right, when he walks the sounds of parts moving are just right. For example compare it to the new Planet Hulk animation movie by Marvel and you will be amazed at how bad it is and how good Iron Man AA is. Like day and night. So all in all we have good interesting plots with fun twists (refreshingly well thought out and logical with attention to detail and not with lame plot holes like we can often find with such animated series) accompanied with witty dialog and clever jokes. Again I repeat, If you find the animation a bit weird at first, don't, it is amazing, especially when you realize how incredible it is mixed with the audio. It really comes alive. And the how the Mandarin is portrayed in the series is amazing. The voice, the looks. Very scary and evil. I seriously do not think I am exaggerating if I say that it shows that the authors are real fans of the comics and put a lot of effort in making everything click together. Unlike the previously mentioned Planet Hulk or some other lame attempt at animation.
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The show gets A LOT better after the plot.
neacorp23 August 2009
When the first two episodes came out, I was in a way offended enough not to watch it again. Many probably wanted to see something related to the 2008 movie, not less liked by older fans kid-Stark series aimed at a younger audience. However, a while ago I decided to give the show another go, and boy I'm glad I did. The origin story was bad, but was there primarily to explain the basic points of the plot.

It is a change of pace from the original worn out tales. The series is a huge thought through story, with multiple side plots, and is best seen in order. Tony Stark loses his dads business to Stain for a few years before he becomes of legal age. The only good resources left to Tony are in an old business warehouse, where he builds his armored suits. Aided by his friends, and even enemies, he tries to make things right in the world. And he also has to go to school 5 days a weak. This turns him from a rich playboy alcoholic into a basic nerd.

If you like reasonable high-tech tools, weapons and suits, you will love this show. The villains usually have a visually superior completely altered wardrobe and tweaked arsenal. Best of all Tony starts of with nothing but jetboots and has to integrate enemy tech into his suit to improve it. Not to mention he also has to work out some bugs out of the suits systems.

Characters are well thought through, though not complex and sometimes predictable. If you look close enough even the henchmen have personalities. The creators did a terrific job to make you doubt how it will all end, without offending the fans.

The graphics aren't top, but they aren't distracting or try to go beyond necessities. There is clipping, some seen without effort, but its rear and will loosen up dull moments. Probably some areas could have used more dirt and garbage elements, but other than that backgrounds are OK.

Yes, the series has its bad episodes, and I think the pilot was the worst, but without it you would probably ask too many questions. If you don't like the series, my advice: stop watching it for a while and then try again starting with the next episode.
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A great show if you invest beyond the pilot!
I'm a BIG marvel fan and have was very happy when they announced a new animated Iron Man series. But to my disappointment I noticed that the creators had decided to throw away the origin story from the comics and replace it with one where Tony becomes Iron Man as a teenager. This was a major turn off for me when that in most cases means a series is adapted solely for smaller audiences. In most cases...

This is not one of those cases. In a way I must say this series actually have a much better origin than the original. I love the fact that Tony is a minor and two years away from becoming Mr. Stark (owner of Stark Industries) because that opens up a lot of story to tell. Also this series is not at all childish as I expected. The dialogue is really well written and all the voices, except Peppers, is really great. Also it's a very serialized series which makes it all the more enjoyable when you watch all episodes. On the other hand it makes it harder to get into if you're missing episodes.

Actually the only really bad thing with this series is that damn Pepper Potts. She's so damn whimsy and talk so much smack with that annoying voice. I just want her to die but that would probably ruin the origin story a little to much =). It's not something that ruins the show but for me it keeps it from being perfect. It's a strange choice to make Pepper so childish and annoying when everybody else acts so mature.

Take it from someone who really dislikes it when they screw up origin stories.. This series is great! It doesn't screw up the origin, it makes a new one. One that is superior to the original. The animation seems a little bit off in the first episode but as the series progresses it gets much better. The big nemesis for Tony, The Mandarin, is made really well, as are all the other enemies as well. The only thing this series is lacking right now is some solid crossovers from other famous marvel characters but I'm sure that'll come.. Also WAR MACHINE is soooo much cooler in this series than in the live action movie! The pilot is really bad compared to the rest of the series so give it a shot and I'll think you'll be pleasantly surprised to find a mature animated show about one of the cooler Marvel characters. Even though he's depicted as a teenager.
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Great show that entertains your kids.
nathan_dickamore20 December 2009
Usually it really bugs me the entertainment industry takes a great story like Iron Man and makes all the main characters kids, but not so with this animated series. As I have grown older and witnessed the pure crap that is focused towards a younger audience, it is encouraging to see a fun and worth while show come on the horizon. All of my children, from age 3 to 12, love this series. We have the first 6 episodes on Netflix Watch Instantly and my kids watch the entire series frequently. I watched it with them the first time and found it to be quite entertaining. Not the same quality as the latest movie, but good enough to keep me spending quality time with the kids.

I just hope we will see this continue on for a while and more episodes appear on Netflix Watch Instantly.
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Not a perfect adaptation, but there's lots to like
lemon_magic1 June 2015
My first reaction upon seeing that this was a non-canonical Iron Man story where Tony was a high school genius was: "Ugh!". But I was won over by the feel of the story and the high quality of the production.

This is a CGI series, with the "cel-shading" that first took over everything around the time of Sega's "Jet Set Radio". It feels unique compared to the mass produced animated cartoons that proceeded it and the Pixar style animation that followed. The "human" characters are a problematic sometimes - the faces can be a bit blank and stiff, and the arms and legs can resemble pipe-cleaners. Also, from an older point of view, some of the high school dramatics seem somewhat airless and underdeveloped.

But once the armor goes on, things rev up nicely. The costume and armor designs of all the good guys AND villains are convincingly sleek and high tech, the action is kinetic and bone-crunching, and you really do get a sense of the teamwork and resilience that allow a 16 year old prodigy to survive and overcome a seemingly endless wave of mechanized mayhem. As a previous reviewer perceptively commented, even the sound design for the armored combat and flight are amazingly well thought out and implemented.

Although it apparently had several seasons more that the one I caught on cable, it never seemed to catch on, but I really enjoyed what I got to see and will be tracking the remaining episodes down.
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It holds on to the elements that make Tony Stark, Tony/Iron man.
genemarie125 October 2011
At first glance I was skeptical; making Tony 16...I went really??? But I actually dig it. As I know all products are targeted for the mid teens so I grunted but watched it anyway. I was also skeptical as adaptations tend to go wrong almost every time, they're usually focused on 'what sells' or just taking the names and the heroes 'powers' and making some TV show/movie. It's terribly disappointing for fans and insulting to the creators in my mind.

However, this is a true adaptation. It changes the original story a bit, however it sticks to the base of the story. It holds on to the elements that make Tony Stark, Tony/Iron man. It incorporates his closest friends and uses them as great reinforcements to the character.

This show is extremely well rounded. Great for kids, it helps them fall in love with heroes they wouldn't know otherwise. A 'smart' superhero as well not just a 'cool' hero. Although he is lol. It's well written in all aspects, as a writer/indie film maker I have zero complaints. In my book this is the perfect adaptation, it's acceptable to current fans, a great introduction for the new.

Happy it's on season two and I am praying it continues for season after season as I am so tired of bad television especially bad animations. This one is really great. It deserves it's time slot.
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Surprisingly Excellent
nizzyb3 June 2009
I imagined this to be another throw away show. I thought it was only created for more money to be made from the success of the movie, but I was mistaken!

The show is well written. The characters are three dimensional. And the story is very intriguing. But you have to watch all the episodes in order. It's almost a serial type of show. If you miss an episode it'll be harder to understand what's going on.

I definitely recommend the show to anyone interested. And just a side note, the show so far in my opinion is better than the new Wolverine And the X-men series.
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One of my favorites
vibetitanic13 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Yes, yes, YES! Now, this show is exactly what I want out of a Marvel cartoon. This series blew me away when it debuted on Nicktoons Network. This series has everything going for it: The plot, the super villains, the action, etc. Let's go ahead and review this marvel of a Marvel animation. The plot. At the beginning of this series, a younger Tony Shark is having the good life and than, all of the sudden, the airplane that Tony and his father was riding blows up and Tony thinks that Stane caused it. He knows the truth eventually and does whatever he can to save Stark International, a company that his father founded. The super villains: AA contains a TON of Marvel (?) super villains like Titanium Man, Whiplash, Mr. Fix, Justin Hammer, Count Nefraria, Stane (Note: Stane and Hammer may not be super-villains), Magnato (one episode) and much more. The action: AA has a ton of action. Almost all episodes have some form of action in it, even if it's not always Iron Man fighting. You know what? Forget that bulky Iron Man you see in films today, this series is basically KING. Tony Shark, in my opinion, is more popular in this than in the films. We really don't know much about Tony Shark in the movies, but in this, there's barely an episode that doesn't have Tony Shark in it. I love this series and no one is going to change my mind. In my mind, it's a Jewel.
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A fantastic show
OleFr-Skj30 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Iron Man is one of my favorite superheroes, and actually my second favorite Marvel hero (after Spider-Man). I was one of those people who didn't really know that much about Iron Man before the live action movie. It was a great movie, and it really got me into Iron Man.

As such, I was hoping for some sort of TV show to maybe roll around in the near future, and what I got was "Iron Man: Armored Adventures".

I was initially a bit skeptical, for the same reason as many others: "a teenage Iron Man?" I said to myself, "weird".

Luckily, I'm never the guy to immediately bias myself against something if it seems out of place.

I decided to check other's opinion on the show, the general response was that this was a great show.

As such, I went on the internet and found a site where I could watch it.

Now, all I have to say is: Wow, just, wow.

It is an absolutely amazing show. It is, in essence, Marvel's answer to "Batman Beyond", right down to the original hero being a rich industrialist with hi-tech gadgets at his disposal to fight crime. That description is fitting for both Iron Man and Batman. Granted, this isn't the future, but present day, and Tony is still Iron Man. But in the general sense, it's the same.

It even goes the same way with the plot. "Batman Beyond", often did Batman stories with a younger cast, the same goes for "Iron Man: Armored Adventures". This isn't a bad thing, it's actually pretty great most of the time.

The show's CGI animation does make the characters seem a bit "robotic" at times in their movements. Of course, that's not really a problem as long as Tony and Rhodey are inside their suits as Iron Man and War Machine, then I'd expect them to move like they do. But outside of their armors, Tony, Rhodey and the rest all just seem a bit stiff.

This is a minor problem, however, and is easily forgivable most of the time.

I liked how, aside from Tony, his friends and the Mandarin being younger, the majority of other Marvel characters appearing in the show stays true to their comic book selves. We have traditional versions of Magneto and Dr. Doom for instance, as well as Hulk and Black Widow among others. I just love seeing teenage Tony interact with them.

Of course, they had to change some things. One being the genius twist of making Obadiah Stane the one charged with running Stark International until Tony turns 18. He uses the company's resources to make weapons in order to make money, and Tony can't just sit back and watch.

Another is how the many inventions originally invented by Tony that became the cause of some of his enemies actually going bad in the first place (The Living Laser comes to mind), are here invented by his father instead. Since Tony's father is gone, Tony has to clean up the mess after him.

The show is great fun to watch, and I enjoy it a lot, a great addition to Marvel's roster.
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Big production gaffe -- leads with the weakest segment
A_Different_Drummer18 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the IMDb reviews I was prepared for the opening episode to be weak but frankly I was astonished. The worst animation in the series -- animation that makes you want to stop the DVD and run screaming down the hall -- is the first scene in the episode 1, where a walking man is done so badly you can get vertigo just watching. And the story for that segment is weak also. But -- just like the other reviewers said -- it gets better and the animation actually becomes kinda fun. Good writing, good voice actors, lots of action. Now, this is not the place to comment on Marvel decision to "juvenilize" their asset (as they have done with every other franchise) because that is beyond the ken of this review. But it works. Pretty good.

Update Feb 2015: The more time I spend with this oddball production the more impressed I am with the production team. I think they were capable of much more but, because the series never caught fire, we will never know. There are lots of inside jokes buried in the script. Look at episode 212 for example (All the Best People are Mad) where the "doctor" who shows up in the 30 seconds to take the insane high school student back to the asylum is called Dr. Bradner -- and Brandner just happens to be the name of the series Producer! Lots of potential, under-rated.
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Why is Iron Man 15?
aalvis-927938 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In all other Iron Man adaptations (as far as I know off), Iron Man is an adult. So Why is he a teenager? It makes no sense.
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Great show
oraserat23 May 2018
Happy to see many different universes (xmen, fantastic 4) and different heros put into the show. Really makes it stand out.
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Quite underwhelming
abhijeetjeetubest11 October 2018
I learned about this show from YouTube video... It has no blood or damage shown in action scenes and that is fine as this show is meant for kids... But it has many plot holes! Parts which should be important to story are not shown and in most places story is either ended abruptly. We never get to know what happened to few characters. In many places it seems like writer themselves do not understand what they wrote, and in those places they casually insert technology word... In short this show is stupid, yet still a good way to pass time
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Part Mobius, Part Manga, Part Kirby
Anthony-Castelluci17 July 2013
You have to take this series as an alternative timeline or alternate universe. The story arc is strong. But if you are only able to view Marvel characters as pure cannon, then this may not be for you. But if you are OK, with "What if" scenarios this is cool.

The skinny - You've seen Peter Parker in high school, what would Tony Stark be like in High School?

Like the review title says it has a lot of French design elements in it. The art direction is highly influenced by Jean Gerard Mobius. There are also a lot of Jack Kirby inspired design in this as well as manga influences.

The action is excellent. And the Cell shaded 3D animation is wonderful. The characters are awesome. Again the animation comes into play with bringing them to life. Pepper Potts is particularly hilarious with the way they animate her eyes. Doesn't hurt that the voice actress and script are hilarious at times.

Didn't bother me that they were all in high school. Again, I look at this as alternative universe. It's not mainstream cannon where Tony Stark is 40-something and the CEO of Stark Enterprises.

The only thing I found a little off was how thin looking the MK 1 armor is portrayed. Granted the teen age Tony Stark is skinny little dude. But still, I thought his neck was too small for a super hero. But it wasn't enough to make me drop my rating a whole point.

Love to see Silver Surfer in this style.
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What The Hell Is This?
WakenPayne15 November 2009
Tony Stark battles the enemies of world peace with his revolutionary power armor technology. Yeah To Any Comic Book Fan This Sounds Cool But DOES EVERYBODY HAVE TO BE 15 YEARS OLD Its Ridiclious Everyone Except The Villiains Are 15 This Is What Happens When Disnep Buys Marvel Stupid #@*%ing Kids TV Shows Get Put Onto TV I Will Be Glad When This Show Is Cancelled Iron Man Is One Of My Favourite Heroes & He Is Portrayed Like This. Note To Everyone That Reads It: If You Want A Good Cartoon From Marvel Try Wolverine & The X-Men(2008) X-Men(1992) Incredible Hulk (1995) Iron Man (1995) Iron Man (1966). Even The Hulk 1978 Was Better Than This Crap.
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Decently animated show, but nothing on RDJ
mjplysaght14 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So after watching Robert Downey Jr more or less become the character of Tony Stark, this show intrigued me a little bit.

First of all, it's nothing compared to the MCU, but it's mildly entertaining. The kids would definitely get a lot more out of this.

Of course, people are bound to be skeptical of the fact that Stark, Rhodey and Pepper are all in high school. Clichéd setting but hey, what can you do? Pepper has a tendency to get on my nerves in this adaptation, because she never shuts up, and it's a little jarring seeing these iconic characters shown to us in the MCU deal with teenage problems.

It's harmless, the CGI is decent, but personally, it wouldn't be my go-to show.
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Iron Boy
WeAreLive20 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched a few episodes of this show and I have to say WHY??? has Tony Stark got his suit as a teenager instead of as an adult.

I wish I could give this a 4.5 out of 10 instead of 4 or 5 because at least it is better than the 1994 cartoon (see my review) But at least they got Pepper Potts to be his love interest instead of Julia Carpenter. Well considering how annoying Pepper is as a teenager she at least had a beautiful design with beautiful clothes and believe it or not I had a small crush on her. The show also had good CGI animation. But the main reason why I don't like this show is that like with X-Men Evolution they have de-aged the characters as teenagers but the only difference is that they are attending two schools where Tony and his friends are only attending one like a regular teenager would. But at least it is better than Fantastic Four worlds greatest heroes.
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ersbel18 August 2017
The drawings are ugly. The animation is cheap. Everything to quickly exploit the Iron Man brand with the minimum of investment. The story is rigid and far from creative. Well, it is not as bad as the Pokemon series, but given the feature films made in the franchise I was expecting far more.

Contact me with Questions, Comments or Suggestions ryitfork @
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Uh..... A 16-Year-Old Superhero!!??.... No Thanks
strong-122-47888523 April 2016
If you are someone who can easily relate to the Iron Man/Tony Stark character as being a rather meek, non-descriptive, 16-year-old boy (who is sometimes seriously clueless), then, yes, you just might actually enjoy this animated TV series (from 2008) a whole lot more than I did.

I certainly can't argue with the fact that (generally speaking) the 3D CGI animation in this series was really first-rate throughout.

But, once again, when it came down to the likes of yet another "Marvel Comics" superhero (regardless of his age), any room left for originality in the story-lines just didn't seem to exist.

And, of course - With that in mind - It, inevitably, all came down to the fact that with so much prevailing, over-the-top butt-kicking (which was geared at an accelerated pace in order to gloss over all of the show's abundant flaws and inadequacies), it, unfortunately, left this dissatisfied viewer thinking way too often about how many times he's seen this same-old tired crime-fighting stuff about 1000 times before.
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