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therealdon19 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Finally my submission has been approved. I picked this up at Wal Mart for 10 bucks. This 2 disc DVD contains the same footage as the other Live at Woodstock plus at least 30 minutes more. This DVD contains an interview of Jimi a few weeks after his Woodstock performance, and interviews of band members. This DVD contains all known footage from the Woodstock performance including a black and white CV video that was not known to exist before. This DVD is without a doubt a huge improvement on the last DVD to be released. Jimi and his band were the last to perform at Woodstock and this DVD lets you see how the whole thing ended. They performed at 9 on Monday morning, but were supposed to perform Sunday night. They were given option to wait til midnight Monday night but opted to play that morning. This DVD can also be found at http://www.authentichendrix.com/
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This is history, a great documentary with excellent sound and video.
chevick_17767 January 2007
As a child, I enjoyed music which was popular about 10 years before my time. I first became cognizant of my taste in music around 1974 and growing up through the eighties my peers and I always lacked that video connection to music. We might have gotten a news story, or an appearance on SNL or the tonight show, but the quantity and frequency of contact with our musical heroes through moving pictures was clearly lacking.

When I bought this video I expected to see... well... you know, Hendrix playing at Woodstock. This is much more than I had expected. We are so fortunate today to be able to obtain the quality and quantity of video footage you will see in this DVD. The first disc contains a short documentary about the whole Woodstock scenario told from the perspectives of many of Jimi's people and some who organized the show. It explains how Hendrix came to play there, what he and his band did in the days prior to the show and how the show progressed resulting in Hendrix's final appearance on the Monday morning. The actual concert footage is presented in brilliant color, great sound and unbelievable video quality. His energetic performance fulfills all the efforts that were made to qualitatively document it.

The second disc contains the whole show again but including one or two songs not included in the first disc and is interspersed with black and white TV video of the show from another camera present that day. This footage is carefully synchronized to the high quality audio track and cuts in between footage from the color cameras.

Lastly the cost was incredible. Ten dollars for two DVDs so rich in history. If you like Hendrix or are intrigued in any way by the culture of the sixties or of The Woodstock show, buy this DVD.
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arfdawg-17 September 2019
I wonder if Hendrix was alive today if he's still be a legend He certainly was unique for his time. But that time has past and one must wonder what direction he would have taken.

He's best raw and unaldulterated. That's not today. Today is processed and phony

Anyway it takes about 15 minutes of rather boring interviews before we get to the concert. The quality of the filming and sound is horrible. Still Hendrix's superb guitar playing comes through.

To be honest, I'm not especially into his music but he sure could play that guitar. No question.

As a concert film, this movie sucks.

But I suppose it's the best we have to see virtuoso playing.
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