Tekkonkinkreet (2006) Poster

Yû Aoi: Shiro


  • [repeated line] 

    Shiro : Be happy, Be happy

  • Shiro : Hey, Black, nighttime is sad. Guess it's because the dark makes me think about dying.

    Kuro : Don't worry, White. Nobody will ever break us apart.

  • Shiro : [opening lines]  Paper money is bigger than metal money. Nine comes after eight. And Spring comes after winter, right, Black? Is that right? Black, when the sky turns black why do I feel so blue?

  • The Minotaur : Free the darkness.

  • [final lines] 

    Shiro : This is Planet Earth, Agent White. Do you read me, over? Today I kept the peace on this planet. Over? This planet's very peaceful. Over and out.

  • Shiro : Ears?

    Kuro : Ah, Vanilla's They could tell from the earrings.

    Shiro : The gangster did it, didn't he? Hope Choco's okay.

    Kuro : No way. Choco's way out of his league with Kimura. Choco's a fool, never liked him.

    Shiro : Don't say that. Talking bad about people makes your heart dry up, it's true. Anyway, it's none of our business. Right, Black? Be happy, be happy.

  • Shiro : This whole city's going to burn.

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