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It could be worse, but I doubt it.
londopm28 February 2010
Located somewhere in the east coast of Spain, the movie tells the typical story of a group of youngsters and their experiences with drugs, sex and rock&roll. Although mainly focused on the life of two close friends, the film ambitiously tries to extend the script to a variety of secondary characters and their daily life full of drugs, clubbing and above all sex, lots of sex.

The movie fails miserably from the very beginning. It is not just slow, it is boring, predictable, and the story lines weak and poorly developed. The film is nothing but a succession of sex scenes divided by short periods of horrible dialogues and awful acting. Don't get me wrong, I am fine with the sex as long as there is something else there to be told in the story, but this is clearly not the case. So what do you get? Well, a bunch of pretty faces and nice butts surrounded by horrible acting and worse direction. The soundtrack is equally bad, apart from the noise from the club scenes, the music is annoying to the extreme of not being able to understand what the characters are saying. Somebody should tell this director what a volume control is, and that when a viewer realizes the existence of a soundtrack the music has been badly chosen.

So summarizing if you are looking for a movie with a good script and well developed story lines go somewhere else. On the other hand if you like sex, naked bodies and full front nudity this one is for you. Combined with the horrible acting and even worse script it would make a great addition for the soft porn section of blockbusters.
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Rubbish, Drugs, Violence, Trash Sex and Nonsense to the Most
True_Doctor_Mabuse13 April 2009
If you are tired of the good movies, the good acting and -of course- of your money, and what you expect is nothing but teen porno and a look into one of the worst movies ever made... this is the picture of your life. By the way, there are no spoilers here... since there's nothing to be revealed. Nothing. "The butler is the killer". Save your money and your time. Nothing but rubbish. The acting and the direction are so marginal they shouldn't get any payment for this "thing". Characters are so awful not intending anything but to show you what you don't want to see... unless you are a "Peeping Tom". Regarding the story... well, the writer is Angeles Gonzalez Sinde. She is now the new Minister of Culture of the Government Cabinet in Spain, so you can imagine how things are going to be for the so called "Spanish Cinema". May God have mercy on us all!
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What a party
kosmasp11 June 2015
The movie is just six years old, but does feel a bit dated already. It's not how the people party or their relationships they have (or don't have for that matter). It's the fact, that social media has changed almost everything and it feels weird not seeing an effect of that in the movie, which makes it feel almost more dated than some movies from the 90s or even 80s.

The story this tells (or stories, because it involves a lot of people) also might feel like a TV movie of the week for some. One that has quite a lot of nudity in it of course, but still. It's decent with the telling and the characters get the time they need to develop. The drama feels real too. It's not as bad as the rating here would suggest, but it's not really a great movie either
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Could work as a porno
nikohelm-113 May 2011
To start of with the possessives: I think the movie is well shot, it looks good. But it pretty much stops there.

There is no progress what so ever. Things happen because they happen. There is no sense of progress to the story. And you feel like you are watching event after event take place. So you end up watching these girls and boys take drugs, drink and of course have lot's of sex.

I think I counted 6 sex scenes, placed around the movie, so whenever the viewers think about turning of the film or walking out of the theater, they think that the sex scenes will capture your attention. And for many, it does exactly that. Teens having sex in the toilet of nightclubs.

If you are looking for a good film, look somewhere else. if you want to see teens have sex, well... try porn or this film.
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effervescent and visceral
sugarfreepeppermint26 February 2015
This film did not bore me one single second. It has a great cast of handsome, young, talented actors. The script is delightfully irreverent and at times refreshingly comic. Visually, it's fast paced, and we move from iridescent scenes in da club, hands in the air dancing to anthems, to sleazily snorting cocaine in the toilet cubicles, or heedlessly taking home dodgy young studs for a one night stand. Yes, it's that type of movie: sex, drugs and club life, Spanish style (they're no prudes, and I like it).

But there's more to it than that. Within this promiscuous hedonist environment, people are trying to find a match for their desires. The storyline where one guy (Mario Casas) is secretly in love with his best (straight) mate (Yon Gonzales) is particularly well done. The film is anything but shallow. People writing this film off, because of its themes, are shallow.

The soundtrack is a joy as well.
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A Spanish 'Kids' or 'Skins'
jzefran18 May 2009
I saw this film at the Cannes Film Festival. It was looking for international distributors after opening number 1 in Spain.

While it is far from a perfect movie, this is on par with 'Kids' and 'Skins'. I remember back to when I first saw Kids - and had similar feelings. This time, I am older and wiser (for instance, I cringed when they repeatedly had sex without condoms and the female characters claimed to be taking the pill.. as if the skanky guy didn't have one or more diseases), but many of the consequences were real.

Leave your parents at home. This one is strictly for you and your friends & lovers.
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Worth a watch
seanyzickzack13 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This film was very odd in that it didn't exactly have a story line. The actors and actresses were very beautiful and the music and sex/drug scenes kept the energy of the film really strong and enjoyable to watch. Also it was really funny! I cracked up laughing a lot of times during this film, but I really did not enjoy the ending at all. It didn't need to have a sad ending, and the sad ending just made you realize how little a story line this movie had. It's strange because Spanish movies are the movies I enjoy the most out of world cinema and I guess I just had high hopes for this film to be just as spectacular and perfect as all the previous Spanish films I've seen. I recommend this movie but would also recommend to press stop 15 minutes before the end.
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techdaemon13 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first movie comment I will make.

I watched this film today in TS Screener. I cannot find any English subtitles.

So I was kind of mystified by what they were talking about.

Anyway even if I watched it with subtitle, I think the film would still be dreary.

It is ridiculous how the character of Mario Casas died at the end of the movie. I think he died of drug overdose.

Yon Gonzales did the full-frontal very briefly. And Mario, on the other hand, in the blow job scene showed a penis for a split second. I wonder if that's his real penis or just a synthetic one.

But in any case, I commend the actors for performing their roles plausibly and the filmmakers for choosing these good-looking actors and actresses.

The movie is worth a watch! Comedic at times but a bit cheesy. There was drama, homo- and hetero- sex scenes. I am waiting for a DVD release and sure I am going to watch this again.
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