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Brilliant warm and funny comedy / drama
parden28 July 2006
At last a simple Ozzie film like The Castle. Shane Jacobsen the star and a writer delivers a portrayal of a humble man with warmth and integrity. He supplies and maintains portable toilets to all types of functions. He does his job with pride and dignity. He talks to the audience while going about his daily chores. In many comedies I crack a smile. In this one a laughed out loud. I loved him.

The film was made with a very modest budget and shows what is wrong with many of the current Hollywood fare. You don't make good films with a lot of money. You make them with good scripts and talented actors etc.
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Move Over Superman - Kenny is a True Hero
michael-pittman12 August 2006
We saw an advanced screening of Kenny tonight.

It is hilariously funny, utterly charming and - at times - heart-breakingly honest. The quality of the script and dialogue is only surpassed by the acting.

Kenny is completely believable as a character and typifies the very best qualities of Australian culture, particularly that of the hard-working bloke, in my opinion. It's nice to watch a movie about a genuinely good guy.

Kenny is a hero who shows audiences that doing a hard job well, with justifiable pride, deserves respect - regardless of what the job entails.

Loved it.
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Very funny and very Australian
davidkimber18 August 2006
Very funny and very Australian. Kenny has many funny things to say and has a great outlook on life, highly recommended. The sense of humour may be too Australian for some American tastes, but I'm sure that the British will definitely take to the character of Kenny and the other slightly oddball but very realistic characters that inhabit the film. The mockumentary style approach works very well, possibly to the point where if i didn't know it was actors portraying the characters, I wouldn't of been able to tell the difference. The character of Kenny is very much a typical working class man, just going about his business cleaning toilets, but he could be in any profession for all it matters as he is a very identifiable with character. His adventures as chronicled in the film make for interesting viewing, and for a comedy, it has some quite moving and sentimental scenes that help to broaden the potential audience of this gem of a film.
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So believable, it has Aussies guessing
Jsue15 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
While in Australia I was advised to watch this movie because it had been so well received by the viewers in Australia that many people were wanting to know MORE about Kenny. Who is he? Exactly where does he live? ... and such!

I was fascinated the entire time with Kenny. Shane Jacobson is as honest in his role as Kenny as Kenny is in dealing with his life. His interaction with every character is consistently humble, kind, patient and simply inspiring.

Who knew that porta-potties could be such serious business. It certainly increased my respect for people who do this sort of work, while entertaining me.

The writers and directors and actors did a wonderful job of making me care about this big, lovable, hug-able man. I hoped so much that he'd "get the girl" in the end. I'm glad they gave us closure on this.

You will be glad you watched this movie. It's mock-umentary at its very best! And then when you add that wonderful, warm, positive Australian zest for becomes a "must see" in my book!
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Possibly the best mockumentary ever
paulmartin-230 October 2006
The funniest Australian comedy since Muriel's Wedding – I laughed so much it had me in tears. In fact, the most of the audience were laughing. This was brilliantly conceived and executed. It had realism to the extent that the person who saw it with me thought it was an actual documentary. The humour was so good-natured, intelligent, authentic, full of irony and contained different layers of reality. The depictions of family life were terrific – the ex-wife, the miserable father, the intolerant brother (played by the real-life brother and director of the film).

The authenticity was enhanced by being filmed on location at actual events such as the Melbourne Cup and the Cleaners and Pumpers Convention in Nashville, Tennessee. The film is naturally full of toilet humour, but not as we are accustomed to. It was really underplayed in a natural, inoffensive and genuinely funny manner.

I didn't intend seeing this film, thinking it would be just another run-of-the-mill feel-good comedies. I went because I had free tickets, and I'm so glad I did. It is highly original and well worth paying to see this real gem of a film that really encapsulates aspects of Australian humour and culture. Kenny is proof that you don't need a big budget to produce a really entertaining film.
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Tribute to the Everyday Working Man
nturner7 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I have to admit that I was totally fooled by Kenny as I did not know it was a mockumentary until the final credits. I'm hoping you think this is because the film is so thoroughly convincing rather than I am really gullible. No matter, because this is an absolute gem of a film that tickles your funny bone over and over and also tugs away at your heart.

Kenny Smyth likes to refer to himself as a plumber, but in reality, he installs and services portable toilets. Not only is he very good at his job, he is very good at life and is truly an every-man's philosopher. The wisdom that springs from his mouth is hilarious and sincere, and it just makes you feel good to listen to him talk.

Kenny works for Splash Down - a real company whose owner helped to finance the film. Splash Down is a very large company that supplies portable toilets for many huge events in Australia, and Kenny is a valued member of the work force. He has a work ethic to be admired - and pondered by his less enthusiastic workmates.

A divorced man with a pre-adolescent son, Kenny has a strained relationship with his ex-wife. This is through no fault of his own as his wife is the living definition of a bitch. Kenny absorbs her abuse in the same way that he deals with abuse from customers with a, "Let's work it out, Love," attitude that makes him a lovable bear of a man. He never loses his temper or composure until the final scene of the film, and the results of that loss of control is side-splitting fun.

All of the people in Kenny's personal life look down upon him because of his trade. His "more successful" older brother has basically disassociated himself from the family, and Kenny's father seems to be able to do nothing but criticize him for not seeking a higher station in life. The family scenes are hauntingly realistic and tear at the heart.

During the film, Kenny attends the Cleaners and Pumpers Convention in Nashville, Tennessee - acres and acres of totally fascinating portable johns and s**t toting equipment. Kenny is like a kid at Disney World. Filming at the convention adds a s**tload of tongue-in-cheek fun to the film.

The climatic scenes of the film take place at the Melbourne Cup which seems to be like the Kentucky Derby on steroids. ( Here we see Kenny at his very best and most heartwarming.

The special features on the DVD are almost as entertaining as the film. The viewer is offered insight into the genesis of the feature-length version of Kenny as well as the filmmakers and the people who supported them in the project. Clayton and Shane Jacobson are brothers. Shane plays Kenny in the film, and appropriately, Clayton plays Kenny's brother. But that isn't the end of the family connection as Kenny's fictional father is played by Clayton and Shane's real father, and Kenny's fictional son is played by Clayton's son. You will find that the Jacobson family and friends are just as entertaining and fascinating as Kenny's fictional family and friends.

I haven't experienced good, warm laughter in a long time watching a film. Kenny is overflowing with tons of heartfelt humor. It is a real pick-me-up and a serious tribute to the everyday working man who is not acknowledged nearly enough in this success-centered world or ours.
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Go forth and conquer, Kenny!
amandacorber13 January 2007
This is a truly wonderful film. The acting, direction and camera-work really give it a realistic and believable feel - I actually forgot that the film was fictional while watching it. I resent a comment posted earlier on this site suggesting that this film should only be released in Australia because they are the only ones who can truly appreciate it. That's exactly the mentality that keeps these types of authentic, quirky movies struggling and big budget airhead movies so comfortable. Being Canadian does not necessarily mean I can only appreciate Canadian film, and Canadian film has no place in the global market - that's ridiculous! "Kenny" is a perfect example of a small film with a very particular focus and a healthy approach to local charm and quirkiness. Whether you've heard any of his hilarious expressions before or not, they will still be adorably funny. The characters are genuine, the story is charming and the artistic vision is strong. Obviously different cultures will appreciate films differently but I really believe that this film merits as much success as it can find. I hate to gush but really, this movie deserves much props.
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Best Aussie film since Loved your email.
kiwiham26 December 2007
Kenny is the funniest, sweetest and most clever Aussie comedy since Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Muriel's Wedding. It is bitter sweet in t he style of both Priscilla Queen of the Desert and Muriel's Wedding. Want to laugh like hell and feel for the character of Kenny then watch Kenny. My elderly Mother did not realize that Kenny was a mockumentary until near the end of the film. She thought it was a straight documentary - bless her cotton socks. I am a New Zealander and Aussie culture is very near our culture but I am sure if you are American or British or Mongolian you will enjoy Kenny. Really – so go on and watch, fast.
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Funnier than bum full of m&m's
Starry2 September 2006
This mockumentary is great for a laugh. it's the sort of movie you go to with a group of friends and have some good out-loud belly laughs. There are so many one-liners in here that I'll have to wait till its out on DVD to note them down. However, amidst all the hilarity and pooh, Kenny is a sensitive bloke who has family problems like all of us. He is a real, regular bloke! This film also stands as an indictment on society. It brings the silver-tails back to earth with a resounding "plop" After all, everyone has to cr*p!! The final scene (not counting those in the credits) is a re-make of an old classic revenge prank that looses nothing in it's reworking. Loved Kenny's dad!
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fabfam311 October 2006
I first saw 'Kenny' simply to kill time. The idea of it just didn't appeal to me. A bloke who cleans toilets? I've seen diseases that sounded more entertaining.

And yet I have never killed better time in my life. IMDb users throw the term around frequently, so it may not mean much but i honestly consider this the greatest movie ever filmed. Film companies worldwide have spent millions in attempts to convey a soul. A genuine person, on celluloid. They invariably fail, and you are left with a movie about a man. 'Kenny' is not a movie about a man. As you watch it you feel an indescribable connection with Kenny, as a friend or even a hero. He is real, as if you are not watching him but living through him.

You find yourself jumping in your seat at his successes. You clap and cheer as you laugh at his jokes. Your heart sinks with his pain.

Whereas in any other film you would feel embarrassed roaring with laughter in a movie theatre, while watching Kenny the entire cinema roars with you. I can find no "technical" explanation for what is so good about 'Kenny'. The camera-work could have been achieved by a toddler with a camcorder. There are no special effects. Unfortunately it is simply impossible to explain the factor that makes this movie so good. Did he save the world and thrill us?. Did he become entangled in some dramatic survival situation, madman's plot, or forbidden love?. No, he does nothing special, and so you connect with him. Kenny could be the bloke you are sitting next to. The guy you bump into on the street, or the guy you used to tease in school. Maybe at heart you are him...

Im droning on so ill finish briefly; the words do not exist to convey the brilliance of this movie but hopefully it will suffice to say that, although no one was actually there to receive our applause, the cinema gave a standing ovation after the film, and anyone who can see this movie and not fall in love with it defies my understanding.
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A gem in poo corner
Philby-315 October 2006
The mockumentary format, mostly seen on TV in shows like "People Like Us" (though Christopher Guest in "Spinal Tap" pioneered the form in film), is still novel enough to spring a few surprises. Shane Jacobson as Kenny the Melbourne port-a–loo man is both a surprise and a pleasure. Filmed on a shoestring budget, this film's cheeky manner and adroit editing kept me engaged to the end.

No public event is too big for Kenny and his team as they cater for the lavatorial needs of the public at pop concerts, motor races, sports events and in the grand finale, the Melbourne Cup. In the meantime the good-natured Kenny has to cope with an ex-wife meaner than a junkyard dog, a son he needs to see more of, a difficult and demanding elderly father and less than satisfactory employees. One good piece of fortune does come his way when he scores a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, to a grand poo-collector's convention and meets a nice young lady who's actually interested in him. The plot is a bit on the corny side but that doesn't matter – it's the humour that counts.

As with most mockumentaries the narration plays against what the characters are actually doing, but the dissonance sneaks up on you. Kenny however is not deluded like Ricky Gervais' character "David Brent" in the office – he is a realist. He is also immensely likable. Usually with mockumentaries there is a cringe factor as the hapless protagonist blunders from one faux pas to another (witness David Brent), but that's not the case here. Despite his private life Kenny is immensely capable at work and with him around we know things will turn out all right. Whether it's a ring down the toilet, arson-minded speedway fans, or the victim of a buck's night chained to one of his units, we are confident Kenny will sort it out, the fun is in how.

I hate the expression "gem" but that's what this film is. It's a celebration of the Australian working man, with truth as well as humour. Kenny's final revenge-taking on an arrogant motorist who had boxed his truck in seemed a little out of character, but perhaps justified in the circumstances.

P.S. SNOB ALERT: The upper classes are portrayed as having very little charm indeed.
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carolethecatlover25 August 2006
Kenny the Dunny man. A mockumentary of Australian Proportions. The cinema was very empty at 10.30am, I worked nightshift. But all 11 people were howling with laughter in the first minute and didn't stop. It really cheered me up, after 24 hours in a dementia ward. This film should be medically prescribed for the clinically depressed. You need to think about his job, could any other job have such potential for humour? OK, it might not work in the rest of the world...(but why do I keep thinking of Canfantalas?) We Aussies have an overdeveloped sense of the absurd. But if you are in need of a belly laugh see it, or take it instead of Lithium.
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dvalley110 December 2008
Kenny was a pleasant surprise at the video store. At first,I thought it was a real documentary. Later, a few scenes were a bit obvious, but the overall look and fell of it was real. The lead as Kenny, was so believable as this character. The Aussie sense of humor has always been hilarious. When you realize that what one person views as sick, another views as a profession, it tells you just about the limit of our own perspectives. The people who do this kind of work are the independent people who function beyond what we view as respectable. But it is these type of people, the ones who take care of all our basic animal functions, that allow us to operate at the next level. Just imagine what it would be like to have to dispose of all our waste. No thanks!! I actually know someone who does this for a living, although not at Kenny's level! Just like what Kenny says in the film, There will always be a need for this type of thing. What is also funny is just regular situations, like the fish-out-of-water in Nashville who has a child-like fascination for the cutting edge of his craft, not unlike the computer enthusiast at Comdex(this was kind of a Comdex for the crap industry!). Also, most Aussie would be welcome and fit in perfect in Tennessee, which is a state with a healthy respect for this type of man. Overall, I thought this was hilarious, just the way it was written and the natural flow of the events in the film. Average people who just show up for work and do their jobs are not represented nearly enough in film. All we usually get is Beauties and Freaks. The extremes which are not really representative of most. Kenny is everyman, really.
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Kenny!! the greatest comedy I have seen all year.
tarling_mike6 October 2008
OK.... this is the first time i have commented on a movie on IMDb.

this film is so good i had to write this..

so.. Saturday evening sat on my sofa with a bit of a hangover, i looked at sky plus to see what i had recorded.

a film called Kenny!?!?! whats this rubbish..? push info button "Spoof documentary:-Meet kenny his business is toilets.. portaloos...festival toilets and everything excrement related" sounds a little weird within the first five minutes I had forgotten how ill i felt...

This movie is hysterical...

It is so refreshing to see a lesser known yet clearly superior film being aired by sky comedy.

The character is so believable that you actually become convinced this guy is the real deal.

At the beginning of this movie i was convinced Kenny was going to be the poor, overweight,lisping,toilet cleaning victim and we were going to be laughing at this idiot throughout.

Ten minutes in begin to realise he is just your average ...nice bloke.

the laughs come from the situations he is put into.. and his remarkable sense of humour whilst dealing with all the crap that is thrown at him. (sorry) Kennys explanation about the ratio of solids to liquids! ! ! I laughed so hard, I was sick.

when this movie finished I immediately went on amazon and ordered a copy! So glad i gave Kenny a chance. this film will be in my collection for years.

I urge everybody to see it . rather than watching scary movie 5 . Watch Kenny.

It's as silly as a bum full of smarties!!
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"Hey, I'm decent here!"
reelinspiration23 August 2008
OK. I had my misgivings about seeing, "Kenny." This mockumentary, set in the world of waste management, had the potential to be the grossest of gross out flicks. My stomach wasn't up for it. I was pleasantly surprised by his sweet natured, hilarious film. Certainly, there are plenty of ripe Australian euphemisms for poop. But filmmakers Clayton and Shane Jacobson wisely chose to steer clear of the big chunks and focus on the human aspects.

OK. I have a crush on Kenny. (Shane Jacobson) What's not to like about a brawny Australian bloke who philosophizes and cracks wise about the trials of maintaining porta potties during festival season.

"It takes a certain kind of person to do what I do... No-one's ever impressed, no-one's ever fascinated.... If you're fireman, all of the kids will want to jump in back of the truck and follow you to a fire. There's going to be no kids willing to do that with me. So, I don't do it to impress people. It's a job, it's my trade, and I actually think I'm pretty good at it. " Kenny is just a decent bloke with a real camaraderie with his him co-workers on the splash down crew. He takes pride in doing a good job. And somehow manages to keep his dignify in the most undignified situations. He treats others with kindness and respect even when it isn't reciprocated. After he retrieves a wedding ring from the toilet, the relieved women doesn't even acknowledge her knight with slimy plunger. Kenny is sorely in need of a little respect.

Unfortunately, there is no respite at home. He is separated from his domineering wife and she has custody of their son. She shows open disdain for Kenny's chosen profession - even though it allows him to be close to his son. Still, Kenny awkwardly encourages his pre-teen to speak respectably to his mother.

Kenny does his best to gain his family's respect. He spends his whole day off taking his son to see his grandfather. Grandpa then spends the entire visit berating Kenny for being a "glorified turd burglar" in ear shot of the boy. But the true test of character comes when Kenny is forced to bring his son to work with him on one of the busiest days of the year.

This premise may be a little thin for a feature length film, but there are always strange new festivals and sewage dilemmas to keep it interesting - if not fresh. For instance, the splash down crew must deal with drunken car rally enthusiasts tipping over potties.

Kenny is finally rewarded for his hard work with a trip to Nashville for a fancy Porta Potty Convention. It came as no surprise to me when a pretty stewardess gets a crush on our boy. (Of course, he is too naive to see it.) Director Clayton Jacobson puts it best, " He's the Dalai-Lama of waste management - eternally optimistic and always ready to put others before himself. Kenny represents the humbling nature of common decency." Hey, if you still believe in human decency, please, check out "Kenny." Movie blessings! Jana Segal
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Shane Jacobson hits a clear home run with "Kenny"
fish_stix031 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's pretty amazing that a film like Kenny, a mockumentary about a man who runs a port-a-loo delivery and cleaning business, manages to rise above immature toilet jokes and becomes a film that is charming, warm and smartly written. There is, of course, the odd cheap toilet gag (really, it'd be almost impossible to avoid a few in a film like this), but most of the humour comes from Kenny's personality and the warmth of the film comes from his complete decency as a human being.

The film opens with Kenny (Shane Jacobson) talking on the phone to a prospective client. He asks his potential client questions like "Are you serving alcohol, or any hot curries?" Then he states that because the function was serving alcohol and was a curry night, it would affect the services he was providing. I remember smiling inwardly at this, but it wasn't because I saw images of people queuing up outside a port-a-loo after having a chilli cook-off. It was because of the way Kenny was asking the questions. He was completely deadpan and serious, because this is his business. There's no humour in toilet jokes for him, because toilets are how he makes his living. I had a feeling after this opening scene that I would like this film.

As we get to know more about Kenny, we learn that he has a child from a broken marriage, that his father is ashamed that his son is no more than a toilet delivery boy, and that his co-workers (well, one co-worker specifically) come to him with endless complaints about the state of their love-lives. All of the characters are quintessentially Australian. They don't have much, but what they do have they cherish, and while they might not be book-smart, they're not dumb and are incredibly genuine. Kenny's wife appears to have an inexplicable hatred for Kenny (admittedly, her face is blurred, presumably because she didn't want to be shown in the "documentary", and we only ever hear her when she's dropping their son off). This is pretty difficult to believe, because the way the film is edited makes Kenny out to be an engaging, well-meaning larrikin. He has an endless reserve of similes and metaphors (some great lines are, "there's a smell in there that will outlast religion", "I drink beer like it's going out of fashion and I'm a new trend-setter", and that on Melbourne Cup day they'd be "busier than a one-armed brick-layer in Baghdad"), most of them very, very funny.

And so the film progresses, Kenny going from function to function, visiting his father with his son, and taking his son to work (on Melbourne Cup day) because his ex-wife decided to drop the child on him at the last minute. Eventually, the film takes Kenny to an exhibition about portable toilets in Nashville. He makes friends with an Asian businessman he nicknames "The Sushi Cowboy", and is oblivious (for a little while) to the advances of an air stewardess.

There's another moment at the end of the Melbourne Cup that endeared me to the film even more. A young girl, about twenty, is so drunk that she simply squats in the car park and lets her bladder go. Now, that would be the punch line of a joke in a Rob Schneider or Adam Sandler comedy, but in Kenny, it's a sad moment. Kenny sees this from his car as he leaves, and the look on his face is one of disgust and dismay. When I saw that look on his face, I fully understood that Kenny is a man of dignity, a man who has a difficult job, and is pretty damn good at it. There's a montage that shows us the way Kenny is treated by his clients (he offers to shake one man's hand and is ignored, and is yelled at and abused by several others), which leaves us feeling genuine sympathy for him. Kenny is a man who does a difficult job, and doing a difficult job deserves respect.

This film, obviously immensely influenced by This is Spinal Tap, doesn't quite achieve greatness because, as is often the case, the ending falls flat. I remember that when I saw it, the last shot of the film drew huge laughs, but I was more confused than won over. I suppose it is quite funny, but it is inconsistent with who Kenny is and what we've seen of him in the film. I would have liked to see Kenny be the same, understanding, well-meaning bloke through to the end of the film instead of retaliating in a pretty cruel way as he does at the end of the film. It is fitting (the message is that Kenny is defecating on the world that has defecated on him for so long), but perhaps not worthy of the 90 minutes of class before it.
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A hilariously funny movie with a heart
VReviews13 August 2010
"Kenny" is a mocumentary about a Melbourne Aussie (Kenny) who's a porta-potty guru. As you learn the business of waste management you soon realize there's more to Kenny than meets the eye. As he battles the oddities of dealing with people and their waste needs, you are treated with some of the best common sense wisdom. He covers everything from divorce, fatherhood, family conflicts, to death, and employee relations. He is an honest, straightforward, simple guy who just wants to do a good job for people and be treated with respect.

"Kenny" is a hilariously funny movie with a heart. The comedic timing is right on with great acting that you'll have to keep reminding yourself is not real. This is a movie you will think about for a long time after. English subtitles are provided for the "Aussie-Impaired".
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Funny, Warm, Intelligent, and Plain Excellent
aharmas14 July 2008
Once again, a foreign film breaks through, taking on a, well, rather questionable topic, and with a new, fresh perspective takes the art of cinema to new heights. "Kenny" explores in a pseudo-documentary style, the days and nights of a "plumber" named Kenny, a stocky man in his late thirties who doesn't have much ambition but doing a good job. He doesn't have a problem explaining or performing his job, but others can't quite seem to see things the same way.

It's Kenny's philosophy that makes him special, as we follow him around while he performs his duties during different types of festivals, carnivals and events around Melbourne. His use of language is amazing, wonderful, and quite creative. He definitely sees things in a new way, and he makes sure you listen to him, while he discusses the peculiarities of having to clean up after all kinds of people.

As the story goes, it is simple, Kenny has both a crappy and a wonderful life. He never brags about having the best life. On the contrary, he has plenty of difficult moments in the movie, but he never falters, and his spirit pushes him through, hardly ever losing faith in the positive aspects of anyone's life. There is hardly a moment in the film, where Kenny's warm and funny perspective in life doesn't save the moment. He has a way of charming his way through some interesting moments. He is no way, perfect, and his interaction with a lovely stewardess is a sign that even he is at time totally clueless about what is going on.

It is amazing how charming and well meaning his character his. He restores our faith in the goodness that we are all able to project if we really start thinking about what is important in life. In fact, he makes most of us look either dumb or mean because we can't seem to realize that life is a source of wonder, and we have somehow lost our appreciation for the better times.

This film will make you laugh, it will make you think and evaluate what it is that you are doing to yourself and others, and how you could probably take a turn for the better. It is never preachy, insulting, or condescending. It has a big heart and an interesting philosophy on life.

A perfect 10.
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Kenny Flushed With Success
smjm591 March 2008
There are not many movies I will sit and watch more than once this one I have seen 10 times and still laugh. I find it a refreshing change from all the in your face action moves, horror and romance to see a movie that makes fun at the not so pleasant side of every day life.

I would like to think that every porta loo company has it's own Kenny helping the public in his own special way.

As an Australian living in London a group of my friends sat and watched it, at first my mates didn't get the humour(language barrier)but by the end and with some explaining they were all busting a gut laughing.

Best Australian comedy by far.
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kenny the legend !
eoghan104524 September 2007
i must say that you don't have to be Australian to love this movie , I'm born and bred in Ireland and was sent the DVD by an Aussie cousin . i split my sides laughing at it and still do !!! you instantly love the character of Kenny with his "bag of wheat" and his father is priceless ! the whole story is based on kennys job and the people in his life , how he feels about them and how he deals with the whole bundle . its just a good old fashioned mockumentary that has everything , its hilarious and also there are some sad bits in it where as my wife says "you'd just love to give him a cuddle" . couldn't say enough good things about the film so go watch it and enjoy !!!
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Funny and touching
coprophiliackiwi13 February 2007
A movie with the tag-line "A Knight in shining Overalls" about a Port-a-loo plumber from Melbourne Australia doesn't really make you very excited. But it should. This is a fantastic mockumentary style film filled with humour heart charm, believable performances and some outrageously funny Aussie one-liners.

Kenny is a film that will make you cringe, cry, and laugh so hard you may pass out with the hilarity.It centres on a very average Australian man who happens to be a plumber by trade, and very quickly into the film we find that his plumbing duties are limited to working with portable toilets. As we go deeper into his life however we are treated to one of the most genuinely likable characters seen on film since Ernest Borgnine played Marty in the academy award winning film of the same name.

Kenny is a guy that you will fall in love with, partly because of the dirty job he does with a smile and a joke, but mostly because in this wonderful portrayal of the honest working man we all see something that we would like to make part of ourselves.

Please please please see this film. As an independent it is movies like this that keep the industry as a whole vibrant and exciting.
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Splash Down With Kenny!
TheDraytonSawyer18 May 2007
Wow this has to be the funniest movie I've seen of its kind. My best friend from Australia sent me this movie for my birthday. What a great DVD! This movie was just hilarious. Kenny says some of the funniest things and really takes pride in his work. The entire movie was just funny and every moment had something to laugh about. Kenny's grandfather was so dang funny. He gave his grandson 20 cents and told him to eat outside! That was just classic and he was even funnier when they went camping and when he was in the hospital. Australian movies are just great and so much fun to watch. I hope that one day this movie will come out in the USA so everyone can see the greatest plumber in the world Kenny! This movie even had a toilet convention in it. Now that right there is a work of art! You must see this movie and you've got to check out all the deleted scenes too. Kenny gets a toilet flushing 10/10
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Not easily fooled...
ken-58310 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Let me say, up front, that I adored this film. I've been a theatre professional for all of my adult life -- and a teacher of actors for the past fifteen years -- and I was totally and completely taken in by this film: I thought I was watching a documentary! Sure, there were a few moments that were a bit "over the top" but then, in today's world, that isn't so uncommon. And I cared so much about the characters that I was all too willing to overlook these "departures from reality." I came away from the film actually wanting to email Kenny -- to let him know that the world needs more blokes just like him. But now I just want to email the director -- to let HIM know that the film industry needs more blokes just like him! What a storyteller! If you have the opportunity to see this film, DO NOT MISS IT!
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ninjagaiden00727 October 2006
This movie is one of the most original and most hilarious movies i've ever seen. The plot itself is very original. Shows you Kenny's life, his family and what he does etc. When reading the quotes I wasn't laughing at all. I went to see this movie with my friend and let me tell you, him and I were just cracking up laughing all the way through it. There wasn't a moment over 3 mins where i wasn't laughing. The film is also dramatic, but it doesn't last too long without a joke making you laugh. I hope this movie does not get released in any other Country except Australia, because Americans and everyone who isn't an Aussie will bash it. Kenny has a lisp and a strong accent and a lot of Americans had great trouble. They couldn't understand a word Kenny said because of his lisp. That's a big shame, But I understood him just fine.An excellent masterpiece. 10/10
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GarliquePotato4 February 2007
Warning: Spoilers
My friend from Australia sent me the DVD of Kenny, knowing I adore Australian films. However I had no idea what it was about. It is so well done that I truly thought it was a documentary. I want to say that it is absurd what some people have said that only Australians would understand this film. The story of Kenny is a universal story, done with such charm and humor that it transcends the country in which you live. The acting and writing are just superb. The actor Ronald Jacobson who plays Kennys father was truly amazing ( and is the father of the two Jacobson Brothers who produced this terrific film).... The star of the film, Shane Jacobson, and his brother, Clayton Jacobson who directed Kenny have truly given us the flavor of an ordinary, good-hearted Aussie working bloke. Many thoughts went thru my mind as I watched Kenny go thru his daily job, and heard his philosophy on life and his ever kind manner towards all he encounters. One scene in particular was very touching, when after Kenny is talking to a business man near a porta potty, he puts out his hand to shake and the business man walks away. The scene was so realistic , I truly thought it was real. All of the actors in this gem of a film were right on target. Please don't miss this heart-warming, funny, smart and thought provoking film!
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