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22 Dec. 2006
Come Dine with Me at Christmas
A delectable festive treat as four amateur chefs from York take turns to prepare and serve one dish of a four-course festive banquet to the other three, who they've never met before No content advice.
1 Jul. 2007
Episode dated 1 July 2007
Anneka Rice, Linda Robson, Aggie MacKenzie, Rowland Rivron and Toby Young take it in turns to hold a dinner party for each other.
8 Jul. 2007
Episode dated 8 July 2007
Five strangers from Merseyside attempt to saute, simmer and steam their way to success as they take it in turns to throw their idea of the perfect dinner party.
15 Jul. 2007
Episode dated 15 July 2007
Five strangers from Belfast battle for the title of best host.
22 Jul. 2007
Episode dated 22 July 2007
Five strangers from Edinburgh battle to show they're the city's finest entertainers.
29 Jul. 2007
Episode dated 29 July 2007
Opera, globe-trotting menus and a whiff of 70s nostalgia are all part of this competitive cookery offering. The five competitors hail from London and will be aiming to win the best host title.
5 Aug. 2007
Episode dated 5 August 2007
Another serving of fine food and healthy rivalry, as, in cosmopolitan Brighton, five fun-loving females battle it out to hold what they think is the ideal dinner party.
12 Aug. 2007
Episode dated 12 August 2007
Four career women take on a house husband as five food lovers from Cambridge compete to win a £1000 cash prize.
19 Aug. 2007
Episode dated 19 August 2007
A clown, a pole dancer and a half-French web designer are among the competitors as five foodies from Derby battle to stage the perfect dinner party.
26 Aug. 2007
Episode dated 26 August 2007
A cool young bachelor takes on four women in the culinary contest in Glasgow. All five are cooking their idea of the perfect dinner party, but who will win the prize.
9 Sep. 2007
Episode dated 9 September 2007
The knives are out in Swansea, as five keen cooks battle to win £1000 in cash by staging what they think is the perfect dinner party.
28 Dec. 2007
Episode dated 28 December 2007
The knives are out as five keen cooks from London each stage their own dinner party and mark one another's efforts, as they battle to win £1000.
29 Dec. 2007
Episode dated 29 December 2007
The amateur chefs all come from Ayr, and Maureen McKissock starts the proceedings.
26 Dec. 2008
Episode dated 26 December 2008
A psychic, an amateur embalmer and an Australian who cooks crocodile and kangaroo are among the contestants in this culinary competition from Nottingham.
7 Aug. 2009
Episode dated 7 August 2009
Hair salon owner and keen gardener Christine Wright is the first host in Huddersfield. She hopes to dazzle her diners with ingredients fresh from nature's larder, a.k.a. her back garden.
10 Aug. 2009
Episode dated 10 August 2009
The competition starts with Julia Bradbury who gets ready to entertain Hollyoaks heartthrob Philip Olivier; ex-MP Edwina Currie; and entertainer Christopher Biggins.
14 Aug. 2009
Episode dated 14 August 2009
First to host on the Isle of Wight is aspiring actress Charlotte Barton Hoare, who puts on a grand affair, but it all starts to go wrong when one guest gets locked in the loo.
17 Aug. 2009
Episode dated 17 August 2009
The guests are in for quite a shock when pernickety hairdresser Craig Lockett serves his sushi starter on the stomach of a hairy Bristolian teenager.Speech therapist and gourmet group member Laura Seeley is hoping to teach her fellow cooks a thing or two with an ambitious Moroccan menu of mezze, lamb tagine and poached pears.
15 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 15 February 2010
The first celebrity to cook this time is sauve ex-Apprentice star Raef Bjayou, who hosts an upper class evening in London's Mayfair for Michelle Gayle, Lynne Franks, and Chris Ellison from The Bill.
17 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 17 February 2010
Singer/actress Michelle Gayle keeps her celebrity guests waiting for their dinner. And when it finally arrives, has she made enough for seconds?
18 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 18 February 2010
It's the last day and PR guru Lynne Franks is planning a Moroccan themed evening for her celebrity guests: ex-Apprentice star Raef, Michelle Gayle, and Chris Ellison from The Bill.
23 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 23 February 2010
Valerie is second to host in Liverpool and hopes to impress her guests with a Caribbean inspired menu. But her evening is hijacked by Ray, who once again dominates the conversation.
24 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 24 February 2010
Self-confessed grumpy old man Paul has a hard time in Liverpool as his starter's late, his duck is troublesome, and there's a panic over dessert. Meanwhile Valerie tells Ray to put a sock in it.
25 Feb. 2010
Episode dated 25 February 2010
Party-girl Lyndsey is the last to host in Liverpool. And as well as a spot of chaos in the kitchen, and trouble with the champagne, she and her guests manage to get into a bit of a row.
15 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 15 March 2010
First in line in York is council worker Claire, who's hosting a Mexican evening and wants to see her guests sporting margaritas, sombreros and mustaches - even the women.
16 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 16 March 2010
It's day two in York and aspiring playwright Chris may have bitten off more than he can chew, attempting five side dishes to accompany his main course.
17 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 17 March 2010
Glamorous 50-something Famida serves up a Caribbean menu in York. But will her flambeed dessert, requiring a blowtorch, prove a safe bet?
18 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 18 March 2010
It's the last day in York, and the turn of straight-talking Andy. Could Andy's choice of squirrel pie turn out to be a bit of a blunder?
30 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 30 March 2010
It's day two in North London and the turn of upmarket car dealer Harry, who hopes to please with a Greek-style menu and Greek dancing.
31 Mar. 2010
Episode dated 31 March 2010
Third to host in North London is Bindi, who is cooking an intricate Asian fusion dinner. But will Nicole's revealing behaviour during a 70s-style party game overshadow Bindi's cooking?
1 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 1 April 2010
Uber-confident alpha male Nir is the last to host in North London and hopes to wow the group with expensive ingredients and his 'famous' chocolate cake.
12 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 12 April 2010
Claudine is first up in Birmingham. The 31-year-old events organizer is convinced she'll win, but she's less sure about one guest's outfit for the evening.
13 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 13 April 2010
In Birmingham, hairdresser Katie's showstopper dessert doesn't quite go according to plan. Meanwhile Mike and Claudine indulge in some flirtatious if slightly peculiar behavior.
19 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 19 April 2010
It's the first day of the competition in North Kent and canteen owner Katie hopes to woo her guests with her signature tipple, stinging nettle Pimms, and a friend who eats fire.
21 Apr. 2010
Episode dated 21 April 2010
Would-be domestic goddess Claire hosts in North Kent. Katie isn't impressed with Claire's new dress, which she bought for the night. And will Claire spot Katie feeding some of her dinner to the dog?
5 Sep. 2011
Four super-competitive cooks from Wolverhampton take turns to host their idea of the perfect dinner party. But there are times when confidence can be misread as arrogance.
14 Oct. 2011
Episode dated 14 October 2011
Motormouth mum of four Selena Bartlett, punk rock vegan Jhon Cosgrove, retired boat lover Anson Lane and chatty hairdresser Terese Scott battle it out for the cash prize in Hampshire