The Danish Girl (2015) Poster

Eddie Redmayne: Lili



  • Einar Wegener : I love you, because you are the only person who made sense of me. And made me, possible.

  • Gerda Wegener : I need to see Einar.

    Lili Elbe : Let me help, please.

    Gerda Wegener : I need my husband, can you get him?

    Lili Elbe : I can't.

    Gerda Wegener : I need to talk to my husband, and I need to hold my husband. Can you at least try?

    Lili Elbe : I'm sorry.

  • Lili Elbe : How have I ever deserved such love? There's nothing to be afraid of anymore.

    Gerda Wegener : No.

    Lili Elbe : Last night I had the most beautiful dream. I dreamed that I was a baby in my mother's arms. And she looked down at me, and she called me Lili.

  • Einar Wegener : I think Lili's thoughts, I dream her dreams. She was always there.

  • Hans Axgil : How are you Lili ?

    Einar Wegener : Entirely myself.

  • Dr. Hexler : Tell me about Lili... Where did she come from?

    Einar Wegener : Inside of me.

  • Lili Elbe : This is not my body, Professor. Please take it away.

  • Lili Elbe : So, what you're suggesting is that, uh, a doctor intervened. To correct a mistake in nature.

    Henrik : He made you a woman.

    Lili Elbe : No, God made me a woman. But the doctor... He... The doctor is curing me of the sickness that was my disguise.

  • Lili Elbe : I think that marriage is the single thing we should all hope for in life.

    Hans Axgil : Really?

    Lili Elbe : It creates someone else. More than just the two of you. Yes, I think it'd be terrible not to...

  • Einar Wegener : I was different.

    Hans Axgil : It didn't take much to be different in Vejle. Surely that's why we became friends.

    Einar Wegener : Every morning I promised myself that I will spend the entire day as Einar. But there's so little of Einar left.

    Hans Axgil : You think these things because you're exhausted.

    Einar Wegener : Sometimes I think about killing Einar. But it's only the thought that I'd be killing Lili too that stops me.

  • Einar Wegener : There was a moment when I was just Lili, and I think that he could see that. Do you see?

    Gerda Wegener : But Lili doesn't exist. We made her up.

  • Einar Wegener : Gerda, this can't be right.

    Dr. Hexler : Radiation is a miracle, Mr. Wegener. It destroys the bad and saves the good.

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