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12 Sep. 2006
En route to a book signing in Alaska, a relationship coach finds out her fiancée's been cheating on her with a friend, causing her to question all her beliefs and teachings.
15 Sep. 2006
Power Shift
Marin has a difficult time getting used to small town life, Jane is responsible for canceling the wedding, and Graham keeps trying to get in touch with Marin.
22 Sep. 2006
For What It's Worth
Women come from miles around to participate in a bachelor auction to benefit the local lighthouse.
29 Sep. 2006
Sink or Swim
The loss of Elmo's oldest citizen brings not only sadness to the community, but causes the loss of their sister city, so Marin, coping with rumors of her death, promises to find a replacement.
6 Oct. 2006
Talk for Tat
As Elmo suffers through a heatwave, couples who have been restraining themselves let go, and new relationships are taken to the next level and at least one old one is rekindled.
13 Oct. 2006
The Caribou in the Room
Marin test the bounds of friendship when she strong-arms herself into Jack's trip to Anchorage. Meanwhile, a visitor to the bar makes Ben confront things he's been trying to ignore.
20 Oct. 2006
Ladies Frist
Marin's birthday is taken over by the arrival of her sister, Patrick gets some devastating news, and jealousy is felt by several in the community.
27 Oct. 2006
The Buddy System
Marin and Patrick deal with their trust issues, and tremors cause a disaster.
10 Nov. 2006
The Menaissance
Jane hits town with exciting news that may damage Marin's and Jack's friendship.
30 Nov. 2006
New York Fiction: Part 1
Marin returns to New York to talk with potential publishers; Elmo misses her.
7 Dec. 2006
New York Fiction: Part 2
Marin returns from New York to find Lynn at Jack's house.

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