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Season 2

12 Oct. 2007
A Tree Goes in Elmo
An Arctic cyclone blows into Elmo.
19 Oct. 2007
Chemical Reactions
Marin goes in search of a secret ingredient in the woods and ends up spending the night there with Jack, Sara goes to court to retain custody of her son with the deck stacked against her, and Patrick looks for meaning in his name.
26 Oct. 2007
No Man Is an Iceland
Cash thinks he's been domesticated over the winter, Jack and Lynn's breakup becomes public knowledge, and Patrick isn't sure about his choice of best man.
2 Nov. 2007
I Wood If I Could
Marin must plan two bachelor parties, and has a hard time getting Patrick to tell her his fantasy, and Jack gets a job offer that will change the course of his and Marin's relationship.
9 Nov. 2007
The Girl Who Cried Wolf: Part 1
Jack worries about Marin as they start counting the days until his departure, Eric faces a choice between love and congregation, and Annie begins experiencing the first of several disasters foretold by Mai surrounding her wedding
16 Nov. 2007
Nice Day for a Dry Wedding: Part 2
Disasters dog Annie's wedding, and Marin and Jack's last night together is disrupted.
23 Nov. 2007
Sea Change
Marin finds a secret of Jack's, everyone tries to help Patrick regain his memory, although Annie is having a particularly hard time handling it, and the Behring Sea proves dangerous for Jack.
7 Dec. 2007
Sweatering It Out
While Jack fights for his life, and those of his fellow crewmen, Marin worries his commitment has faded; Patrick's personality has changed dramatically; and Jane faces the consequences of life with a plow man
27 Feb. 2008
Charity Case
Cash reappears asking for a favor, and when Marin finally discovers his health condition her actions are not even close to what he wanted. Elsewhere, Buzz, Celia and Annie try to reconnect with Patrick.
5 Mar. 2008
Sonata in Three Parts
Marin deals with the devastating news about Jack with determined optimism, Patrick decides to date someone new, Sara finds being supportive of Eric infringes on her personal life.
19 Mar. 2008
Read Between the Minds
Marin, Jack and Jerome travel to New York for Sam and Jane's wedding reception, but Jack's continuing inability to sleep casts a pall over the weekend; Celia arrests Patrick, and Buzz's solution for raising the high bail Celia sets sends him down a dangerous path.
26 Mar. 2008
A Tale of Two Kidneys
Cash has been hospitalized, and his condition leads to another argument between Marin and Jack; a new hockey player hits town, and is entranced by Annie; and Celia battles Dick not respecting her personal space all whilst invading Patrick's.
2 Apr. 2008
Get a Life
When Morgan Fairchild hits town Marin is confronted with all the things she's given up to stay in Alaska, Buzz spirals deeper into his addiction, and Patrick bonds with his counterpart when Ivan asks him to be his wingman.
16 Apr. 2008
Patrick feels inexperienced and not well-traveled compared to Ivan, Jane isn't exactly happy with the ring Sam's bought for her, and Marin struggles with jealousy as Julia and Jack's connection becomes closer.
23 Apr. 2008
Kiss and Don't Tell
Patrick converts a doubtful Jane when he convinces her to hire him in New York, Cash recuperates at Marin and Jack's, Buzz gets in touch with his emotions in order to win Mai back.
28 May 2008
New Dogs, Old Tricks
Marin begins to feel under-appreciated when Jack dumps four puppies into their lives and won't participate in their care, Patrick finds out about Jane's side deal with Pilar, and Buzz and Ivan continue their quests for their respective ladies.
4 Jun. 2008
Surprise, Surprise
Patrick returns to Elmo and finds that life has moved on without him, Marin discovers Julia's husband in a compromising position, and Buzz continues his decline away from Mai's care.
11 Jun. 2008
Taking the Lead
Jane is in for a frugal surprise as she travels back to Alaska with Sam in an R.V., Patrick won't take 'no' for an answer, Marin's big check creates tension between her and Jack, and the talent show is held.

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