Clash of the Titans (2010) Poster

Luke Evans: Apollo


  • Apollo : [about Hades visit]  He belongs in the underworld... not here.

  • Apollo : [to Zeus]  Father, we need the mortals.

  • Apollo : I can feel it. We grow weaker by the minute!

  • Apollo : [to Zeus about the mortals]  You'll just drive them further away! Chase any love from their hearts.

  • Apollo : An accommodation could be made. A truce!

  • Athena : [approaching as Apollo sits on Zeus's throne]  Comfortable?

    Apollo : What are you doing here?

    Athena : Thinking... Our father is blinded by his anger. Trusting Hades with this power is a threat to all of us.

    Apollo : You tell him that. Just give me some warning so I can put some distance between us.

    Athena : If Hades is able to release the Kraken, it won't stop at Argos. All of humanity will fall... And then so will we.

    Apollo : We can't oppose Hades.

    Athena : But this Perseus is...

    Apollo : [raging]  NO!... How can our existence depend on him?

    Athena : We'll have to do something.

  • Zeus : [as Apollo bows before him]  Speak.

    Apollo : Perseus, your son...

    Zeus : What consequence is he?

    Apollo : He aims to kill the Kraken.

    Zeus : Does he now? Let him try.

    Apollo : Perhaps you should help him.

    Zeus : Help him undo our plan?

    Apollo : Hades belongs in the underworld. He can't be trusted with this might. He will never be content just to serve you.

    Zeus : He he serves me well, better then any of you...


    Zeus : They pray again... In Argos, they bow and pray.

    Apollo : But who are they praying to? Have we grown stronger? Have we been nourished? I haven't felt it. His way is not our way. They will always fear death, so he will always be fed. We need to feel the love of humans.

    Zeus : I do what I do to ensure our survival. Hades is an instrument to that end. Now leave me.

    Apollo : [bowing]  You'll hear nothing more of this from me.

  • Apollo : Our father is rather upset... You're running out of time.

    Perseus : [turning away]  Just leave me alone.

    Apollo : Do you know how it feels to live as a god, Perseus?... It's like falling in love every second of the day. You have a god inside of you. But you fight it with every breath... You're drowning in your spite. For what?

    Perseus : [angry]  I'm tired of everyone telling me what I can and cannot do!

    [sees Apollo flinch] 

    Perseus : You're afraid.

    Apollo : Careful how you speak to me. Only one of is mortal.

    Perseus : Why would a god wanna help me?

    Apollo : Because you're fighting the part of you that can help me, which is all I really care about. Throw away your pride, Perseus. Or you won't last another day.

    Perseus : I'd rather die in the mud with those men than stand alongside you.

    Apollo : [chuckling]  You share our father's arrogance... clearly we are brothers.

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