Clash of the Titans (2010) Poster

Sam Worthington: Perseus



  • Perseus : [picking up the metal owl from the 1981 film]  What is this?

    Solon : Just leave it!

  • Perseus : I know we're all afraid. But my father told me: someday, someone was gonna have take a stand. Someday, someone was gonna have to say enough! This could be that day. Trust your senses. And don't look this bitch in the eye.

  • Perseus : I'd rather die in the mud with those men than live forever as a god.

  • Perseus : If I do this, I do it as a man.

    Draco : But you are NOT just a man.

  • Perseus : My father was killed by a god. My mother, sister, everyone I loved was killed by a god. I mend nets. Not wield a sword.

  • [Perseus draws his divine sword at Hades] 

    Hades : I'm a god! I will live forever!

    Perseus : But not here.

    [hurls the sword at Hades, and a lightning bolt from Zeus hits Hades at the same time] 

  • Andromeda : [after Perseus rescues Andromeda]  The boats are coming for us.

    Perseus : For you, not for me.

    Andromeda : You won't stay, will you? Perseus, Argos needs a ruler!

    Perseus : I cannot be a king. I serve you better as a man.

  • Io : My name is Io, Perseus.

    Perseus : And how do you know me?

    Io : I've watched you all your life. I guided you to your family.

  • Perseus : [sparring with Io]  Try not to enjoy this so much.

    Io : I'm trying to help you live.

  • Spyros : Just like the day you came to me. The storm brought me right to you. I know you have questions, son. I wish I had the answers.

    Perseus : I have everything I need. Right here.

  • Andromeda : What's your name?

    Perseus : Perseus.

    Andromeda : Take this. Please, drink.

    [Andromeda holds out a goblet of wine to Perseus, who reaches to take it] 

    Draco : [slaps the goblet away]  Hands off!

    Cassiopeia : Enough!

    Kepheus : Our daughter the missionary!

  • [after being attacked by Calibos] 

    Solon : Who was that?

    Perseus : I don't know. Let's ask him.

  • Perseus : All my life you've been there you never left me. I can't leave you.

  • Eusebios : Every step we take is an insult to the gods.

    Perseus : Good!

  • Perseus : You can't hide from Hades.

    Ammon : So says the bastard son of a god.

  • Apollo : Our father is rather upset... You're running out of time.

    Perseus : [turning away]  Just leave me alone.

    Apollo : Do you know how it feels to live as a god, Perseus?... It's like falling in love every second of the day. You have a god inside of you. But you fight it with every breath... You're drowning in your spite. For what?

    Perseus : [angry]  I'm tired of everyone telling me what I can and cannot do!

    [sees Apollo flinch] 

    Perseus : You're afraid.

    Apollo : Careful how you speak to me. Only one of is mortal.

    Perseus : Why would a god wanna help me?

    Apollo : Because you're fighting the part of you that can help me, which is all I really care about. Throw away your pride, Perseus. Or you won't last another day.

    Perseus : I'd rather die in the mud with those men than stand alongside you.

    Apollo : [chuckling]  You share our father's arrogance... clearly we are brothers.

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