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A re-tread.
MartinHafer6 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mart falls in love with a pretty young lady who he later discovers is Professor Kingsfield's daughter!! Considering how in awe of Kingsfield Hart is, the relationship is naturally doomed! This tenth episode of "The Paper Chase" is basically the original movie "The Paper Chase" (1973)--but toned down considerably for television. For example, the original film on which the series is based was often very sexual, as Hart spends much of the movie boinking Professor Kingsfield's daughter! However, here with different actors and TV sensibilities, their relationship is ALWAYS quite chaste and lacks the edge that made the original film so good. Still, the basic idea isn't bad and the overall effect, though muted, it still quite enjoyable. Not bad but amazingly familiar.
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