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In a moment of weakness, Daria is nice to Quinn!
MartinHafer6 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This particular episode actually was a pretty responsible statement by MTV (the folks who first brought Daria to TV), as it makes a statement about the stupidity of teens getting plastic surgery. The show begins with a girl who wants to join the Fashion Club showing the girls her cute new nose-job. They are all rather impressed and Stacy insists that the members of the club all consider getting surgery themselves. So, begin incredibly insecure and a sheep, Quinn decides she MUST get a nose-job, too. However, the creepy looking doctor insists Quinn's nose is great--and suggests $6000 worth of unnecessary plastic surgery. In a moment of weakness, Daria actually feels sorry for Quinn and tells her she is perfect already. Of course, Quinn totally ignores this moment of niceness and is set for the surgery anyway...provided she can somehow come up with the money. Fortunately for common sense, the nose-job girl's nose collapses and Quinn decides to leave her cute original body intact.

As I said above, this is a socially responsible episode of the show--and it is a good one for impressionable and stupid kids to watch to prevent them also falling in line with a very disturbing recent trend. Well written and poignant--it's unusual for the series but well worth seeing.
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Quinn wants to get plastic surgery
Tweekums1 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
When Brooke returns to school with her new cute, surgically improved nose the fashion club are falling over themselves to compliment her. Afterwards Quinn decides that her nose could do with some work too. She gets Daria to accompany her when she goes to see the plastic surgeon... it turns out she doesn't need a new nose; but could do with $6000 dollars worth of other work to give her the 'perfect' face and Daria is told she could do with $20,000 worth of surgery to look like Quinn. Naturally Quinn believes she really needs the work and Daria is adamant that she doesn't. Daria is also given something the doctor things she might need... a couple of fake breasts! Back at school it turns out the rest of the fashion club has had nose jobs and Quinn sets about trying to raise $6000 and Daria does something that does not come naturally; she is nice to Quinn and tells her that she is perfect without a surgeon's help.

This was a fine episode with a message: teenagers don't need cosmetic surgery. The fact that it had a message didn't mean it was devoid of laughs; Jane saying to Daria 'Show me your boobs' was one of the funniest moments of the series even though we knew she was talking about the fake ones which were in a box! Upchuck's reaction to them was almost as funny too. There was a secondary storyline where Kevin had to approach people while made up to look hideous as part of a sadistic experiment for Ms Barch; this was mildly amusing but not as good as the main story. This is definitely not one to miss.
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