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9 Jan. 1981
John Fothergill, aesthete and scholar, becomes the proprietor of the Spread Eagle, in Thame, Oxfordshire, with the intent of turning it into the most celebrated Inn in England, catering to the brightest lights in London's literati.
16 Jan. 1981
One Hundred and Eighty!!!
A darts tournament is put in peril when the players' wives stage a sit-in in the pub.
30 Jan. 1981
A Last Visitor for Mr. Hugh Peter
I saw this on telly. All I can remember is Hugh Peter in prison the night before his execution describing his terror of the hanging, drawing and quartering he will have to endure and his fear of looking like a coward.
6 Feb. 1981
Journal of Bridget Hitler
An Irishwoman married to a German in pre-WW1 Liverpool prepares to meet her brother-in-law, a young man named Adolf Hitler.
13 Feb. 1981
Days at the Beach
In 1920, a trio of British soldiers have to guard an unexploded mine that has washed up on a beach.
20 Feb. 1981
Bobby Wants to Meet Me
A young music journalist dreams of meeting his idol, Bob Dylan.
20 Mar. 1981
Period Drama. The true story of Unity Mitford who in the 1930's went to live in Germany and was friends with Adolf Hitler.
5 Jun. 1981
Going Gently
Two men in their 60s sharing a hospital room after their diagnoses of terminal cancer struggle with fear, physical pain, the difficulties of being in hospital, family members unable to cope, loneliness, and their unusual friendship.
30 Oct. 1981
Mrs. Reinhardt
An Englishwoman seeking to escape her marriage arrives at French hotel.
6 Nov. 1981
Last Summer's Child
A boy feels restless during a hot summer in prewar Cornwall.

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