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12 Jan. 1980
Set in a north country synagogue, a group of Jewish men have to organise a 'shiva', however, not having the required number of their faith, resort to recruiting George, a 'non-Jew', to make up the numbers. I only saw the play once, but there were a number of memorable lines, including, when Kugleman comes out of the 'gents', he says to Liftchick, "George won't pass as Jewish, he's got a foreskin as long as my nose!" Another line was, when asked his occupation, George replied that he was an electrician. "If anyone askes", said Liftchick, " tell them you're an ...
26 Jan. 1980
A television play about a comprehensive school is praised for its authenticity, but the lead schoolboy actor does not agree with this assessment.
9 Feb. 1980
The Enigma
An upper-class young man has rejected his affluent background, but, when a crisis comes, reverts to type pretty quickly.
15 Mar. 1980
In Hiding
A teenager learns about life and death while staying with his aunt during the school holidays.
2 May 1980
Mary's Wife
A married transvestite comes to terms with their true gender identity.
16 May 1980
The Unborn
A physicist has visions of his unborn baby - it turns out that the child will grow up to become a Hitler-like dictator responsible for World War III.
13 Jul. 1980
Hallelujah, Mary Plum
A talented, independent artist lives by the sea with her daughter. As summer approaches, she faces two threats to her way of life: the local doctor who is in love with her and her unhappy sister who comes to stay.
31 Oct. 1980
Caught on a Train
Peter boards a train to attend an important business meeting across Europe. His train trip is made more complicated by two women also assigned to his train compartment. One is an independent American whom Peter finds attractive. The other is Frau Messner - an extremely particular and demanding older European woman. Between the two of them, they try different aspects of Peter's patience...
28 Nov. 1980
Dick and Mandy, a young working class couple, move into a council house in Canterbury, and find Mr. Butcher, one of their former teachers, living next door. Mandy's unmarried sister, Gloria, is constantly dropping in, and will not take any hints that the couple would prefer to be left alone, until her presence finally goads them to action.
19 Dec. 1980
Standing in for Henry
The permissiveness of the Swinging Sixties affects an advertising agency in Nottingham.

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