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19 Jun. 2006
Episode #1.1
Rock roadie turned pest controller Tommy Saxondale feels so embittered about his divorce he attends anger management classes,making rather cynical contributions. He has a new girlfriend,Magz,a would-be anarchist shopkeeper who annoys other traders with her provocative wares, such as F*** OFF T-shirts. Having sacked his previous assistant Tommy engages dim teenager Roland,who also becomes Magz's lodger,and the pair are sent by Tommy's sarcastic receptionist Vicky to deal with a pigeon infestation. As a result a trio of threatening animal rights activists pay Tommy a ...
26 Jun. 2006
Episode #1.2
After an especially trying session Tommy learns that Magz's shop faces closure following an 'obscene' window display and turns up at the council meeting,where,unaware that she has resolved matters,gives a lengthy talk on freedom of speech. He and Raymond are hired to rid mice from the home of boorish television presenter Jerome Wilson,whose automobile magazine show is Tommy's favourite and whom Tommy unsuccessfully tries to interest in attending a weekend car enthusiasts' meeting. Jerome eventually turns up but Tommy,believing that his TV idol has failed him,has has ...
3 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.3
Deggsy,an old mate of Tommy from his roadie days, comes to stay,parking his van in the drive. He is still touring with revival bands and is withering of Tommy's new domesticity,taking him out drinking and introducing him to a prostitute but Tommy spends the night talking to her about eye conditions. Ultimately Deggsy only succeeds in making Tommy feel pleased with his new life style,especially when Deggsy's hard drinking means he has to have a leg amputated.
10 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.4
Tommy's daughter Stevie comes to stay,with her boyfriend Matt,who is impressed by Tommy's tales of his days on the road. Tommy,however,is less taken with Matt's banging on about his interest in extreme sports. Though the couple cannot persuade Tommy to go with them to a rock festival he does give Matt one of his precious souvenirs given him by one of his rock gods - possibly as atonement for suggesting to Matt that his irritable bowel disease can be terminal.
17 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.5
After falling off a ladder and having trouble in the bedroom stakes, Tommy decides to work out at his local gym though the exercise nearly kills him. However, after being given the medical all-clear, he finds an erotic new use for paper suits. Raymond, on the other hand, dumps voracious older divorcee Tina because all she wants from him is sex.
24 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.6
After Tommy's van gets wheel-clamped whilst parked on land belonging to the mighty pest control organization Organosolve he suspects that the company is falsely drumming up trade by causing infestations. He sets out to expose the firm,negotiating several concessions for himself as a result.
31 Jul. 2006
Episode #1.7
After a drunken Tommy is rude to her friends Magz goes home to her parents for a while,refusing to answer his calls. He finds it hard to cope without her domestically as well and almost succumbs to temptation with saucy customer Janet. However he determines to remain loyal to his partner and turns down Janet's advances,meeting Magz at the station to organize a romantic reunion.

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