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Season 2

23 Aug. 2007
Episode #2.1
Whilst on a job at a rock club Tommy is called upon to sound check the band and introduces Raymond to his old mate Malcolm 'Rabies' Jessup,a former wild man of rock. Sadly for Tommy Malcolm is now anything but wild and has sanitized the old sounds for a modern audience. Consequently Tommy's efforts to bring back the old days whilst stepping in at the mixing desk for a Queen tribute band are not met with due appreciation.
30 Aug. 2007
Episode #2.2
Called out to clear pigeons from a warehouse Tommy and Raymond spot the suicidal Martin about to jump from the roof and talk him down. However Martin takes Tommy's offer to come and see him any time he feels low rather too literally and soon Magz and Tommy are hiding from him as he is calling on a daily basis. Ultimately an encounter at a karaoke club where Martin credits Vicky as his saviour causes Tommy to wonder why he bothered.
6 Sep. 2007
Episode #2.3
When squatters move into the area straight-laced neighbours Jonathan and Bethny hold a meeting at the local Community Centre to canvass support for their eviction. Tommy,however,backed by Magz,provides the voice of opposition,championing the squatters as free spirits. However,after a visit to the filthy squat,where his bag of videos gets stolen,he is not quite so adamant in his protest.
13 Sep. 2007
Episode #2.4
Whilst working at a boys' private school,Tommy is asked by the head to give a talk on his work. Seeing the place as a clone factory,his efforts to encourage an anti-establishment attitude fall flat and,though he temporarily wins them over with his tales of his days as a roadie,when he finds that they have glued him to his seat,his support for the free spirit quickly dissolves.He does,however,believe he has got a result when he reads their opinions of him.
20 Sep. 2007
Episode #2.5
After refusing to pay an on-the-spot fine for having no train ticket Tommy appears in court where he chooses to defend himself. Despite his garrulous speeches to the jury,dubious jokes and having gay junkie Keanu and Magz's earnestly crusading friend Penny as his witnesses - or possibly because they have worn the judge down - the case is dismissed,which Tommy sees as a triumph for democracy.
27 Sep. 2007
Episode #2.6
Annoyed at Tommy's cynicism at Penny's 'Beyond Gender' art exhibition Magz books herself into a week long residential yoga course. Tommy is instantly jealous of her tutor Toby and goes to bizarre lengths to show his spiritual side - though they prove to be unnecessary,as does his claim that he is dying of cancer since Magz only has eyes for him.

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