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A Fantastic Show
beforethedawnhealsus23 October 2006
When Brothers & Sisters was about to premiere, I was eagerly anticipating it, though I had my doubts I was going to stick with it in the long term. However, that's totally not the case. This show shines as a crown jewel in this years television season.

The cast is wonderful and they all contribute such an amazing talent to making us feel as though the Walker's are truly brothers and sisters. The interactions between Kitty and Nora are always great to see, as are any scenes that Sally Field and Rachel Griffith's are in. They bring an amazing emotional depth to the story that definitely adds to the great writing that is turned out by the amazing writing staff.

Overall, this series has earned it's keep. I think I may have teared up once per episode so far. The family acts very much like a family through it's ups and downs, and it truly is moving. If you're looking for a new show that entertains you, moves you and brings you top notch acting, then Brothers & Sisters is definitely a show that you should be tuning into. You won't be disappointed.
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Finally a Great new show.....
pws_la4 November 2006
Not since Knots Landing have writers been able to introduce the television audience with characters that you want to get to know and want to follow. Desperate Housewives started out this way, but sadly lost it in season two, I hope they retain it back. The interaction of the siblings on B&S is fresh, interesting, real, and normally dysfunctional, and they admit it. This is The Waltons with Wine. They want to be perfect but they know their not and Sally Field ( THE BEST ACTRESS EVER ) just leads the pack great. She is a MOM all the way, and she puts her children first, even as they get older. I applaud ABC for listening to the fans and keeping the show, I also applaud the writers for great lines, humor and actually making the characters on this show believable....... I can honestly say that not since 1993 when Knots Landing went off the air, have I looked forward to an hour of sitting in front of the T.V.
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Excellent family drama
lelin2-124 September 2006
The pilot managed to introduce a large cast of complex characters while maintaining individuality and clarity--and the characters and their problems were interesting to boot! Calista Flockhart gets to use her very real acting ability portraying a character who has very little in common with Ally McBeal. Tom Skerritt and Sally Field are terrific as the parents, and each of the brothers and sisters has his or her own problems to deal with, and yet the story doesn't have the feel of a tear-jerking melodrama. The ending of this episode was a shocker, and it will be interesting to see if the writers can maintain the tension in future episodes.
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Brilliant show.
mtaffeot1 November 2006
Brothers and Sisters is one of the finest TV dramas to come along in a very long time. The performances are superb from all involved, especially Sally Field, Racheal Griffiths and Matthew Rhys.

Each Sunday night I am treated to one of the finest hours on television. The mixture of humor, drama and that whole family dynamic is very intriguing. This show takes you through a whole host of emotions in one sitting as the story lines of each family member unfold in such a way, it leaves you craving for the next episode.

The gay storyline involving Kevin(Matthew Rhy) and Scotty(Luke Macfarlane) is outstanding. For once we have a complete and in-depth relationship between two men handled with maturity and intelligence. I'm so very pleased to see this on ABC network TV without much fuss being made. This is one of the finest gay story lines i've ever seen on TV.

Bravo to the writers, actors and all involved in producing one of the finest TV dramas in years.
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Best show I'voe watched in a long time!
lpspellmeyer25 September 2006
I was pleasantly surprised to watch the premiere episode of Brothers & Sisters. It is such a refreshing change to watch a well written drama with talented actors instead of the all too common prime-time shows which consist of murders, blood, sex, violence & bad acting. I had really given up on prime time television. I am sickened by the amount of graphic violence that have become commonplace in television shows. That is not entertainment to me! I loved every minute of Brothers & Sisters & cannot wait to see next week's episode! The story line is realistic, yet still entertaining. During commercials my husband and I were excitedly discussing the characters and the story that was unfolding. Thank you for offering such a great program~I have been waiting for a show like this for years!
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Just excellent
dr-bluish26 September 2006
Just excellent!!! I don't know why TV companies are trying to hide some talented actors just like Flockhart...She is an outstanding actress..and from her first 10 minutes of the show I knew I was going to love this show..with all of its relations and characters... This show is a breath-taker and I just love it...and I can't wait to see the more of it... we are all waiting... The characters and their problems were interesting to know! Calista Flockhart gets to use her very real acting ability portraying a character who has very little in common with Ally McBeal. Tom Skerritt and Sally Field are great as the parents, and each of the brothers and sisters has his or her own problems to deal with, and yet the story doesn't have the feel of a tear-jerking melodrama. The ending of this episode was a shocker, and it will be interesting to see if the writers can maintain the tension in future episodes
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Loving and Passionate Drama
kevinisha11124 September 2006
Today this show premiered and I thought it was great! I love the relationship between the brothers and sisters, and the relationship between Kitty(Calista Flockhart) and Nora(Sally Field), because it is full of drama and argumentation, but when it all boils down to it they love each other so. I am looking forward to many more years of this show and I hope others enjoy it as much as I have. It has a wonderful cast starring Sally Field, Calista Flockhart, Balthazar Getty and Rachel Griffiths just to name a few. I also love how they incorporate politics into this family-oriented show, and they incorporate 9/11 as well. Everyone should tune in next Sunday to watch this show it is very enjoyable!!
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jgleeson-224 September 2006
Wow! I couldn't wait for the commercials to be over! I think this "is" my NEW favorite show! I can't wait for next week. Wonderful Acting and Writing! Make sure you turn in next week to watch. The hour went too fast. Sally Field is AMAZING! As well as Calista. A few new folks that mix well with those two ladies. Highly recommend. It's a breath of fresh air watching a new show like Brothers and Sisters. I'm from a family of 7 kids. So it's neat to see all the dynamics. The show has already surprised me by the first night's ending... Again, I almost can't wait for next week. Great show to watch after Desperate Housewives. I hope this one sticks around. I think it will. There's a big fan over here!
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I liked it.
gbest808 October 2006
I started watching this show because of the names, but stayed because it was kinda good. I liked it. I like all the characters. Maybe I like it cause I relate to the story-line, but I think its a good story. The 10/8 air-date episode is the first one I've seen. I hope it sticks around for a while. Sally Field is always awesome and fun to watch. Other than her and Calista, it seems the other actors and actresses are holding back a little. But such is the beginning of a series and I think it has a lot of potential, as long as the writing holds out (and could serve to get a little better.... BUT ITS STILL GOOD). I could really love this show.
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Six Feet Under for Regular TV
jls-1725 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed the show but cannot help but see it as a regular TV version of HBO's "Six Feet Under." You have a dysfunctional family of adult children who spend a great deal of time at home with their parents. The patriarch dies unexpectedly in the first episode leaving mom and the kids to figure out how to pick up the pieces including taking over the operation of the troubled family business.

Also, I was struck by the comment that Calista Flockhart's character is supposed to be 38 and the younger sister to Rachel Griffiths. I think casting got this one backwards.

All in all though, it's an engaging show with an excellent cast. Hopefully it will rise above the trouble that was reported bringing it to the small screen.
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Interesting newcomer to the Fall Lineup
Mumofalmost325 September 2006
I have finished watching the first episode and thought I would like to leave a slightly more favourable review than the previous poster. I like to give a show more of a chance to pique my interest than 5 minutes so I sat and watched the entire episode. There were the usual introductions to new characters... since it's a rather large ensemble depicting a family of adult children and two older parents there wasn't much room for in depth intros but it was adequate for a premiere episode.

The end of the show set the stage for the series. I will give it more time to develop. The family is centred around older parents and their children - 2 daughters (casting Calista Flockhart, 42, as the younger of the two sisters and much younger looking 38 year old Rachel Griffiths, 38, as the older sister was a little odd) and 3 brothers (one, seemingly, an Afghanistan war veteran, one a lawyer who does happen to be gay and the last a brother who is working at the family business). Something odd is afoot at the family business both on the financial side and the emotional side.

The demise of the patriarch (what a shame) at the end of the premiere episode will set the tone with, I believe, the sister from NYC (Flockhart) moving back to CA to start a new job on television and mending bridges with her mother and family.
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Excellent up to a certain point.
ag-pokeball5 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Up till about the fourth season, this show was absolutely phenomenal. Though some plot lines were overly dramatic, like along the lines of a soap opera, the familial relationship was really the heart and soul of the show.

I have to praise the handling of Kevin Walker's storyline. Usually, when shows have gay characters, these characters are often token characters that don't often have much impact on the story and often, sadly, are rarely seen around. Though this can to a certain extent be said about Scotty, the Kevin Walker storyline was excellently handled. The Scotty, Chad, Jason story lines were cute, romantic and really seamless, making it feel very normal. It wasn't overtly dramatized and was definitely handled very well. Kevin Walker remains my favorite character from the series, along with Scotty, as their relationship was the most real. The handling of gay relationships in the show is the best out of any show on the air thus far.

From the fourth season on however, the story felt forced and I felt the writers were adding disaster for disaster's sake. The addition of Ryan was very, very poorly handled. It felt like the writers added him in during a brainstorm and did not fully think the character through. They already went through something similar with Rebecca and I felt that it was forced.

In all, please, please watch the first three seasons. Its fun, addictive, dramatic, witty and really very good. An excellent show.
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A very good show, even if Season 5 was lacking
TheLittleSongbird19 July 2011
When Brothers & Sisters first started, I was very fond of it. However, I don't consider Season 5 to be as good as the rest, the finale was good and the actors great but the written quality and story lines were not in general as compelling as they once were.

On the whole though, I like Brothers & Sisters very much. The production values and music are of top notch quality, the writing was both droll and touching, the story lines were thought-out and compelling and the characters were engaging.

Also there is some very good acting on this show, Callista Flockhart is very endearing, but in my mind the show belongs to Matthew Rhys and Sally Field who are both fantastic, and Rachel Griffiths too.

In conclusion, very good. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Love this show, but...
keithfearnley20011 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm giving the show 8 out of 10, because through seasons 1-4, it was excellent TV. I really don't understand what has happened with season 5. First of all, the 1 year time jump, while it worked on Desperate Housewives and to a lesser extent, One Tree Hill, it really didn't work here. The events of the 'year' between seasons 4 and 5 seemed quite interesting, so why not just continue the show as normal and have these events, and others, play out over the season. The following are just some of the things that have recently been annoying me:

Why keep Robert on life support for a year, only to have him killed off in the first episode anyway? If Rob Lowe was leaving the show at the end of season 4, have season 5 open with his funeral.

Hollys' memory loss was just silly and a waste of Patricia Wettigs' talents. To end up having her leave the show half way through the season as well without regaining her memory just seemed completely pointless.

And don't even get me started on the Scotty having an affair debacle! Kevin and Scotty have never been the perfect couple, but for this revelation to be just thrown in at the end of an episode for no apparent reason really p****d me off, and just made me think the writers through a curve ball without really thinking it through. Why not show the event actually happening and bring it up later on rather than just slotting it in for shock value. It happened before with Joe & Rebecca, Tommy & Lena and Kitty and the park guy (can't remember his name).

Now, for my main gripe. The budget cuts on the show have never been more apparent than in season 5. There are less and less parties being held or attended, less exterior shots. Cast members suddenly disappear for episodes at a time (most likely joining the child actors in the cupboard). The main thing I have always liked about the show was the big family meals, or arguments, or even the huge phone calls between all of most of the cast at any one time. All of these things that made the show so great seem to have been put to the side in exchange for scenes featuring only a couple of cast members, lacking in drama or comedic value.

The writing this season has been lackadaisical, to put it mildly! I will continue to faithfully watch the show as I care about the characters and have done since episode 1. I only hope the show gets another season and perhaps a bit more money from ABC so it can make a creative comeback and perhaps go out with a bang!
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So good, where do I start?
PHeath604 December 2006
This show has me hooked!! It's an amazing balance of all the conflicts and joys within a family. It delves into diverse belief systems; political, social and religious, and how they affect this family's structure. There are times of division, and amazing times of solidarity, as if to say: We are family...we fight, we love, we are at polar opposites sometimes, but we are always together.

The cast is anchored by Sally Field (Thank goodness she is back!!) her talent is still amazing, and I just love to watch her!! Also at the forefront is Calista Flockhart...her life, love, career and even her place in this family, are at odds with each other.. and she portrays all the conflicting emotions seamlessly!!

Each cast member lends a very realistic and emotional performance that leaves you feeling like they are truly a family. Whoever did the casting job on this, just did a great job!!

I am so glad that this show was picked up thru the season..I just hope it stays there! ABC has a bad habit of canceling it's most promising shows without much time to prove itself. Let's hope they don't do that with this little gem!!
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Brothers and Sisters Makes Me Laugh, Lights Me Up, Makes Me Think & Turns on the Passion
myspiritshopes11 November 2006
The writing makes you feel it's right out of life today. No phony, pretentious, over reaching, stale or trite scripts. The characters are relatable and all have redeeming traits, while not afraid to show their flaws, vulnerable side or sensibilities. This family talks to each other. Even about the tough stuff. How great is that?! The acting? Love Matthew Rhys. He does more with his face and body movements than three actors combined. And the reason it is so outstanding is that it is all minimal - the viewer isn't condescended to - you get to discover the details of his acting to appreciate his naturalness and charisma. I can't get enough of this kind of acting. Dave Annable shows a wide range, funny and intensely serious. Marika Dominczyk makes it look easy to come across so natural on camera. Keri Lynn Pratt oozes love of being alive. If it was for sale, I'd buy some. Balthazar Getty is sensitive and is that fearlessness? Whatever it is - it is working for him. I like Luke MacFarlane with Rhys' character. He seems appropriately mercurial. Sally Field strikes all the right chords, as her own woman and as mother to five individuals. A tough balancing act and she does it winningly. Sarah Jane Morris is so believable as a solid and sensitive person who loves Tommy. Rachel Griffiths covers all the bases with just the right touch. The comic timing by this cast keeps me laughing out loud every episode. Each and every cast member plays his or her part with thoughtfulness and gives us a gift with this best show on TV today. I Lo-ove Brothers and Sisters.
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The BEST Show on television!
nightwing432130 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This show is absolutely the most wonderful show on television right now. The story lines are very well conceived and written. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing casts ever assembled. Their chemistry is undeniable and you have absolutely no problem believing that these people are family. How refreshing it is to see that one of the Brothers is not only gay, but in a very warm, tender, and even funny new relationship. I sincerely hope that Kevin and Scotty stay together for a long time and that we get to see two gay men in a loving, committed relationship on TV on a regular basis. It's about time! This show has had me hooked from the very first episode. It has given me reason to be at home at 10:00 on Sundays. It's very hard to not fall in love with this family and care about what happens to them. The Walkers may be a dysfunctional family (as if there were any other kind), but to me they have become the perfect family (at least to keep me entertained). If you haven't seen this show, you should be ashamed of yourself! You don't know what you're missing.
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Painful to watch
chelseawalker1 December 2007
I don't know, maybe I'm too lad-ish and distant to US culture to enjoy this show, but this is so utterly boring and pointless show that almost painful to watch, and the reason is that this show is full of cliché and there's nothing more in this, period.

There are group of family members - white, rich, has a big house with pool, so typical. And they are dysfunctional. How original. The brother is gay and another is spoiled womanizing trouble-maker. VERY original. The elder sister is a grounded working mom, the younger sis jiggles her job and love-life. Highly and horribly unique. These things just need to go to retirement home now because they are just so overused again and again, they must be quite exhausted by now. And nosy, spoil mother who looks like she's about to throw hissy fits at any moment...AND are we supposed to feel sorry for them and feel empathy for them?

None of them are likable, and none of them stand out except Kitty, but sadly for her, whatever she does she just looks/sounds Ally, if not much awkward and annoying (and I stopped watching Ally McBeal because of her) and Sally Fields'character...her (I am just guessing here so apologies if not true, but surely she must have done SOMETHING to keep that face?!) botoxed-and-lifted-to-inch-of-her-life face aside, it's just so annoying so that so it's almost embarrassing. It's like watching a group of bratty teenagers, who think they have it all yet very childish.

Very generic, forgettable TV show.
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True fan from start to finish of the first season
villalobosa9121 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
*Spoiler* The season Finale was last night and it was great!! I have watched this whole show since the premiere and my dad and I love it!! It addresses real problems and shows a lot of heart. I cried when Tommy and Julia had to make a HUGE decision about their twins and laughed when Kitty and Holly went at it at the vineyard. It did seem predictable at times but, all in all, it was a great TV drama; although, we could have gone without Kevin's Gay Story line...the creators could have been more creative. I loved Sally Field and how she played the role of the matriarch...she acted beautifully and had all the traits of every American mom!! I can't wait for the second season. I really loved last night's episode; Garry Marshal was great and it was both sad yet left you with a feeling of satisfaction- no big soap opera cliff hanger.
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Could this show be any worse?
dmac5423 October 2006
I am at a loss for words. If this is the standard for network drama then don't invest in that big screen or plasma because there won't be anything worth watching in the next few years. The writing is so poor I almost feel embarrassed for Rachael Griffins after her tour de force in Six Feet Under. This poor girl has talent but to have to utter those awful lines must affect her sleep at nights. Sally Fields should not have come out of retirement. It appears that she went right from Smokey and the Bandit to this abomination and all of the good stuff she did never really happened. When you can lay there staring at the ceiling and finish the lines of dialog from these transparent sappy characters you know this is a "stinker". When will they put it out of it's misery?
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Utter drivel
jgaskell30 March 2009
I keep running into this awful, awful show as it is run between two good shows here in Australia. I have to say I am embarrassed for Rachael Griffiths, who is a very talented actress and who has generally appeared in pretty good stuff prior to this dross. She does her best with what she is given, but no-one is good enough to save this rubbish.

The stories are tedious, the characters completely unsympathetic, the dialogue ridiculous and the whole thing is so self-conscious that it makes me cringe. I do not understand what people see in this show at all. The fact that this is being lauded as quality drama just makes me despair for how far television has fallen.
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Can You Say: Thirty Something...
Troubleboy20 January 2009
..., except even more banal?

Another dysfunctional family apparently representing today's America, including a loony daughter as a conservative talk show pundit (gee, that's unique) although Flockhart's about 3 lbs heavier, but no less irritating than Ann Coulter.

There's no difference between this mob - their problems - and all the other sea of 'look at me' family-based reality programming TV. How it garnered Golden Globes and has survived three seasons, one can only wonder.

'Huff' and 'Six Feet Under' were head and shoulders over this dreg.
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Amazing: they dare *awkward* !
fedtho26 July 2010
What I like first and foremost in this show are the AWKWARD situations. I feel like crawling under my seat with embarrassment two times per episode at least. And it's the worst kind of awkward! Just when a moment seems perfect, no clouds in the sky for once, someone says something totally embarrassing for everyone present (yes: most of the time, that would be the mother, Sally Field at the very top of her game if she ever was), and it makes everyone mad at her for destroying the perfect moment - but they find it hard to say it in his/her face as brutally as they feel it...

I feel utterly powerless. This is such a poor description of the brilliant writing, the perfect casting (I agree Flockhart is not at her very best - but she still brings that soft and confused quality she always had to the show, and she fits into the cast just as well as everyone else). Something in this show is just making me applaud at the end of each episode. I find it highly enjoyable to watch its creators striving for new, exciting situations and unknown territory with each episode. It's REFRESHING. And although I'm at least one season behind (I'm in Europe), until now, I find it's getting better and better: I remember I liked the romance between Flockhart and Lowe at the beginning... but all the wrong turns this family's story keep taking are SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING as things progress.

I think this is a show that deserves to be checked out. At the very least. I'm really grateful it's there. Warmly recommended!

(At the time I'm writing this, I'm wondering if this year, 2010, the show's has been canceled - it would seem so, IMDb doesn't put a final year unless a show has come to an end.)
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Slow Moving, Highly Predictable Evening Soap
steve-ballantyne15 January 2007
My wife and I watched this show after several people recommended it to us. I was not the least bit impressed. The writing and dialogue on this show are awful. Predictable outcomes to every situation leave you wondering what the characters are thinking (if I saw it coming, why didn't they?). Nothing that happens in this show warrants its 60 minute running time. A waste of good talents from actors who have proved themselves in film and TV careers before coming to this show. It will likely be cancelled due to lack of interest, but develop an eager fan base consisting predominantly of women who just want to watch something "smarter" than Desperate Housewives.
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Brothers and Sisters SUCKS!
sillyboi201 November 2006
I can't believe how many positive comments are being made about this show, it is a horrible, terrible waste of someones' hour.

Lets start from the beginning. From the start of the pilot episode, I have TRIED to enjoy this show, but between the pompous arrogance of the characters, and the horrendous writing that occurs on this show, it AMAZES me that is still on the air.

Somehow, in their poor attempt of writing a script, we (the viewers) are suppose to feel bad for this poor, little rich family. However, they are spending enormous amounts of money at retarded fund raisers, while most of their workers retirements funds were put missing by their deceased father. I can't feel bad for people who seemingly have no souls.

In addition, Calista Flockhart's character not only is in desperate need of a high-calorie meal (how about the writers write a story about kitty being anorexic), but her political stance, especially with having a gay brother, seemingly only causes for her to have tension with her mother. What about the tension between the gay brother and her?

Also, speaking of the gay brother. As a gay male, I am just so completely sick of the character named "Sarah" ingratiating herself to use every gay wold in the book with her brother. Like.. "Why didn't you save me girlfriend?" Yes, she did use that. It is unbelievable that no one, other than myself from the gay community did not protest that terribly offensive dialog. Not to mention that the gay man's storyline just sucks. He's dating a cater waiter, who personifies every stereotype a straight person would have about a gay person and takes offense of him one evening, because he offers to pay for him to skip his job to spend time with him.

Not that plot line was offensive, but in general, they mark him as the token gay.

And now lets get back to Sarah. The writers have managed to give her every horrible line on that show, not to mention storyline. One week, her daughter has juvenile diabetes, the next she is using phrases like "You Rock" to her sophisticated, high-class mother, and not to mention, once again, using the always offensive "girlfriend" reference when speaking to her gay brother.

Last, but certainly not least, lets not forget Sally Field's character, who after 3 weeks after mourning her deceased husband is dating again. And lets not forget how, seemingly, her husband's mistress is about to move on as well, right into the arms of Sally Field's characters brother.

How is any of these storyline/words even believable to the public. It just doesn't seem possible that America can fall for this crap.

Stop watching this SHOW ALREADY!
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