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  • Following the events in AVP: Alien vs. Predator (2004) (2004), the Predator ship carrying the hybrid Predalien crash lands in Gunnison, Colorado. The surviving Predalien immediately sets out to create more Aliens, first attacking a hunter and his young son and later some homeless men living in a sewer. Meanwhile, the Predator warrior (Ian Whyte) (known as the Wolf Predator in the script) journeys to earth to "clean up" the mess, after having received a distress signal from the crashed Predator ship. The residents of Gunnison soon find themselves in the middle of the battle between the two deadly extraterrestrials. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Lex (Sanaa Lathan) kneels beside the dying Predator as the entire Predator force uncloaks itself and its spaceship. One of the Predators notices the marks on her cheek. As the other Predators carry their dead companion into their ship, he hands her one of their lances as a gesture of respect. The ship takes off, leaving Lex alone on the Antarctic island. In the final scene, the dead Predator's body lies on a slab. Suddenly, his chest bursts open and an Alien/Predator (Predalien) hybrid emerges. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, the movie begins some time after AVP left off. At the earliest, it could be only a matter of hours to a day because of the alien's typical growth time (once born, we see the Predalien born in orbit; while in our solar system, it has since grown to full size and begins killing predators on their ship and causing the crash landing on earth). However, the exact time is unspecified. It is possible that the Predalien did not begin killing the crew immediately or did so over a protracted period of time. Considering that the first AVP took place on October 10th, and a character in this film says that it's not Halloween anymore, it is likely that some time has passed between the two events (or the filmmakers made a huge goof). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Predators are a very honorable race. Because they were carrying this dangerous species and it is because of them that they wound up on Earth, they are honor bound to keep it contained and protect the human race. The Aliens act as a plague to a planet with life on it, and if there's nobody to contain it, this will lead to the extinction of the humans. The Predators consider humans among the ultimate prey, so in order to preserve one of their favourite hunting grounds, they will do what is necessary; also, although they have no problem with killing individual humans, Predators may respect humans as a species highly enough to want to prevent their extinction. Furthermore, hunting the Predalien and on an arbitrarily-small time table, as a team or otherwise, with vehicles or otherwise, makes for a great challenge. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because it has always been "Aliens" versus "Predator" in the comics, video games, and the first film despite there usually being more than one Predator. "Basically you're following this one Predator the star of this movie," Greg said of the hunter in pursuit. Added Colin, "We call him the Wolf internally because basically he's Harvey Keitel from 'Pulp Fiction.' He's the cleaner. He shows up and he's not there for the trophies. ... If anybody gets in his way, he'll just cut 'em in half." "At [an early] point in the movie, [the Wolf] takes a gun off of a dead Predator, and so he has double shoulder cannons," Colin explained. "There's also a cleaner case where he stores all his new weapons. It has an implosion bomb that he uses for imploding the crash ship to basically get rid of it. ... That's a new type of bomb he has." (Source) Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Dale (David Paetkau) is obviously a jealous person, and once Jesse (Kristen Hager) broke up with him, he likely followed her. Or possibly she had mentioned that she always wanted to sneak in and fool around in the school swimming pool to Dale and, knowing she had a thing for Ricky (Johnny Lewis), he figured that might be where they went. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Strause brothers decided to alter the design to be similar to their appearance in Aliens, much like James Cameron decided to alter their appearance from the original Alien film. It's been suggested that different Queens produce different eggs/facehuggers, which breeds different looking aliens as well. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Predalien Hybrid is a pseudo-Queen. It has the ability to implant multiple embryos in to a host at once. The movie implies it can only do this to women, likely because they have a womb to carry said embryos to gestation. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The wounded Predator activates a beacon on its wrist. It's possible that it was trying to activate its self-destruct, but was killed before it could finish the sequence. Therefore, the sequence turned into an S.O.S. beacon to notify the Predators that a fellow clan member had tried to activate its self-destruct, but failed. Allowing them to send a "cleaner" to mop up the mess. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Predator was there to cover up evidence of the Aliens and any victims killed by them. The deputy spotted the Predator in the midst of covering up some evidence, so he needed to kill him in order to prevent him from bringing more people to the area. The Predator likely skinned and hanged him as prey. It's possible this is a ritual of certain clans who kill a human, regardless if it was part of the Predator's objectives. He may have been honor-bound to do it. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Several reasons can be proposed.

    (1) He may have had the mark on a helmet (as we see he has a vast selection) but he just didn't take that helmet, as he is obviously a seasoned hunter he didn't need to take his original hunt mask. Also he may have had the mark somewhere else, perhaps on his cheek, but it was heavily scarred so the mark was lost (or the scars function as a large mark). This is actually the explanation given by the directors in one of the making-of documentaries on the home video releases. Also, his mission wasn't actually to hunt for sport but rather just clean up the alien mess: there was no game or ritual involved.

    (2) He was from a different tribe whose traditions didn't involve marking each other with Alien blood, like Predators in the original Predator and Predator 2.

    (3) The mark means you are a proven highly ranked Predator Hunter and there are probably many different Predator tribes. So Wolf Predator could have been from a different tribe than the ones who went down into the Pyramid and did not need to prove himself. The Predators on the ship could have been lower ranked hunters or Predators scientists. The reason why the Predators in the first two Predator films didn't have marks may be because they were from different tribes who hunted Aliens, but not mark themselves, which Wolf was probably also a part of.

    (4) Although the hunt for Aliens is described as a coming-of-age ritual in the movies, it is never established that every Predator has to go through this ritual in order to become a real hunter. In the previous AVP, the Aliens were called "the ultimate prey"; perhaps it is a special privilege to hunt for them, preserved for only the most promising warriors or the noblest of tribes. It would even seem a waste of talent if a Predator had achieved this ultimate honor, and would then be forced to hunt much weaker prey, like humans. It would make more sense for the Predators to hunt humans first, then if they are successful, hunt aliens after. Because Humans are relatively fragile, most wounds are enough to cripple a human. They are panicky animals, even the toughest humans could go to pieces from the fear of the invisible enemy and humans can't see very well (compared to predators or aliens) and are virtually harmless unless they have some firepower in their hand. Aliens are far more dangerous, they have no fear, can lose most of their limbs and still pose a major threat, they have acid blood, can kill with their claws, tails and teeth and can see Predators even when they're cloaked. (Originally for the first Predator film, humans were called the "ultimate prey" but that was just the movie's slogan and put forth before the concept of Alien-versus-Predator.) Maybe Wolf Predator was never eligible for the Alien hunt because he was weaker or not from a distinguished tribe. When he saw there was a situation involving escaped Aliens, he may have seen a long dream come true to hunt the ultimate prey, and went in without asking permission.

    (5) Perhaps Wolf Predator is a disgraced hunter who has hunted Aliens before, but then messed up something, causing the other Predators to demote him to his current "cleaning" duties. That would mean they took away his marked helmet (if he had one), and also the mark on his face by scarring the surrounding tissue (if he had one [see reason 2]). So he may have a low function, but still have considerable experience in the hunt for Aliens.

    (6) How the Predator in AVP marked himself and the girl was taken from the book AvP: Prey. In this book it was explained that a Predator who had hunted his first alien would be blooded by the leader (with the leaders mark). This was a way of signifying a caste system within the hierarchy and show other Predators who had trained you. AVP took some creative liberties from the book, and other movies simply may not have included this backstory in them. Though in AVP, the leader Predator was Celtic and he was killed and Scar marked himself so being marked by a leader may not apply to the movies or since Celtic was the leader and since he along with the other were killed early on, it made Scar the de facto leader, like a battlefield promotion, going by that the leader did mark him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Because the Predator was non-ritualistically hunting and not taking trophies this mission. The helmet reads "Not for glory. Not for honour. Not for the hunt. But to clean up the mess." The first two lines on the right side are the "glory & honour" lines. The center line of text mentions the "hunt" (mostly because it in bold lettering) thus showing that the predators still value the hunt, but in this case it doesn't take precedence. The last couple of lines on the left side describe the job and show disdain for the work because it would rather be doing what it wants. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He was using Dallas (Steven Pasquale) as a bait to lure the aliens in. He didn't come to the earth to kill humans; ironically he was actually there to protect them in a way. He killed the cop because he spotted him, he killed the stoners because they were going to shoot him, and he shot the guy in the graveyard because he had a revolver and was making threatening gestures (In the Unrated Cut). Other than that, he doesn't bother harming humans, though he was the means of Jesse's unintentional demise. As for Dale's death, he saw that he was going to be killed by the alien anyway, so he was dead no matter what. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When informed by Colonel Stevens (Robert Joy) that there will be an airlift arriving at Gilliam Circle in 20 minutes, Kelly (Reiko Aylesworth) points out that the army's first measure is containment, not evacuation, and that their plan probably is to use the townspeople as bait to draw the aliens to the middle of the town where the Army will then be able to destroy everyone with a bomb. Sheriff Morales (John Ortiz) doesn't agree and joins some other people headed for the Circle. Kelly, her daughter Molly (Ariel Gade), Dallas, Ricky, and Jesse decide to head for the hospital, planning to use the Medevac helicopter to get out of the city. Unfortunately, the hospital has become a battleground between the aliens, the Predalien, and the Wolf Predator. Jesse is impaled by the Predator's flying daggers, and Ricky is wounded when he attempts to attack the Predator. Dallas picks up the Predator's pulse rifle, and they head up to the roof only to find more aliens blocking their way to the helicopter. While the others cover her, Kelly makes her way to the helicopter and gets it started. While the Predator kills off the remaining aliens, the others make it to the helicopter and successfully take off. Meanwhile in Gilliam Circle, while Morales waits for evacuation, the military drops a bomb that destroys the town and the remaining aliens. The shock wave forces Kelly to make a crash landing in a clearing where they are surrounded by Guardsmen who disarm them and provide medical care to Ricky. In the final scene, the Predator's rifle is presented to Ms Yutani (Françoise Yip). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • As it had been decided to nuke the town to stop the infestation it would stand to reason that the military would position soldiers around the perimeter to make sure there weren't any surviving creatures at the outer limits of the blast radius. They also surely knew of the helicopter's departure using satellite imagery or RADAR and when it crashed went to look for survivors. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Keep in mind, this is a science-fiction monster movie, so it requires some suspension of disbelief. Colonel Stevens was working for Mrs. Yutani, so he might have been a corrupt officer in the military and was actually following orders from Ms. Yutani as opposed to the Government. Therefore, he had no Government authorization to drop the nuke. It would probably be blamed on the nuclear power plant in the city having a meltdown. While power plant meltdowns don't cause nuclear explosions, we know that Weyland-Yutani loves a good cover-up. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The infamous "Company" referred to throughout the previous Alien movies is called Weyland-Yutani. We can assume from what we see of her that she is the CEO, or some other high up person, of this company. Her presence represents the foreshadowing of the future control, involvement, and power her company will have in the Alien/Predator universe. The first AVP movie included Charles Bishop Weyland, the CEO of the then Weyland company. They most likely merged in later years, finalizing the merger in 2030 [Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005) (2005)]. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Behind the Scenes Explanation: The directors have explained that originally they intended for the Alien blood to burn holes in anything it touched, including walls, floors and even the Predators arm during the final battle. However, this ended up going unrealised due to budget restraints.

    In-universe Explanation: It could be that the blood from a facehugger is more potent than Warrior/Queen Alien blood which makes perfect sense as once the facehugger has latched on to its host, it is completely defenseless, so the act of amputating the facehugger would be extremely dangerous as the slightest bit of acid could be immensely destructive (it is mentioned in Alien that they couldn't remove the facehugger without taking Kane's face off with it, whether this meant the acid would pour on Kane, or just the way it was gripped on would literally rip the flesh from Kane's skull is left up to the viewer, also in Aliens Bishop said a man named John J Marichek died during the removal procedure). In AVPR, Buddy (the hunter at the beginning) is splashed with a small drop of facehugger acid, yet it completely burns through his arm and in Alien, a small amount of facehugger blood burns through several floors of the Nostromo. In contrast, a warrior used a lot of blood to eat away at Predator armor and the Queen doesn't melt much of Lex's jacket in AVP; whereas in AVPR, Dale's face melted away vigorously, due to the fact that he was directly underneath an Alien (and a lot of blood fell on him), in Aliens, multiple characters are splashed from warrior blood, but sustained minimal damage (except Drake, who was next to an Alien and exposed, so he gained more blood than others who were merely splashed with specks) and in Alien: Resurrection, a whole Alien Warrior took time to melt away one floor of the Auriga (contrasting the facehugger's blood in Alien) and a couple of drops of Warrior blood only scalded Vreiss at the most.

    There are several other possible explanations for this inconsistency: (1) the Predators are simply less affected than humans by the acid blood since they can survive shotgun bullets to the chest (Predator 2), (2) the Predator's body is able to partially neutralize the Alien's acid blood, or (3) Alien acid oxidizes when exposed to air, so any acid extracted from a limb or wound after this point would be quickly weakened. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the backstories, Predator blood is said to have a basic (counter-acidic) composition, though it is likely meant that the blood is simply non-caustic (since bases can burn just like acids do). This goes for the Predator movies as well, as there are plenty of examples of Predator blood spilling on surfaces without any corrosion occurring. In the film, the Predalien showed no signs of acid blood. When the Predalien fought the Predator, it looked like a lot of blood poured out, but it did not affect the Wolf Predator. Either the Predalien did not have acid blood or the blood did not pour on Wolf Predator—unlikely, given how much sprayed around. The pouring rain could have helped dilute the acid from affecting Wolf, and neither lived long enough to really be shown whether the acid did in fact hit Wolf. Another explanation is that the Alien, when it was gestating in a Predator, picks up some of the characteristics from its host, including the counter-acidic blood so as to have less acidic blood. This makes sense, as the Predalien also "inherits" the at least two Predator physical traits. The unique reproductive capability of directly implanting Alien embryos inside a living host (without the intermediation of facehuggers) is also something never before seen in the series, so that is presumably a characteristic inherited from the Predator as well. The directors have explained that originally they intended for the Alien blood to burn holes in anything it touched, including walls, floors and even the Predators arm during the final battle. However, this ended up becoming unrealised due to budget restraints. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the theatrical version, the Predator mothership from the first film shows the dead Predator on the slab, then the Predalien bursts from its chest. It then cuts to the Predalien slaughtering two predators on a much smaller ship and crashing to earth. In the extended cut, a small scout ship jettison from the mothership after the Predalien births and then cuts back to the Predalien killing to the predators. Simply put, the dead Predator was on the mothership; the Predalien birthed from the corpse and then stowed away on the scout ship much like the Alien did in the original film when it hid on the escape shuttle. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Simply put, yes they can. In every Predator film; the Predators all have their masks removed for extended periods of time and seem to have no difficulty breathing, not to mention being able to howl, growl and roar. The City Hunter from Predator 2 was without its mask for almost the entire third act of the film, but it was also shown to have a small device it put over its mouth and took three or four deep breaths. After this, the device is never used again. It was likely because City Hunter was severely wounded and was either having difficulty breathing or the mask held a sort of stimulant to keep him going until he was able to treat his wounds. Another point to add to this is when Harrigan is on board the Predator's ship at the end of Predator 2. He is able to breathe perfectly fine and the Elder Predator didn't have his mask on. Therefore they were both breathing oxygen. It seems to be a common misconception that the Predator's mask is used for breathing, yet no other part of their equipment shows to be air tanks (though this doesn't rule out the possibility that the mask uses some sort of air-filtration unit, seeing as how it appears to be airtight). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, they can be killed and obviously have a high mortality rate given the nature of their culture. However, they do seem to age slowly and have an extended lifespan. The Elder Predator that gives Harrigan the pistol was clearly old and frail, in Predator 2. The pistol bears the inscription "1715" which, taken to represent a year, means that Predator survived his trial and claimed that as his trophy during coming-of-age ritual, which suggests they have a lifespan of at least 300 to 400 years. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While in the films' titles, the creatures are simply "Aliens" and "Predators", in the series expanded universe consisting of comics, novels, video games and other media, Aliens are called "Xenomorphs" and Predators are called "Yautja". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • 20th Century Fox has said that there will not be another AVP film. However, an Alien prequel titled Prometheus was released in 2012 and a Predator sequel titled Predators was released in 2010. It's likely that if there's another AVP film, it will be a reboot. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • • The opening credits feature the sound of the Predator visor and the sound of the motion tracker from Aliens.

    • The closeup of the tube on the Predator ship involves a facehugger leaping at the camera, and trying to break through the glass. This is very similar to the "Love at first sight" moment from Aliens.

    • In the "Trophy Case" on the Predator ship, a Space Jockey Skull is seen, the likes of the one from Alien. This is a double homage, referring to the trophy case with the Alien skull from Predator 2 as well.

    • The chair in Wolf's armory looks like the one in the Derelict from Alien.

    • A pyramid similar to the one from Alien vs. Predator can be seen in the background on the Predator planet.

    • A character shares the name "Dallas" with another character from Alien.

    • The characters Kelly and Molly are modeled of Ripely and Newt from Aliens. Not only to the characters have actresses who are similar in appearance and share a similar relationship (That of a mother daughter relationship be it literal or surrogate), but the characters also share many line of dialogue. For example, Kelly assures Molly that, "There are no more monsters", as Ripely did to Newt.

    • When the Predator's pod drops down into the atmosphere, the shot is similar to the opening of Predator.

    • When the Predator exits the lake with it's camouflage malfunctioning, it's a near shot for shot recreation of a scene from Predator.

    • The panning shot revealing the skinned police agent hanging upside down in the tree mirrors similar scenes in both Predator and Predator 2.

    • The swimming alien was seen previously in Alien Resurrection.

    • The infamous "Alien sniffing Ripley" scene from Alien³ is played shot-for shot.

    • In the extended cut, a tombstone has the name "Hawkins" engraved on it, the same name as a character from Predator.

    • When the radio to the National Guard goes silent, the whining static sound is the same as the sound Dallas' radio makes after he gets killed in Alien.

    • The use of an APC was an intentional homage to Aliens.

    • A shot of the camera panning up, revealing a stream of the Predator's blood running down a hill, was also seen in Predator.

    • In the APC, Kelly yells, "Hold on!", a line Ripely said in Aliens.

    • The line "Get to the chopper!" is quoted from Predator.

    • When the Predator takes off its mask during the final battle against the Predalien, the way it takes off its mask plus the scenes camera angles and edits matches the scene where the Predator takes off its mask in the original Predator.

    • The helicopter escaping from the nuclear explosion is similar to the drop-ship escape from the end of Aliens.

    • The character Miss Yutani is a reference to the Weyland-Yutani corporation from the Alien series.

    • The music features leitmotifs from the other films.

    • Sound effects are reused from the previous films, such as the aliens screeches and roars, and the sounds of the Predators technology. Also, the imaging technology that colonel Stevens is using makes the same sounds that the Nostromo and Mother did in Alien. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • According to him, he wanted to move on to other projects. With the exception of Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, he hasn't directed a sequel to any of his film franchises to date. These include Mortal Kombat, AVP and Death Race. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Ignoring the possibility that it is just a continuity error, there is an explanation for this: This film picks up directly where the last film ended; therefore Lex, the survivor from the first film hasn't reached civilization to tell anyone what happened yet. That or she froze to death. In this film, all people and military that came into direct contact with the aliens were killed when the army nuked the town. However, there were four survivors from the town. They escaped the nuclear explosion and helicopter crash and were rescued by the military surrounding the perimeter. The military was either Black Ops so knew all about top-secret or because they never went into the town, they were told it was a viral outbreak or something along those lines. As for the survivors, we can assume they were silenced. Make up your own story as to how (unless it is explained in an AVP sequel). The most likely explanation is that Ms. Yutani, being a wealthy business woman, clearly pulling the strings behind the military incursion paid them all off. Or they tried telling the story to people but nobody took them seriously; "the reason the town was nuked was because of an alien invasion? Yeah right." This is why Ms. Yutani obtains the Predator's pistol and clearly a motivation for why the company sends spaceships to investigate planets with possible alien lifeforms on them, the goal is domination, and if they have alien weaponry they are way ahead of any other country/planet. Also in Alien, the company (Weyland/Yutani) did know about the Aliens, which's why Mother woke them from cryo and sent them to investigate the alien signal. Also, in the video game Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005), it is shown how the Aliens were discovered, how Mother was created, and how Weyland and Yutani merged together. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are three cuts of the movie. The theatrical release (only in theatres), the basic Blu-ray/DVD cut with several more minutes of footage and the "extended" cut with even more footage, also on home video release discs. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • AVPR received even weaker reviews than the initial AVP which was also panned. It has a 14% approval rate at Rotten Tomatoes and scores a lowly 29/100 at Metacritic. Also at 4.7 stars on a scale of 1 to 10, it is also by far the lowest rated Alien or Predator movie in IMDb's registry. By contrast, Alien and Aliens are rated 8.5/10 and rank on the IMDb Top 250, while Predator ranks a 7.7/10.

    Critical quotes:

    The Good:

    "Provides enough cheap thrills and modest suspense" –Variety, 2007

    "'Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem' is a B movie that truly earns its B." (75/100 on Metascore) –Entertainment Weekly, 2007

    "Easily the best sequel in either franchise since James Cameron's "Aliens", and the only "Predator" outing besides the original worth the film stock it's shot on." –DVD Verdict, 2008

    The Bad:

    "A smidge too shaky and the lighting/color design too dark for me to relish the Predator-on-Alien butt-kicking" –Stina Chyn, Film Threat

    The Ugly:

    "Simply put, AVPR is trash. It should be burned with the rest of the garbage that accumulates on Christmas Day." –James Berardinelli, 2007

    "Fans deserve better" –BBCi film review, 2008

    "The world's most illogical and boring action-horror grudge-match" –The Guardian, 2008

    "An early but strong contender for worst movie of 2008" –Empire, 2008

    "A tasteless, witless, mindlessly perfunctory bloodbath that has the discourtesy to take itself seriously." –Scott Tobias, 2007

    "An orgy of mindless violence" –Austin Chronicle, 2007

    "A dull actioner that looks like a bad video game" –Kirk Honeycutt, 2007

    "Noisy, badly shot rubbish" –Mark Kermode, BBC Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. Neither the creatures nor the ships look alike, not to mention the concept of Predators did not exist back when Alien was made, the concept not being inspired by it either. In terms of the storyline, it is unknown how the Predators first found the Aliens. The previous AVP shows that they found them thousands of years ago, so it's possible that the Predators found the Aliens the same way the crew from the Nostromo did and that they may have duplicated the chair from the ship's design. Also, the Predator chair was simply meant as a homage to the Space Jockey from the original Alien. Aside from a chair and a piece of overhead equipment, the two look quite different, so it is probably just a coincidental parallel development in the technology of both species. Edit (Coming Soon)


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