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  • Scully and Mulder each recount their version of events that led Mulder to drive a stake through the heart of a Texas teenager he claims was a vampire.

  • After Mulder drives a stake through the heart of a would be vampire, he and Scully review what happened before they meet Assistant Director Skinner. Their recollection of the case is significantly divergent. They had gone to Texas to investigate a death by exsanguination and Scully thinks that someone is playing at being a vampire. Her autopsy finds a high level of chlorohydrate in the dead man's system. There's soon a second victim and she finds that both victims had eaten pizza. As she recalls it, she saved an incapacitated Mulder and tried to capture the culprit. Mulder's recollection is somewhat different. It was he, not Scully who developed the key clues in the case including the fact that the victim's shoes were untied and then discovering a second victim in a runaway RV. Before they can speak to Skinner, they have to return to Texas when the vampire Mulder killed seems to have disappeared.

  • While investigating bizarre exsanguinations in Texas, Mulder kills a teenage boy whom he mistakes for a vampire. Awaiting a meeting with Skinner, Mulder and Scully attempt to get their stories "straight" by relating to each other their differing versions of what happened during their investigation.


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  • While investigating a series of bizarre nocturnal exsanguinations in the sleepy town of Chaney, Texas, about 50 miles south of Dallas, Fox Mulder pounded a stake into the heart of a teenage boy wearing fake vampire fangs. The young man's family is now sueing the FBI for $446 million, and Mulder and Dana Scully are being brought before FBI Director Walter Skinner to tell their versions of what happened. Prior to making their reports, Mulder and Scully tell their versions to each other.

    Scully goes first.

    Six cows and one human were found dead with two puncture wounds on their necks and the blood taken from their bodies in what Mulder called classic vampirism whereas Scully suspected either ritual blood-letting or hematodipsia, a psychological condition in which someone obtains erotic satisfaction by consuming human blood. While viewing the body of the human victim at the Peaceful Slumbers Funeral Home (which has a lot of caskets for a town of 361), they met the local sheriff, Lucius Hartwell [Luke Wilson], a tall, dark-haired, handsome hunk that had Scully drooling. That's when Mulder noticed that the victim's shoelaces were untied. He asked the sheriff to take him to the local cemetery and ordered Scully to stay and conduct an autopsy.

    The autopsy showed a healthy male, whose last meal was pizza. The only thing out of the ordinary was chloral hydrate ("knock out drops") found on toxicology screen. After completing the autopsy, Scully checked into a motel, ordered a pizza, put two quarters into the Magic Fingers bed vibrator, and tried to relax. Not more than a minute later, Mulder walked in with the news that they have a new body requiring that Scully do another autopsy. As Scully left, the pizza arrived. Hungry and tired, Scully performed the autopsy, during which she got a call from a heavy breather. The autopsy showed the same findings...a healthy male whose last meal was pizza and who showed chloral hydrate on the toxicology screen.

    Suddenly, it all clicked. The chloral hydrate is in the pizza, she realized and then remembered that Mulder was eating her pizza. Scully hurried back to the motel where she found the pizza delivery boy leaning over Mulder, who was passed out on the floor. Scully fired a few shots, but she missed and pizzaboy ran away. Scully followed. Unbeknownst to her, Mulder also ran after pizzaboy, catching up to him first. Scully arrived just in time to see Mulder pounding in the stake, afterwhich Scully removed pizzaboy's fake fangs.

    Mulder scoffs at Scully's description of the events and proceeds to tell his version.

    Six cows and one human were found with two puncture wounds on their necks and the blood taken from their bodies in what Mulder thinks was either a vampire or a vampirelike killing, which Scully didn't buy, of course. While viewing the body of the human victim at the Peaceful Slumbers Funeral Home, they met the local sheriff, Lucius Hartwell, a tall, dark-haired, buck-toothed hillbilly that had Scully drooling. That's when Mulder noticed that the victim's shoelaces were untied. He asked the sheriff to take him to the local cemetery and ordered Scully to stay and conduct an autopsy.

    Mulder scouted around the cemetery, looking for signs of overturned graves or sounds of mastication (chewing), but all that happened was that the local pizza deliveryboy, Ronnie Strickland [Patrick Renna], drove by and waved to them. Mulder staked out the cemetery and sprinkled sunflower seeds about to distract the vampire should s/he show up, but a call came through on the sheriff's radio about a "situation" at the Rolling Acres RV Park, so they drove over to investigate. What they found was a runaway RV with a body inside, same as the rest -- exsanguinated, two puncture wounds on the neck, and shoelaces untied.

    When Mulder returned to the motel room and heard that Scully's autopsy had revealed chloral hydrate in the victim's system, he told her that she'd have to do another autopsy. As Scully was leaving, the pizza deliveryboy arrived with the pizza Scully had ordered. Mulder paid for it and ate several pieces. Soon thereafter, he began to feel woozy. That's when he noticed his shoelaces were untied and pieced it together. The chloral hydrate was in the pizza. Mulder tried to call Scully, but all he could do was moan into the phone. Just before he passed out, he saw the pizzaboy coming into his room, his eyes glowing and his fangs sticking out. Mulder managed to toss a bagful of sunflower seeds on the floor, which angered vampire pizzaboy because he now had to stop and pick them up. Mulder regained consciousness just as Ronnie was about to bite his neck.

    Suddenly, the door flew open, and Scully fired two bullets right into Ronnie's chest, but it didn't phase him. Instead, he leapt across the room and escaped into the woods. When Mulder had more fully recovered, he broke down a chair to make a stake, chased Ronnie through the woods, and finally staked him.

    Back in Texas at the Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Pathology Lab, the coroner is about to begin an autopsy on Ronnie Strickland. He pulls out the stake and goes to tag it. Suddenly Ronnie sits up, gets off the table, and attacks the coroner. When Skinner gets word of Ronnie's attack on the coroner, he sends Scully and Mulder back to Texas. On the assumption that Ronnie will return to the cemetery to sleep in his native soil, they stake out the cemetery. However, the only one who shows is Sheriff Hartwell. While Mulder goes off to talk with Ronnie's relatives at the RV park, the sheriff shares his coffee with Scully and sits with her in the cemetery. By the time that Scully notices she is getting woozy, the sheriff is apologizing for Ronnie's behavior. "He's just not who we are anymore," he explains as Scully passes out.

    Meanwhile, Mulder has found the Stricklands' trailor at the RV park. Looking inside, he finds Ronnie asleep in a coffin. He handcuffs the coffin shut then notices the park residents are bearing down on him, their eyes glowing green. He tries to repel them by fashioning two breadsticks into a cross, but it doesn't work. Next thing Mulder knows, he is awakening in the front seat of his car. Scully remembers only waking up in the cemetery, but every RV in the park has disappeared.

    "We were drugged," is all they can tell Skinner. [Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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