"The X-Files" Bad Blood (TV Episode 1998) Poster

(TV Series)


David Duchovny: Fox Mulder



  • Scully : [waiting to speak to Skinner about Mulder's "staking" a suspect]  Mulder, please just keep reminding him you were drugged.

    Mulder : [impatiently]  Would you stop that.

    Scully : It couldn't hurt.

    Mulder : [impatiently]  Stop it.

    Walter Skinner : [enters room]  Scully... Mulder...

    Mulder : [interrupting]  I was drugged!

  • Scully : First of all, if the family of Ronnie Strickland does indeed decide to sue the FBI for, I think the figure is $446 million, then you and I both will most certainly be co-defendants. And second of all... I don't even have a second of all, Mulder! $446 million! I'm in this as deep as you are, and I'm not even the one that overreacted! I didn't do the...

    [makes jabbing motion with finger] 

    Scully : with the thing!

    Mulder : I did not overreact, Ronnie Strickland was a vampire!

    Scully : Where's your proof?

    Mulder : You're my proof! You were there! Okay, now you're scaring me. I want to hear exactly what you're going to tell Skinner.

    Scully : Oh, you want our stories straight.

    Mulder : No, no, I didn't say that! I just want to hear it the way you saw it.

    Scully : I don't feel comfortable with that...

    Mulder : Prison, Scully! Your cellmate's nickname is going to be Large Marge. She gonna read a lot of Gertrude Stein.

  • Mulder : Historically, cemeteries were thought to be a haven for vampires, as are castles, catacombs and swamps, but unfortunately, you don't have any of those.

    Sheriff Hartwell : We used to have swamps, only the EPA made us take to calling 'em "wetlands".

  • Scully : Why would a real vampire need fake fangs?

    Mulder : Fangs are very rarely mentioned in the folklore. Real Vampires aren't actually thought to have them. It's more an invention of Bram Stoker's. I think maybe you were right before when you said that this is just a guy who's watched too many Dracula movies. He just happens to be a real vampire.

  • Mulder : [Investigating a body]  Have you noticed that this man's shoes are untied?

    Scully : Mulder, what's your point?

    Mulder : This means something.

  • Scully : [bewildered]  But... he was dead!

    Mulder : [bemused]  I noticed that.

    Scully : He had a stake through his heart!

    Mulder : I noticed that, too.

  • Walter Skinner : Ronnie Strickland's body's disppeared from the morgue, apparently in conjunction with this, the coroner's been attacked. His throat was bitten.

    Mulder : The coroner's dead?

    Walter Skinner : [uncomfortably]  No, his... throat was bitten. It was sort of... gnawed... on.

  • Mulder : Look at that. Huh? Huh?

    [Scully pulls out fake vampire teeth] 

    Mulder : Oh shi...

  • Scully : But I just put money in the "magic fingers"!

    Mulder : [hops on bed]  I won't let it go to waste!

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