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Jason Bateman: David Hogan


  • Rich : Scared?

    David Hogan : Scared? No way! She's just a girl - she's like any other girl that, uh, God must've owed a favor to.

  • Willie Hogan : Hey, David - we just told Dad what you did, and you're in a lot of trouble.

    David Hogan : What are you talkin' about?

    Mark Hogan : [tossing ball onto counter, with no bounce]  Our basketball - you wrecked it, and you're paying for it.

    David Hogan : Oh - hey, I'm sorry about that; I'll, uh, I'll pump it back up for you. On second thought, life's too short - I'll buy you a new one.

  • Mark Hogan : You did CPR on Mr. Baker?

    David Hogan : Yeah, I guess I did.

    Willie Hogan : You put your mouth on a history teacher?

  • David Hogan : Mr. Baker was dead. He - he had no pulse, he wasn't breathing; I had to do something. OK? I - I don't know CPR; but may - maybe I saw it on TV, or I heard about it in health class. But what I do know is that I asked... I asked - I asked God to help me. I don't even know what I did, but Mr. Baker lived. OK?

    Michael Hogan : Mm-hm.

    David Hogan : So God - God heard me; he helped me.

    Michael Hogan : Yeah... So - so what are - what are you tryin' to say?

    David Hogan : What I'm saying is that it's so clear now! I mean, God exists - he sees me! He hears me. I mean, it's the kind of thing that really makes you stop and think. Now, I - I realize I have not been, you know, a model citizen. Now, you may not notice it, Dad, but I've got a lot of room for improvement.

  • Michael Hogan : Dave, are those guys takin' advantage of you?

    David Hogan : Dad - do the birds take advantage of the sky?

  • David Hogan : I'm, uh, proud to be playing on the same team with you, Sister.

  • David Hogan : What kind of god would save a life, and then - and then - and then just take it away?

    Michael Hogan : I don't know, Dave. I can't explain the tragedies of life any more than I can explain the miracles.

  • Michael Hogan : What kind of god *can* you believe?

    David Hogan : Dad, I can't do this.

    Michael Hogan : Yes, you can.

    David Hogan : It's stupid!

    Michael Hogan : No - it's not, son. Go ahead.

    David Hogan : Well, I would - I would like to think that He's got a reason for doing all of this.

    Michael Hogan : Alright. I happen to think He does. Now, what about perfection? Does David Hogan's god demand it?

    David Hogan : No. I guess that that's a lot to ask for.

  • David Hogan : If we've been on the right track about any of this, do you think you could give us a sign?

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